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        It was the middle of the afternoon, on a warm, pleasant, sunny day. You were home alone, waiting for the company that should have arrived over an hour ago. A loud knock come from your front door. Quickly making your way to the door, you opened it to find your very late guest. “It's about time, you're pretty dang late you know.”

“I know, I'm sorry. Sebastian made me go through an explosives check before I left, and then Mey-Rin broke dishes and I had to help her clean them up.” Bard sighed loudly. “It was just one thing after another today.” He hung his head an gave it a shake.

“Well, I'm glad you could make it.” You wrapped him up in a hug and brought him inside. “You aren't too tired to cook are you?”

“No way.” Bard smiled wide. “I've been looking forward to this for way too long. I'll put toothpicks in my eyes if I have to.” He laughed and followed you into the kitchen.

“Good, because I already have everything ready for cooking.” You brought him to the counter where all the pots, pans, food, seasonings and anything else you might need for cooking was set up. “I thought we'd start by making something easy. I already made dinner, since you were late, so we'll be making a dessert together. I have everything for chocolate chip cookies, and everything for cherry pie. Take your pick.”

“I think the cookies sound easier.” He nervously scratched the back of his head. “I don't want to blow your kitchen up today, so the easier the better.” You nodded and began giving him directions. Bard was having problems and needing your help every step of the way. “Wait, so I pack brown sugar, but not regular sugar, and flour is lightly heaped? This is crazy.” He shook his head. “I have no idea how you can remember all of these weird rules.”

“It's not that hard Bard. Especially if you write it down somewhere.” you felt bad that he was struggling with such a simple recipe. “Maybe we should have started with something like jello, or pudding.” You cleaned a bit of flour off the side of his face. “But I'm sure you'll get it, if you can keep the flour off your face and in the bowl.”

Bard gently grabbed hold of your hand and kissed it. “You're being too nice you know. I'm pretty hopeless. I don't even think Pluto would eat my cooking.” He gave you an adorable grin and kissed your hand again.

“Don't say that. If you fail at cooking that means I failed at teaching. So get back to work already.” You handed Bard a wooden spoon and got him to work scooping the cookies onto the pan. This was one job he was actually doing well and efficiently. “See, you're getting it already, you just needed a peep talk.”

Bard blushed. “Right, that must have been it.” He quickly finished the task and placed the cookies in the oven. While they baked the two of you enjoyed dinner. “So, if they turn out like bricks, it's my fault. I think I added too much baking soda.”

You weren't worried, he couldn't have added that much too much. “I'm sure they'll be fine.” The smell of the cookies started to fill the house. You walked over to the oven and pulled the now finished cookies out. They did look a little flat, but other than that they looked fine. “Hmm, maybe you're right. They look a little messed up. You'll have to taste them first, just in case.”

Bard quickly shook his head. “No way. You're the teacher, you should have to taste them first. It is your recipe after all.”

“Nope, not going to happen.” You grabbed two cookies, handing one to him and keeping one for yourself. “I say we eat them at the same time. But we feed each other, so we can't chicken out.” You sat back down and held your cookie to Bards lips.

“Well, it does really smell good.” He nodded. “Let's do this.” The two of you slowly bit into each others cookies. They were delicious. Bard's eyes widened. “These are actually really good.” He laughed loudly. “I guess your reputation as a teacher is safe now.” He stroked his chin and ate another cookie. “Now, if I could just make a souffle, I think Sebastian might actually trust me enough to let me use the kitchen.”

“Slow down there Bard, I can't even make a souffle.” You chuckled. “You're going to have to find a different teacher for that. Besides, I think Sebastian would trust you more if you went more than a week without blowing anything up.”

Bard glared at you, laughed, then dropped his head onto the table. “You're probably right. I'll stick to making cookies.”
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