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           It was just after lunch when you walked through your front door with your arms completely full of groceries. You weren't exactly used to having to buy so much food. You'd never imagined that as thin as Suigetsu was, he could eat as much as he did. “Hey Suigetsu, if you aren't busy, you could help me put up these groceries. You eat most of them anyway.”

“I do eat a lot, don't I?” Suigetsu entered your kitchen as he sucked down the last little bit of his water from his enormous cup. Not only did he look sickly, he looked depressed and tired.

Seeing him look that way scared you half to death. You were used to seeing him with that wide crooked smile and bright, excited eyes. “Are you okay? You look awful.

Completely unaware that he looked as bad as he did, Suigetsu quickly brushed off your concern and started putting things away. “I didn't sleep very well last night. It's really nothing to worry about though. I'm just fine.”

“No you aren't. You look terrible.” Dropping the groceries onto the counter, you walked over to him and held his face in your hands. “Tell me the truth Sui, what's wrong?”

Unable to look you in the eyes, Suigetsu sighed. “You know I like being with you, right?”

Already afraid of where this conversation might be going, you swallowed hard and nodded. “Yes, at least, I thought you did.”

“I do.” Placing his hands gently over yours, he smiled honestly. “It's just that.” He paused, not wanting to say something that sounded rude or hurtful. “I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but being cooped up in your house all the time is like being in prison. I'm used to traveling with Sasuke. I'm never in the same place twice. It's been nice to take a break every now and then, but I really need to get back to work. I'm never going to get those swords if I never leave the house.”

Though you knew you couldn't keep him there, hearing that he wanted to leave, left you feeling a little empty. “I understand that.” You nodded. “Collecting the seven swords is your dream. I don't want you to let that dream die because of me. You will come see me when you can, right?”

Suigetsu nodded, full of enthusiasm. “Every time it rains and then some. I doubt I could keep away from you for too long anyway.”

You tried to smile, but the way you felt inside kept you from doing so. “I'm really going to miss you Sui, like, a whole lot.” You wrapped your arms tightly around his shoulders and dropped your face to his neck to keep him from seeing your red, watery eyes. “I've gotten kind of spoiled having you here with me all the time. It's not going to be easy to readjust.”

“I could stay.” Suigetsu held you close to him. It was obvious he really wanted to go. But at the same time you could feel his hesitation. “I don't want you to find someone else while I'm away after all. I'd have to kill him if you did, and then you'd hate me.”

His poor attempt at a joke caused you to giggle quietly. “I couldn't hate you. You however might start hating me  if I don't let you leave.” You reluctantly left the warmth of his hug and tried to appear happy for him. “Before I change my mind, you should go.”

Suigetsu nodded. “Yeah, I guess I should.” He slowly and almost sadly grabbed a few of his things. “I'll be back you know, you don't need to look so sad.” With a plastered on smile, he dropped his hand to your shoulder, gave it a little squeeze and awkwardly kissed your cheek. “Before I leave, try to smile for me. I want you to be happy in my memory.”

His seriousness made you laugh. “You're acting like you're going off to die, which I certainly hope you're not. I am happy, but I'm sad at the same time. Now hurry up and leave. The sooner you leave the sooner you'll be back home.”

“You're right. That's exactly what I'll do.” With a firm nod, Suigetsu quickly turned around, opened the door and began running. Once he started running, he didn't look back, not even once.

The moment he was out of sight, you felt a hot tear roll down your face. You hadn't even noticed you were crying. “What am I doing? Crying like an old woman. There's no reason for me to be crying, none at all.” You shut your front door with a thud and walked back into your kitchen. “And I still have groceries to put away. I'll never be able to eat all these on my own.” With nothing better to do with the surplus, you began to cook and bake anything and everything you had the ingredients to make. Though you used the excess food as an excuse, the real reason you were cooking was to keep yourself busy. If you were busy, you wouldn't be thinking about Suigetsu's absence. This plan of yours worked for a while, but by your sixth, or maybe seventh batch of cookies, the effects were dulling. “I should have a bake sale. There's no way I'm eating all of this. I don't even like oatmeal cookies.” A quick glance at the clock revealed that you had been in the kitchen for almost eight hours. “Okay, I'm officially pathetic.” Dropping your messy apron to the floor, you made your way to your shower, stripping along the way. By the time you got there, you were already undressed and more than ready for a hot, steamy shower. “I'm going to need a hobby. Maybe I can work for Ino or something.” You stayed in the shower until the water ran cold. At this point you were too tired to even dry off or brush your hair. Just wanting the day to end, you crawled into bed, still wrapped up in your towels and tried to go to sleep.

You must have fallen asleep the moment your head hit the pillow, because you remembered nothing after getting in bed. Having slept relatively well, especially considering how depressed you were, you stretched out your arms and hit something with your right fist. “What the?” You pulled the covers over yourself and stared down at the figure next to you. “S-Suigetsu?”

A half asleep Suigetsu grabbed onto his chin, where you had hit him and started to whine. “God woman, be a little more careful would you? You could have knocked out a tooth or something.” Too excited to be worried, you tackled him back down and squeezed him until he couldn't breath. Suigetsu gasped for air as you tightened your hug even more.  “Not so hard, or I'll turn to liquid.”

“I'm sorry, I'm just really glad to see you.” You reluctantly let go and smiled wide.

Suigetsu closed his eyes and turned a deep, burning red. “Well this is awkward. Normally I'm the one running around without any clothes on. You know this is the second time I've caught you naked. Would you mind maybe getting dressed?”

Rushing off of your bed, your rummaged through your drawers and threw something on as quickly as possible. “I'm not normally naked you know. I just wasn't expecting you to be here for a while, and I was too tired to get dressed. I swear this isn't a normal thing.”

Covering his eyes with his hands, Suigetsu dropped back onto your bed and grinned. “I guess all that baking wore you out?”

“Heh, yeah, I guess it did.” Now decent, you hopped back on your bed and snuggled up to Suigetsu.  “So, what made you decide to come back? It's not raining, is it?”

Suigetsu shook his head, his blush quickly getting worse. “No, it's bright and sunny out. I made it to Sasuke, which was pretty easy. I got there and he just stared at me like I'd betrayed him. He didn't talk or anything. Normally I can get him to talk, but this time it was like talking to a rock. So, I figured if he was going to act that way, I didn't need him. I'm not sure why I ever thought I did.” He snuggled you a little closer. “I know you won't get all mad at me if I leave for a while. So if you're up for it, maybe we can find those swords together.”

Once again you began hugging him to death. “I'd love to help you out. I don't know anything about the swords, so you're going to have to teach me. I promise I'll do anything and everything I can to help though. You, just have to promise me one little thing. Don't you ever, ever, ever try to leave me again. Those few hours you were gone were pretty awful. Besides, I don't think my oven could take that much baking in one night a second time.”

Suigetsu laughed and placed a kiss on your temple. “I think I should be able to manage that.” He rested his head on your shoulder and sighed. “You're a lot more comfortable than Sasuke is anyway. You don't try to punch me when I hug you either.”

“Well I'm glad that's all settled then. Now I don't have to worry.” You smiled. “By the way, do you or anyone you know, like oatmeal cookies?”
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