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      “But why do I have to take him? He's way too strong for me, I'm just going to get dragged around town if I do it. And besides, it's Finny's Hell hound.” No matter how many excuses you came up with, or how much you complained, Sebastian didn't change his mind. “And on top of all that, I think it's going to rain.”

Sebastian suddenly turned from what he was doing and glared at you with his piercing red eyes. “Enough. If you're going to live here and work for the young master, you will do as you're told.” He grabbed the collar and leash from the kitchen counter and placed them in your hand. “If you're worried about the rain, you should hurry up.”

“R-right, sorry Sir.” Afraid to make Sebastian any more upset than he already was, you scurried from the kitchen as quickly as you could, tripping and stumbling as you did so. “Pluto, come here, we've got to go for a little walk.” As soon as you uttered the word “walk”, Pluto came running at you full speed and naked. “W-whoa, wait a second Pluto!” He didn't listen, instead he tackled you straight to the floor and nuzzled the side of your face. “Thanks Pluto, now get off of me and let's get your clothes.”

Pluto happily jumped off of you and ran in the general direction of his room. He immediately started digging through his dresser for clothing. Once he found what he was looking for, Pluto let out a long howl and sat on the floor.

“You can't go out only  wearing a tie and hat Pluto, we'll get in a ton of trouble.” You retrieved everything he'd need and had him get dressed. He was a complete mess. “You don't have the slightest idea what you're doing, do you?” You sighed and helped him dress properly. “Now come on, if we take any longer we're going to end up walking home in the rain.”

After a loud bark, Pluto took off full speed to the front door. He was already half way to the gate before you even noticed he was gone.

“Pluto, get back here!” Luckily, he actually listened to your command and stopped once at the gate. “Now look, I don't want to have to put a leash on you. Mostly because it would just look weird  to have a man on a leash. So please, hold my hand and don't run off again. Oh, and try not to bark or howl. People will think you're crazy. Are we clear?”

After taking your hand, Pluto started a bark, then quickly shut it down and nodded instead. He had an adorable grin on his face, letting you know he was more than ready for his walk.

“Okay then, let's hurry.” You gave his hand a little squeeze, then quickly made your way into town. The sky already looked like at was ready to unleash the massive amount of rain that was stored inside the large, dark, black clouds. A loud roar of thunder filled the air and quickened your steps. “Come on Plu, we don't want to get oursleves all soaked.

You may not have wanted to get wet, but Pluto was making it more than obvious that he didn't feel the same. He whimpered as you pulled him indoors and away from what would soon be a storm.

“Finally here, and we made it without getting wet.” You helped Pluto into a chair and sat down across from him. “Now, I need you to be good for the barber. If you promise not to bite him, you'll get a puppy snack.”

Eyes wide at the temptation of a treat, Pluto nodded enthusiastically and placed his hands in his lap, obviously trying to portray his best behavior. He surprisingly managed to keep still and behave the entire time he was getting his hair cut. Which considering it had grown half way down his back, took quite some time.

“That looks much better.” You smiled happily and ran your fingers through his clean hair. ”I'm sure Sebastian will be very happy.” You gave Pluto's head a pat, and gave him his promised treat. A quick look out of the glass shop door and your happy smile faded. “Dang it, it's raining already. I knew I should have brought an umbrella. Come on, we have to go before it really starts pouring.” You grabbed Pluto's hand and rushed back in the direction of the Phantomhive estate. Pluto stopped suddenly, and wouldn't budge. “What are you doing, come on.” You looked over his shoulder at what had captured his attention. It was a huge, deep, mud puddle. “Don't you even think about it.”

Your words caused Pluto to start whining immediately. He slowly tried to side step towards the puddle. You were using every bit of strength you had to pull him away, but it still wasn't enough. Not able to handle it any longer, Pluto rushed towards the mud. Once close enough, he dove into it, taking you down with him and covering you both in mud.

“Now just look what you've gone and done. Sebastian's going to kill us both.” You dropped your head down to your muddy hands and sighed. As you wallowed in your own self pity, a very strong pair of arms brought you close, hugging you half to death. “Okay, I guess it's not that bad, I am washable after all.” Pluto nuzzled his nose against your cheek, then placed a gentle kiss there. “You still remember that huh?” You laughed. “I never should have taught you that trick. Now come on, we're a mess.”

Before you could even stand, Pluto picked you up and began carrying you home in the now pouring rain. You had no idea where he'd learned such a behavior, but with your shoes soaked all the way through, you really didn't mind.

The two of you were greeted at the door by one very unhappy Sebastian. “What on earth happened to you? I understand being wet, but you're covered in mud from your head to your feet. I'm slightly disappointed that you failed such a very elementary task.” Sebastian handed you both towels and reluctantly let you inside.

“I told you you should have sent Finny instead.” You shrugged as you began drying yourself. “But you didn't listen now did you.” Ignoring Sebastian's upset face, you grabbed Pluto's hand and started towards the washroom. “Come on Pluplu, we need a bath.”

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