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           “Oh, I wonder what this could be?” A tiny piece of folded paper was wedged inside of your door, begging to be read. “Let's see then.” You opened the paper and looked down at the bold, black words. “Meet us at the secret spot. What the heck is that supposed to mean?” There was nothing else on the paper, no markings, no signature, no other clues at all. “Well apparently, whoever wrote this didn't really want me to go to, the spot.” Tossing the paper aside, you walked outside and down the empty street. “Wait a minute. I bet that was from Sora or Riku. They have a special spot.” Figuring there could be no other answer, you quickly took off towards their spot. You pushed your way through the tight doorway, but no one seemed to be there. “Riku, Sora, I got your letter thing.”

Instead of being greeted by Riku or Sora, someone in a long black trench coat walked in with a hood covering his face. “You're late.”

“A-actually, I think I might be a little early. Maybe  should come back later.” As you took a couple steps backwards, something caught hold of your ankle, causing you to fall on your backside. “Hey, you can stop getting closer to me. I'm not who you want, I'm sure of it.” With your ankle caught in what looked like an old fishing net, you were unable to run. “Seriously, back up!”

A low chuckle came from under the strangers hood as he slowly, menacingly stepped closer and closet to you. “On the contrary, you're exactly who I want. I've been waiting, for you. Now stop squirming and accept your fate.”

“You're crazy if you think that's going to happen.” Scared and confused, you began grabbing anything within reach and throwing it at him. “I warned you before man. Back up.”

Despite having been hit several times by the things you were throwing, he continued to get closer. “You're pretty feisty, aren't you?”

“You better believe it.” Lifting a large clay pot over your head, you threw it with all of your might, finally knocking him down. “Ha, I warned you, freak.” Though it was a struggle, you finally managed to free your ankle and stand to your feet. Before you started to run, you caught a glimpse of your assailant. Finally seeing who the perpetrator was made your mouth drop.  “Riku? What the heck were you doing? You scared me half to death.”

“We surprised you, didn't we?” Sora appeared wearing a wide smile and holding a camera in his hands.

“Surprised really isn't the word I'd use, but I guess.” You sighed, relieved that this was nothing more than a stupid, poorly thought out prank. “What was this about anyway? It's not April fools day or anything like that, is it?”

Riku groaned as he stood to his feet. His head was red and even a little swollen from where the pot had hit him. “My head's fine, thanks for asking.”

“Don't expect me to feel sorry for you. It's your fault for scaring me.” You crossed your arms and tried not to laugh. “Besides, I hurt myself all the time and I don't make such a big fuss over it. I think, you're just a big baby. Now answer that question I asked earlier.”

“I wasn't making a big fuss, geez.” Riku sighed. “Never mind that though. You kept begging to be allowed in here, so Sora and I figured we'd give you a little test. If you past our test, you'd be allowed in our spot.” He lowered his voice to a mumble. “Not that you haven't been showing up here anyway.” Clearing his throat, Riku continued in a louder voice. “If you failed however, you would have to continue staying out of here.”

“What? So all that was a test?” You ran the short distance to him, stumbling and tripping each time you took a step. Finally reaching him, you clutched his shirt in your fists and stared wide eyed. “Did I pass? I passed right? Come on Riku, don't leave me hanging.”

“Oh don't worry, you definitely passed.” Sora walked up to you and handed you the camera. “Pictures don't lie. Take a good, long look.” Somehow Sora had managed to take the picture at the exact moment the pot had hit Riku in the head. Your face was serious, focused and fearless whereas Riku looked scared and remorseful. “You see what I mean?”

You nodded. “It's a pretty funny picture, but what exactly was the test.”

“The test was basically to test your bravery. You did try to run away at first, but since you eventually fought back, I guess Sora's right.” Riku's expression was confusing. He didn't exactly look happy with the result, but he definitely didn't look upset. And then there was the fact that he was blushing, which completely through you off. “I guess I should congratulate you.”

“Thank you!” Finally releasing his shirt, you threw your arms around his neck and hugged him. “Now I can hang out with you guys all the time.”

Your words made Riku moan. “Man, I made a huge mistake.”

“No you didn't, you'll see.” You stopped hugging him, but couldn't stop yourself from smiling. “By the way, I've got to ask this, because I'm curious. How long did it take Sora to talk you into this? As adamant as you were about me not being allowed in your little club, I know it must have been a real pain for him to get you to change your mind.”

“Be quiet.” Riku quickly looked away and refused to answer.

“Oh man, you are so busted Riku. I can't believe you didn't tell her yet.” With his hands behind his head, Sora more than happily began explaining. “Actually, Riku wasn't the one than needed convincing, I was. That's not because I don't like you or anything like that, it's because I know Riku here likes you even more than I do. And in a slightly different way I might add. I was afraid if we let you in our club, he'd start spending all of his time with you.”

Riku's hand sudden;y and without warning slapped over Sora's mouth. “That's enough wise guy. Why don't you go get that photo developed or something.”

“Kicking me out already? That happened even faster than I thought it would.” Sora faked a sigh and started to leave. “While I'm gone, maybe you two could clean up this mess you made.” With another smile, he waved and walked away.

The moment Sora was gone, you snuggled up close to Riku and smirked. “So, was he telling the truth? You really wanted me to join?”

“Don't read too much into it.” He shoved you away and turned his head from you. “I was just sick of you asking to be a part of our club every, single time you saw me. I figured if I let you in, you'd lose interest faster than if I didn't. This was just a way for me to get you off of my back.”

“Off of your back huh? Well, too bad.” For no other reason than to annoy him, you jumped on his back and refused to let go. “You are now stuck with me, until I get bored. You really shouldn't have said anything. This wouldn't have happened if you just stayed quiet you know.”

Riku shrugged. “Whatever, it's really not worth getting worked up over. But, if you did get off of my back, we might be able to get out of here without cleaning before Sora got back.”

“That's a very good point. I'll concede, just this once.” You dropped to the ground, grabbed his hand and rushed out of the hideout towards the ice cream shop. “We should go celebrate. I think you buying me ice cream would do very nicely. Does the usual spot sound good to you? They've got all those special toppings and stuff that no one else has. You know those little rainbow coloured sprinkles? You should really try those, they're good. The fudge isn't too bad either though.  By the time you finally stopped talking, you were already sitting inside the shop with a bowl of ice cream. “You know Riku, you're way too quiet. You should talk more.”

"Are you serious?" For the first time since you'd met him, Riku laughed, and hard. “You really are, aren't you?" He calmed his laughing and nodded. "Right, well, I'll try to keep that in mind.”
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Really cute and well written story!!
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Link: someone's pot broke
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Aww totaly cute
thought i wonder if riku would have a huge bruise later on in his forehead
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Awww, Hahahaha poor Riku! XD
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Very adorable. Never thought. I Would give Riku the fops with a pot before. Thank you for makin' this!!
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No problem at all!
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very cute
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