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         The last players now out of the closet, Grell rushed up to you and took you by the hands. “You're next darling. Now hurry along, we don't want to keep everyone waiting now do we?” He rushed you to the center of the large ballroom and held out his flashy red purse. “Here you are. Pick an item. ”

You placed your hand inside the purse. Amazed at how many different items the bag contained, you chose at random. The object you chose turned out to be a rather expensive looking gold earring. Not knowing who it might belong to, you held it above your head for all to see.  “Would someone like to claim this?”

“Oh, that is mine!” Soma rushed to you, a wide, over exited smile covering his cheerful face. “This is so very wonderful, fate has given me such a beautiful woman.” He took your hands in his and danced around.

“I feel slightly sorry for you dear. This boy's going to drive you insane before your turn's over.” Grell laughed. “But, there's no fighting fate now is there?” He winked. “Let's get you two in the closet.” Grell walked to the closet and opened the door. Soma was almost dragging you behind him. “Try to have a bit of fun in there, and don't be afraid to sock him just because he's a prince.” Grell laughed and shut the door tight.

“Oblivious to Grells last words, Soma wrapped his arms tightly around you and began rocking side to side. “I am so happy, you must be happy too! You are with a Prince after all.” He stopped rocking and let go of you, looking you straight in the eyes. “Now we get to kiss.” He placed his hands on your shoulders and prepared to kiss you.

“W-wait just a second.” You leaned away from him, expecting a wall but finding nothing, you fell flat on your back. “We're just going to start off kissing? Isn't that a little bit aggressive?” You were blushing horribly, looking for a way to slow him down.

“Of course, time is far to short to do all the cuddling first.” Soma snuggled up on your chest. “We can cuddle while we kiss.” He began kissing you before you could protest. You didn't mind kissing him, you were just overly embarrassed. Soma was making sure to cuddle you as he trailed kisses down your neck. He stopped at your collar bone and focused there. His hot breath traveled down your chest causing shivers to run up and down your spine. This only made you blush worse. Soma suddenly stopped and looked at you. “You do not seem very enthusiastic about this, why aren't you kissing me any?”

You quickly looked for an excuse. “W-well, your face was in my neck, where was I supposed to kiss you?”

Soma blushed. “Oh, you're right.” He nodded. “I was being selfish, taking all of the kisses for myself.” He smiled brightly. “From now on I will make sure you can kiss me equally.” Soma moved to kiss your lips again. Before he had the chance, Grell opened the door.

“Oh mercy, you aren't acting very princely at all now are you?” Grell gave a toothy grin. “Hovering over a girl like that, what would poor Agni say?”

Agni rushed to the closet door, staring with wide eyes. “Prince Soma, I must insist you stop that at once. Think of your image.”

“Fine, fine.” Soma got off of you and walked out of the closet, letting Agni help you up. He walked straight to a mirror to look at himself. “You worry too much Agni, I look fine. Besides, how dirty could I get in such a short time?”

Agni shook his head at Soma's naivety “You're right my Lord, I worried for nothing. Forgive me.”
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