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December 20, 2012
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        It was Friday evening and you and Iceland had planned to go out just like you always did. That wouldn't be happening this Friday. It was storming so bad you'd already lost power and had to start up your backup generator. To go out in weather like this would be more than idiotic. That being said, you and Iceland decided you would still have a date night, just indoors. You searched through your closets and cabinets for something different to do. You didn't just want to play a board game or watch TV, you did that all that time. You came across a ceramic mug set, all you needed to do was paint them.  This could work.

"What about this Iceland?" You held it up for him to see.

He nodded happily. "Fine by me, don't be expecting any great work of art though." Iceland placed an old sheet over your table to protect it from any paint that might spill. He took a mug and a brush and began painting. "This is harder than it looks." Every time he'd paint something, he'd just wipe it off as quickly as he'd painted it.

"You seem to be having a little trouble over there." You laughed. "It does say ages 6 and up, but you know,  it could be a typo." You had already finished yours and were just waiting to see Iceland's finished work."

Iceland let out a loud sigh and turned his mug so you could see what he'd done. It was a poor attempt at writing his own name and what you though was Mister Puffin. "I can't even spell my own name and don't get me started on Mister Puffin. It's pathetic." He pushed the mug to you. "Here, you should make it."

"No, I like it that way." I small bit of paint on Iceland's hand gave you an idea. "Hey, follow me, I want to do something." You ran back into a spare bedroom you'd been meaning to redecorate for sometime now and proceeded to open two cans of paint. You poured each one into a different tray, then carefully dipped your palms into one of the colors. "Dip your hands in the other color, we're going to make a giant heart out of our palm prints."

Iceland blushed, but obeyed your orders. "My hands go where now?"

"Here, above mine, it's like a pattern so the same two hands are never beside each other." It took some doing, and you both ended up a complete mess but the end result was worth it. Now in the entire of your largest wall was a heart made entirely of hand prints. "I like it, how bout you?" You squeezed Iceland tight, further covering him in paint.

He hugged you back, placing a gentle kiss on your paint covered cheek. "I love it, it's just missing one little thing."

"Really, what's that?"

"Our initials in the middle. Everyone knows a heart like this has the couples initials within." He picked up a paint brush and went to paint, then stopped and handed it to you. "On second thought, maybe you should do it. I wouldn't want to ruin it."

You took the paint brush and filled in your names. "Better now?"

Iceland once again brought you into his arms, kissing you on the mouth this time. "Yes, Now it's perfect."
This happens after my "Seven minutes in Heaven" Story.
Here is a link!
Part 2
Part 3…
Part four…

If you would like to commission a story, please read the rules on my page and send me a note. Please do not leave any requests/commissions or suggestions for future stories in the comments. Thanks!

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