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February 20, 2013
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         Slowly and quietly, you crept through the Phantomhive estate. With no one in site, you were beginning to wonder if there had been a mistake in your letter. You took the piece of paper from your dress pocket and looked over it, you hadn't made a mistake. You were indeed supposed to be here. As you folded back up the letter Sebastian emerged from the kitchen. “There you are, I was looking for you.”

“My apologies. The young master woke a bit early this morning so I was busy preparing his tea.” Sebastian smiled sweetly at you. “I'll be back down momentarily. There's tea in the kitchen, you're more than welcome to a cup.” He quickly made his way up the stairs leaving you once again alone.

Still unsure why you had been asked over, you made your way into the kitchen and helped yourself to the tea. Not long after you sat down, a half asleep, almost angry looking Ciel barged into the kitchen. “Good morning?”

“No, not at all. I am not in need of your company today, now leave.” Ciel clenched his fists tightly by his sides, staring angrily at you. Even more confused now than before, you just stared up at Sebastian, waiting for an answer.

“Again, I'm sorry. I asked you over for a favor.” Sebastian breathed out a long sigh. “I must leave town for a short while today, and the other servants will be running errands for me. I can't very well leave the young master alone.” A weak smile spread across his face. “I had hoped, you could keep him company today.”

You gave Sebastian a slow nod. “I don't mind, but, I don't think Ciel really likes the idea too much.” You looked down at the ground, shuffling your feet nervously.

“He'll be okay.” Sebastian patted your head and smiled. “Thank you. I should be home before nightfall.” With that he walked out of the house, leaving you and Ciel in an awkward silence.

Ciel sat down at the kitchen table with a loud thud. “You do know how to prepare breakfast, correct?” He was still glaring at you from underneath his messy, uncombed hair. You nodded, and looked through the cupboards for something to make. You may not be able to cook like Sebastian, but Ciel wouldn't go hungry. As you began cooking, Ciel cleared his throat. “I was, rather short with you. I shouldn't have been.” He drew circles on the table with his finger. “I rather dislike it when Sebastian invites guests over without my knowledge.”

“It's okay.” You smiled kindly at him as you placed his breakfast before him. “Most people are a little grumpy in the mornings.”

“I'm not grumpy I just... What is this?” Ciel poked the food you offered with his fork. “I don't believe I've ever had anything like this before.”

You blushed heavily, afraid you'd failed such a simple task as breakfast. “It's just an omelet, sausage, toast, grits, and fruit.”

“I've never had an omelet before.” Ciel took a bite. “It's, rather good actually.” You breathed a sigh of relief with his approval.

After breakfast you took care of the mess that was left behind and did a bit of general straightening. You really weren't sure what all you were expected to be doing, so you timidly entered Ciel's office. “Ciel, are you busy?” He was struggling to put on his neck tie. You managed to refrain from giggling as you walked to him. “May I?” Ciel only nodded and lowered his hands. “Ties are a bit confusing to begin with, it only makes it more difficult if you can't see what you're doing.”

“Thank you.” Ciel's face was a deep shade of red, and only inches from yours. The realization made you blush in return. “I-it's a bit chilly in here, would you mind starting a fire?”Happy for an excuse to hide your blush, you half ran to the fireplace and started the fire. “It's rather quiet without everyone here. I don't like it.”

“W-we could turn on the radio.” You were embarrassed at just how shaky your voice was.

Ciel shook his head, giving you the slightest of smiles. “The radio is quite dull. I think, I'd rather talk to you.”

At Ciel's request, the two of you talked and talked.  He even laughed once or twice, it was the first time you'd seen him happy. As the two of you talked the sun slowly hid itself, making room for the moon. You lit the candles for light, but never strayed far from Ciel. As he spoke, his eyes began to droop. Knowing you weren't strong enough to carry him, you leaned his head on your shoulder, letting him sleep there. You too found sleep soon after that.

On the edge of sleep you heard a familiar voice speak as you were gently covered up. “Sleep tight, young masters.”
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Jessleia Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Student Artist
Its cute how he is grumpy then happy as can be this rly made my morning (i stayed up all night) *smiles kindly*
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That was SO sweet, that I think I've gotten a cavity.
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That ending is too sweet~
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I not sure if I would have failed or not I'm good with kids but Ciel doesn't act his age so I'm not sure

Wait a sec Ciel laughed? The apocalypse has begun

Miss-Esorebma Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

..I can't even...just...wut? xD
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