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        Due to the fact that last couple of turns had gone rather poorly, Hanabusa's happy, excitable attitude was much more mellow and calm than usual. Honestly, everyone, even the girls, seemed less excited now than they were when the game first started. Without even standing from his cushy seat, Hanabusa waved you up front. “You can go next, I guess. I'm sure you know where the box is by now, just get up there and try to have some fun.”

“The game isn't going to get any better if you get all depressed you know. If you're not excited about your own game, why should the players be?” With a quiet, almost disappointed sigh, you pushed yourself away from the floor and began searching for your item. It took you only a couple of seconds to lift a deep, red, rose from the box. “This has no thorns. How thoughtful.”

A low, wicked laugh caught the attention of everyone in the room, immediately putting the group on edge. “Ah, so the time's finally come.” A tall, unfamiliar man stepped from the far corner of the large room and with long, elegant strides, made his way to you. Once he reached you, he took your hand in his, and gently kissed the top of it. “Come.” As he led you towards the spare room, you felt your stomach turn. No matter how gentlemanly he seemed, something was definitely not right. The strange feeling in your stomach only intensified when he closed the door.

“This room is a lot bigger than I'd expected it to be. It's far too empty to be cozy, but it's not awful.” Uncomfortable and unsure what to do, you sat down on the old rickety chair to create a bit of space between the two of you. When nothing had been said a second or two later, you attempted to start a conversation to remove the awkward silence from the room. “I don't remember ever seeing you before. You wouldn't happen to be a new teacher, would you?”

“No, actually. You're not even close to being correct.” He chuckled quietly under his breath. Despite the fact that he was laughing, the strange look on his face made you unsure if he was actually amused, or offended. “Would you like to guess again, or should I just tell you who I am?”

“Well, if you're not a new teacher, then I would have to guess that you're related to one of the students here.” You tapped your finger against your lips and thought. “Though honestly, it is a little odd for a parent or guardian of sorts to participate in this sort of thing and not get upset. I'm sure when parents send their children to a school like this, they expect them to be learning, not toying around.”

“You are correct, on both accounts actually.” He slowly walked over to your seat, carrying a strong aura of authority, and stared down at you with strange, hypnotic eyes.“Now, if you don't mind, I would like very much to ask you a question.”

His sudden closeness to you made you terribly uncomfortable, but you did your very best not to let him see that. “Sure, that's completely fine with me.” You subconsciously tried to back further into the chair, trying to create as much distance between you and him as possible. “Go right ahead, ask me whatever you'd like.”

Without saying a single word, he reached down to your lap and picked up the rose he had used only moments earlier as his item. “Why did you chose to sit so far away from me?” Smiling wickedly, he held the thick stem between his fingers and snapped it half with ease. After tucking the flowerless half of the stem in his pocket, he leaned down close to you and tucked the rose behind your ear. “You weren't attempting to avoid me, where you?”

It wasn't until this moment that you realized how truly odd his eyes were. They were so mesmerizing, you almost forgot he'd asked you a question at all. “I was, actually. If you were a teacher, I wanted to be on my best behavior. Even if playing this game is against the rules, I thought I might be able to avoid punishement if I acted respectfully.”

“Ah, I see.” Another low chuckle escaped his throat as he straightened his back and turned away from you. “I have a few words of advice for you then. So listen well. If you don't want to face the consequences of getting yourself into trouble, I would suggest you not create any strong ties to anyone in the Night Class.” A crooked, almost evil smirk appeared on his face. “The consequences for even being near this class, are far worse than you might imagine.”

As he spoke, the door was slowly opened to signal the end of your turn. Instead of seeing Hanabusa standing there, Kaname entered the room with a gentle smile on his face. “I regret to inform you that your seven minutes are over. I trust everything went well?”

Your partner glanced over at you, then left the room without a word. Now alone with Kaname, you felt much more at ease. Unaware of any danger, you stood to your feet and gave him a nonchalant shrug. “It wasn't awful or anything, but I really don't think we should let parents play this game anymore. It's just plain weird, and any kissing or hugging is completely out of the picture." You shivered at the thought. "Teachers are probably okay though. I know a lot of girls who have crushes on the teachers here.”

Kaname smiled just a bit more than he had been before and nodded. “That is very true. I'm surprised Hanabusa didn't think of that.” Taking your hand in his, he led you out of the room and back to your seat. “Wait right here, I'll go see what I can do.”
Commissioned by :iconeshugirl:

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Thank you so much for this, I love it~!
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