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March 21
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        “Since I was unfortunately wrong about the last turn being fun, I'm not going to make anyone any promises this time around. I don't want to jinx anything or anyone.” Silently hopeful that this turn would be different than the last few had been, Hanabusa walked up to you and tilted his head to the side as he examined you for several seconds. “Yup, you're definitely the perfect player. Come on up here and get your item.”

Your face instantly turned red. “O-oh, okay. Thank you.” Terribly nervous and even a bit shaky, you walked up to the box and awkwardly felt around. Not wanting to be the center of attention any longer than you had to be, you quickly pulled an ornate tie clip from inside the box. “I have my item. W-well actually it's not mine, it's one of yours, but you all know what I mean.”

“Indeed we do.” The sound of quiet footsteps drew your attention to the staircase. Slowly walking down to meet you, with unimaginable elegance was Kaname. While his presence made the girls swoon, it made the night class students very uncomfortable. “It looks like I'll be participating in this little game after all.” With a very gentle smile, he took the clip from your hand and pinned it in place. Seemingly at ease, despite the fact that everyone here was violating the rules, he took your hand in his and kissed it. “Shall we?”

“Y-yes.” You tried to answer him, but with your cheeks painfully red, and your stomach filled with butterflies you could do little more than squeak out your response. Thankfully, Kaname ignored your strange, stiff demeanor as he led you into the spare room. Once inside, he shut the door and sat down next to you on the couch. While you wanted to say something to him, your mind had gone completely blank. You couldn't even think up a simple sentence.

Kaname crossed his legs at the knee and comfortably leaned back. He looked over at you and smiled in a very friendly, relaxed way. “You're not very talkative, are you?”

Though your chest still felt tight and your heart was still racing, you forced yourself to speak. “W-well, I can be talkative at times, but no, not usually.” Swallowing hard, you stared down at your fingers as you twisted and pulled at them. “I'm sorry.”

“There's no reason for you to apologize to me. The fact that you're being so quiet is actually a nice change from the screaming girls out there.” Completely content to just sit there in silence, Kaname leaned back even further and closed his eyes.

Worried that he might actually spend your short time with him napping instead of socializing, you placed your hand on his forearm and gave him a slight, almost nonexistent shake. “Kaname, you're not going to go to sleep are you?”

“Of course not. Seven minutes is hardly enough time for me to take a nap.” He opened his strangely colored, yet beautiful eyes and looked directly at you. His soft, innocent gaze was hypnotizing and unexpectedly chilling. “You just seemed uncomfortable, and I didn't want to do anything to add to that feeling. If there's something you want to do, just say the word and I'll try to make it happen before our time is up. But you mustn’t tell the others. I wouldn't want them to get the idea that this sort of behavior is going to be tolerated in the future.”

Despite the fact that he sounded friendly, there was a coldness in his tone that made you think twice about making any requests. So while a kiss from Kaname would have been unbelievable and exciting, you couldn't bring yourself to ask him for anything. “There's nothing special. I wouldn't want you to lose anyone's respect by acting inappropriately. Just don't fall asleep while you're in here with me and I'll be more than happy.”

Kaname nodded, then took your hands in his. “It's very thoughtful of you to worry over my reputation. I can't imagine that many of the other players would have been so kind.” Still holding your hands, he leaned in close to you and placed a single, short kiss on your pink cheek. “Thank you.”

Shocked by his unexpected, but very welcome actions, you placed your hand where he had just kissed you and stared up at him in disbelief, your eyes wide and glassy. “Y-you kissed me. Kaname Kuran actually kissed me.” Your mouth twitched up into an elated smile as you tried not to scream with excitement. “I can't believe this actually happened. This is so cool.”

“I see you've suddenly gotten over your shyness.” Your abrupt talkativeness brought a concerned smile to Kaname's face. “I'm sure you're already aware, but I would prefer you not publicize this. It would undoubted cause problems for both of us.”

“I understand.” Blushing once again, you nodded. “I won't tell anyone. I don't really know many people here, so it won't be difficult for me to keep the secret.”

Your willingness to keep something like this a secret, even though you didn't want to, seemed to relieve him greatly. “Good. I want you to know that I really do appreciate your cooperation.”

The door creaked open and Hanabusa peeked inside. When he saw nothing out of the ordinary, he opened the door fully and groaned. “This was another boring turn, huh? I was sure something totally awesome would happen this time around. I mean seriously, you had Kaname as a partner, how could something awesome not happen?” He slumped over, obviously disappointed and shook his head. “If anything cool is ever going to happen, we're going to need better players.”
Commissioned by :iconlittleart5:

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I would've fainted and someone would have to carry me out
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mainly kanameh
then someone would have to marry me
mainly kanameh
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seriously though he is....... WOW
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