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       You had been wandering around through the park aimlessly for quite a while now. This was supposed to be a date, but nothing had happened, and the way things were going you seriously doubted anything would. Greece didn't even seem to remember that you were walking beside him anymore. "Hey Greece, I like that park and all, but it would be a lot more fun if we talked or something."You hoped you hadn't sounded rude, but you had to get this date back on track.

Greece looked over at you. "Hmm, oh I forgot we were walking together, I'm sorry. I got so busy thinking about what we were going to do today, I forgot I already had you here." He scratched the back of his head and smiled. "Well, I guess we should go do what I had planned to do all along now then huh? I hope you aren't afraid of heights." He lead you into a more private part of the park surrounded by trees. Upon closer inspection you realized the were all fruit barring trees. "Have you ever picked apples before?"

You shook your head. "Nope. But I'm willing to try anything once."

"I've never picked them before either, so we'll both be learning." Greece grabbed two buckets and two ladders from a small shed. "We should see who can pick the most apples in say, fifteen minutes?" He set up everything and handed you your bucket.

"Sounds like a good plan to me. I hope you're ready to loose, because you're going down."

Greece just nodded and set a small timer on the ground. "Okay, begin." The two of you scurried up your ladders to the trees and began picking your apples. You found you were actually quite good at picking them even without any prior knowledge or practice. In no time at all you'd managed to fill a couple of baskets. The loud sound of the timer went off and you climbed down to count apples. The only problem was, Greece was nowhere in sight.

"Hey, Greece, where did you go?" After a moment of looking you heard a soft snoring sound coming from his tree. There, sitting in the tree was Greece. He was fast asleep leaning against a thick branch with a few apples in his lap. You gently rubbed his knee to wake him up. "Greece, wake up before you fall out of that tree and kill yourself."

Greece let out a wide yawn. "I feel asleep again, I'm sorry. Tree's are just such nice peaceful places for naps. The soft rustling of the leaves, the fragrant smell of the fruit and flowers in the air all around you." Looking down Greece realized he'd only picked about a half dozen apples. "I don't suppose you fell asleep too by chance did you?"

"No, I actually participated in our little race. I filled just shy of three baskets." You smiled and placed your hands on your hips. You were quite proud of your accomplishment. "You lost, just like I said you would."

"You obviously won." He handed you the apples he'd picked and climbed down from his tree. "Maybe next time we have a competition, it should be something involving cats or sleeping. I know I could win one of those."

"You can't choose something you know you'll win, that's no fair. It's cheating."

Taking your hand in his, he held you close and kissed you lovingly on the lips. "I suppose you're right. You did a really good job picking, but how are we going to get all these apples home? And what will we do with them?"

You couldn't help but laugh. "I don't know, bake sale?"

"We're going to need some help."
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haleyboplucy Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Greece wake up and get down from that tee before you fall off and kill yourself. Such a casual thing to say.
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Greece loves cats. He almost always seen with one in the show.
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Imagine if reader-chan was a neko?! Holy crap Greece would go nuts 
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kawaii ;w; Greece, I know, I love sleeping in trees, but ya know... YOU CAN'T SLEEP IN A RACE!! XDD
dragonowl21 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
What about sleeping races? 
Lightfeathy555 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hmmm.. that is a fair point... SLEEPING RACE IT IS~
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Greece! :iconinloveplz: This story is so awesomely cute!
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:iconifeelfluffyplz: ow tah fluff! so cute!! :3
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