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       With a concerned frown on his usually stern, serious face, Germany looked down at his curly haired, sleeping three year old daughter Annika and tried not to give in to his worries. You'd just managed to get her to sleep during an obnoxious thunderstorm and now he wanted to bring her into the bed with you. “You really think she'll be alright in here? She was pretty scared earlier, and this storm doesn't sound like it's going to stop any time soon.” His frown deepened. “Maybe we should just let her sleep with us tonight, just in case. She'll probably end up in there anyway.”

Determined not to give in, even though you were feeling the same way, you firmly shook your head. “You worry about her too much, Germany. Annika will be just fine in here, I promise.” Eager to get off of your feet and into your comfortable bed, you took his rough hand in yours and gently tugged him towards the door. “Now come on already, I'm tired.”

“If you say so.” Though obviously reluctant to leave the sleeping toddler alone, Germany gave you a weak nod and followed you out of the bright pink, princess styled room. Before leaving completely, he glanced back into the room, just to be sure everything was still as it should be. Once satisfied that nothing was amiss, he joined you in the master bedroom.

“Today was a pretty long day. I've been thinking about sleeping since I woke up.” Exhausted from a long, tedious day filled with tea parties, dress up and finger painting, you slipped off your fuzzy house shoes and crawled into bed with Germany as the rain outside angrily beat against your windows. “You know, I hate to have to say it, but you're turning out to be one big pushover. It's okay now I guess, seeing as it is kind of cute and all, but pretty soon you're going to have to toughen up. Once she gets a little bit older, her pushing you around might not be such a good thing.”

“Ja, I've been thinking about that for a while now. I can't seem to say no to her no matter how hard I try.” Dropping his head down to his pillow, Germany let out a loud sigh, brought you into his arms and snuggled you as tightly as he could. “She's just too cute, and I hate seeing her frown.”

“Well, she is pretty adorable, so I can't argue with that.” Struggling to find a comfortable position, you buried your face into Germany's side and wrapped your arms loosely around his waist. “Still, before too long there's going to be double the amount of adorableness packed into this house, so we might want to start practicing our toughness now before it's too late. If we can't even manage to say no to one kid, I  highly doubt we'll be able to say no to two of them.”

Just bringing up the fact that your happy little family would be growing again, and very, very soon, caused Germany's face to turn red. “I hadn't even thought about that, but it is a very good point.” Blushing terribly, he placed his hand on your rounded stomach and gently kissed the tip of your nose. Even after years of being with you, subjects like these still left him awkward, nervous and so uncomfortable it was actually comical. “Maybe we should have waited a little longer before having more kids. One is already a lot of work.”

“You might be right, but this is kind of what happens when we successfully ban Italy from our bed. Maybe we should have let him keep sleeping with us for a while longer.” Despite Germany's growing embarrassment, you started to laugh. “But then again, I think Italy might actually make more messes, be more work and be louder than most kids are.”

Germany nodded. “He is. Much worse, actually.” Kissing you again, he clicked off the dim light next to the bed and yawned. “Try to get some sleep. With the weather like this, I doubt either of us will be able to sleep in tomorrow morning.” As the two of you finally readied to sleep, a clash of thunder shook the house like a miniature earthquake. The rain suddenly picked up, and the wind began to howl all around you. “Well, this is unfortunate.” Knowing exactly what was about to happen next, Germany turned the light he'd just turned off back on and waited. “Five, four, three, two, one.”

Right on cue, your bedroom door swung wide open and the quiet pitter patter of Annika's tiny, bare feet filled your ears.  As another clash of thunder shook the room, her small, trembling hand reached over the side of the bed and tugged on Germany's pajama pants. “P-papa, can I sleep with you and momma please? T-the storm scares me.”

The sound of her scared, sleepy voice made it absolutely impossible for either of you to tell her no. It was storming after all, and there was no use letting her be scared if you could possibly help. Since he already knew without even having to ask that you'd feel the same way, Germany reached down, picked Annika up and helped her under the warm, secure blankets. “Ja, you can sleep with us, but only for tonight, okay?”

Hugging Germany's face between her chubby, little arms, Annika gave him a thankful squeeze and a sleepy, relieved smile. “Okay. Night papa.” Before the words had even left her mouth, she was already dozing off to sleep. The thunder, lightning and rain were just as loud, bright and constant as ever, but now that she was in your bed, it didn't seem to matter to her any more.

The loving, caring way Germany looked at little Annika made your heart melt into a pool of emotions. You'd have never guess that someone as rigid and hard-nosed as Germany would make such a good father. “You've got that adoring, doting dad look going on again you know. It's still pretty darn weird for me to see you looking like that.”

Clearing his throat, Germany ignored what you said and quickly attempted to change the subject to something else before you could stop him. “The way she falls asleep so fast makes me jealous. I don't think I've ever fallen asleep that fast in my entire life.” He sighed. “It almost makes me wish I could be that young again.”

“I know I haven't ever been able to sleep like that. Not even when I was a little, tiny kid could I fall asleep that fast. I always had to will myself to sleep or play with dolls until I passed out.” Propping yourself up on your arm, you looked over at Germany and started to smirk. “Before we even attempt to go back to sleep, I need to ask you a little question.” As you started to talk, your smirk quickly became wide and teasing. “What exactly happened to us being tough and learning to say no?”

Germany's face once again burned with blush. “I-I tried, really I did, but she was scared. I'm not going to let her be scared just so I can practice saying no. That's just cruel.” He looked down at Annika, then back up at you with an almost pleading look in his eyes. “If you think about it, there really wasn't even a reason to say no this time.”

“I'm not saying I don't agree with you, because I do, so you don't need to start defending yourself.” Leaning over to him you pressed your hand against his hot cheek and rubbed your nose against his. “There's no way I could have sent her back to her own bed, even thinking about it makes me feel like a terrible person.” You shivered. “I was just making sure you didn't already forget. This little incident did make me realize that this project of ours is going to be a whole lot harder than I thought it would be though. I'm not even sure now that I'll be able to do it at all.” You brushed the golden curls away from Annika's loosely shut blue eyes and gently kissed her cheek. “She has us both wrapped around her little finger so tightly it's not even funny, and she doesn't even know it.” You laughed quietly. “We might be doomed.”

Suddenly worried that you might be very right, Germany pulled back his covers slightly and swung one of his legs over the side of the bed as if to leave. “M-maybe I should take her back to bed now. She is asleep, so it wouldn't really matter all that much.”

“Nah, I don't think that's necessary. I really don't think that one more day of being wrapped around her finger will hurt us too much.” Pulling him back under the blankets, you pressed your lips against his then for the last time, turned off the lights and prayed you'd be able to get some decent sleep before you had to get up again. With the heavy rain pounding the roof overhead, you lowered your head to your pillow and let out a long sigh. “You know something, we're too tired to start something so difficult tonight anyway. We can start being tough tomorrow. We'll be rested then and better prepared to handle whatever might happen.”

Your words caused a tired chuckle to escape Germany's throat. “I have a feeling I'll be hearing those exact same words from you every single night, for a very long time.”
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Link to Part one… (mature)
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