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January 5, 2013
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        You stood alone, in a room full of people you didn't know. Your heart was pounding so hard you could feel it in every part of your body. Your palms were sweaty and your mouth was dry. You could hear the sounds of your parade going on outside. You sighed inwardly. "Why did I agree to this, I'm not cut out to be a Queen." The large wooden doors of the room you were in opened in unison letting a bright beam of sunlight come streaming in. You squinted your eyes and looked out over the horizon. There were people everywhere, animals too. All marching, dancing and preforming in your honor. None of this helped ease your nerves. One of the many people rushing about let you know it was time for you to make your entrance. You nodded and made your way to the highest balcony, where you found Egypt was waiting.

"Good morning." He gave you a bright smile. "Did you enjoy your parade?" He took your hand in his and gently kissed your fingers.

You nodded. "Yes, but isn't a bit much? I mean, I don't think I deserve all this."

"Of course you deserve it." His smile widened. "You're going to be the Queen, my Queen,  you deserve the best." The parade stopped and a loud blast of trumpets were played followed by a mighty uproar of applause. You thought you might pass out.  "Ready?" He squeezed your hand tight and led you where everyone could see you. The people cheered even louder, throwing things in the air and setting off little fireworks. Egypt made a very short speech in your honor, the things he said made you blush, you weren't worthy of all or any of this praise. "I won't ask her to speak to you all today, this is all very new to her and I'd rather not lose her before she's crowned. So, I think we should go ahead with the crowning." The crowd cheered again. The crown was placed on your head and the loudest of applause's yet went up. Egypt kissed you. "Thank you, my Queen."

You shook your head. "No, thank you."

He looked a little confused. "For what?"

You laughed. "For not making me speak in front of everyone, I would have died."

Egypt joined you in laughter. "I thought you might, you'll get used to it after a while though. As my wife and queen, it's something that will become very natural over time."

"Yeah, I guess you're...wait your what?" You're eye's widened. "What did you say about being your wife?"

Egypt slowly moved you both away from the public eye. "You're my wife. I thought you understood. When you become queen, you become my wife. I'm sorry, I should have been more clear." A worried look covered his face. "You can't have a Queen and a King that rule separately."

You were still in total shock, but you knew he was right. "No, you were clear. I guess with everything going on I just wasn't thinking clearly."

He was obviously embarrassed now. "Well I just don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you into something." He blushed. "Just because we're legally married doesn't mean anything has to happen you know. For now I think we should just get you comfortable talking to the people."

"I agree." You hugged him tight. "I gained a kingdom, and a husband all in one day. I think today may have been the most successful day of my life."
This story is the second part.
Here is part 1…

If you would like to commission a story, please read the rules on my page and send me a note. Please do not leave any requests/commissions or suggestions for future stories in the comments. Thanks!

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Demonicwolfheart89 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
The same thing happened to me...
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