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        You approached the small ranch you'd received directions to via text message. You had no idea where you were or even who you were meeting. You felt okay about going only because Romano had assured you everything would be fine. Not knowing what to do, you looked through the barns for someone you knew.  Eventually you found Spain, he was busy tending to one of the horses. "Hey Spain, are you the one who sent me on the wild goose chase?"

"Oh hey, sorry I didn't think you'd get here that fast. You must be really good with directions. I hope you didn't have to search for me too long." He gave his usual cheerful smile.

"No, I only looked in one other barn. I've only been here five minutes or so. Anyway, why I'm I here?" A weary, almost worried look covered your face. "You didn't call me out here to help you with your farm did you?"

He laughed and shook his head. "No way, I'd never do that to you. I have a little surprise for you, a date. You don't mind do you?"

"Of course not, that's a much better surprise than farm work." Glad you wouldn't be spending your time working, you let out a relieved breath. "What's the date?"

Spain grinned from ear to ear, happy you were up for what he had planned. "Well, take a guess, you're in a stable, filled with horses all tacked and ready to go."

You still weren't quite sure what the surprise was, so you just guessed. "You're taking me for a carriage ride?"

"Close, but not quite. I'm taking you horseback riding. You can choose whatever horse you'd like. All these horses are well mannered and won't throw you off, so you don't have to worry about that." Spain chose a chestnut colored palomino to ride.

You looked through the horses, trying to get a feel for them. They were all rather laid back and relaxed, but one caught your eye. A pure white horse, not a dark spot on her. "I can ride this one, right?" You were already gently stroking her mane, even if Spain suggested against it you would have wanted her.

"I should have known you'd pick her. Everyone wants the pure ones, either black or white. But yeah, you can ride her, she's as sweet as her name." Her name was easy enough to guess but Spain told you anyway. "Well, let's get Sugar and Dodge outside, they're ready to go already, you know how to ride right?"

You were a little embarrassed to admit it, but you didn't have even the slightest idea how to handle a horse. "Not really, I haven't been on or even around a horse since I was a little girl. But I'm a fast learner."

"Well lets hope so, I wouldn't want you falling off." Spain helped you onto your horse and explained the details of how to properly ride. After you felt you'd grasped the concept the two of you set off. You were headed to a slightly wooded area filled with small streams and other obstacles for your horse. This worried you a little bit, but you trusted Spain wouldn't give you anything you couldn't handle. "You feeling okay? You look a little nervous up there."

"I am I bit nervous, but I'll be okay. I'll get used to it in a little bit." You were right, in no time at all you had completely relaxed and felt right at home on your horses back. There was a problem, however, Spain's horse seemed to want to gallop and didn't like the slow speed at all, he seemed freaked out. Dodge began shaking his head and rearing up his front legs. It didn't take long at all for Spain to wind up on the ground. You jumped off Sugar and rushed over to him. "Are you okay?"

Spain just nodded and blushed. "Yeah, I'll be okay. I guess I'm not really one to be giving you riding lessons am I?" He sat up and rubbed his head.

Cuddling him tight, you rubbed where he'd hit his head. "It's not your fault I was going so slow, he just wanted to run."

"Actually, it is my fault." Spain rubbed the back of his head, smiling sheepishly. "I got my horses confused. I was riding the wrong one. That's Leporiphobia, he's scared of rabbits. These woods are full of rabbits you know."

You couldn't help but laugh. You thought it odd such a large animal would be scared of a rabbit, but really it was no worse than your fear of spiders. "Now I feel sorry for the horse. He probably thought you were sending him on a suicide mission."

"You're probably right. Come on, let's go find him." He sighed, trying to hide the fact that he was actually amused by the whole situation. "I owe him some treats."
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