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December 10, 2012
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       Spring was finally here, the last of the snow had disappeared until next year and the warmth of the sun could be felt once again. Every year around this time you went to watch the cherry blossoms bloom with Japan. He'd had taken you once and it had remained a tradition ever since. You heard a knock on your door at the usual time, knowing it must be Japan you opened up and let him in. "Good morning Japan."

"Good morning, you look very nice today. You're ready to go see the blossoms today right?" He smiled, already knowing your answer.

"Of course I am." You took his hand and began leading him down the grassy path you two had created over time. "You know this is my favorite part of spring."

He gave your hand a little squeeze. "Mine too." The two of you walked down to a little lake surrounded by cherry blossoms. It was a place you two had claimed as your own. Japan laid down a blanket and set up for the picnic he'd brought along. "I hope you're hungry, I brought enough for an army." It was true, he'd covered almost the entire blanket in food.

"Well, I didn't have breakfast, but no way I can eat all this." You laughed and reached for the dumplings he'd brought.

"I don't know why I made so much." He seemed nervous, which was strange, Japan was never nervous around you. He absently began to nibble at some fruit. His behavior worried you a little, you wondered if maybe you'd done something to offend him.

"Japan, are you okay? You've been really quiet today." Your face showed obvious worry.

He quickly looked up, a blush covering his face. "I'm fine, I just." He searched for his words. "It's still a little cold, I'm worried the trees may not bloom today." You knew when Japan wasn't being honest with you, but you didn't want to make him tell you something if he didn't want to. You left the subject alone.

"Oh look, there." You quickly jumped up and raced to one of the many trees surrounding you. "A bloom." The sun hit the trees and all the blooms came at once, filling the area with a bright burst of fragrant pink flowers. Japan stood beside you, still awkwardly blushing and held your hand. "It's a shame they don't last long." Still Japan was silent, he was really starting to worry you. "Japan, you aren't mad at me, are you? You're so quiet.."

His face turned to shock and he shook his head. "No, no. there's just something I need to do, but I don't know how to do it." He was quiet again, obviously in thought.

"Can I help?"

He laughed. "No, that would be bad." He took a deep breath. "I should just do it now, I'm making it more awkward than it needs to be." He smiled at you and took your hand in his, placing something in your hands. Pulling back, he revealed it was an intricate origami gift box. "O-open it." Inside, was the most beautiful ring you had ever seen, and written inside the box was "Will you marry me?".

You were so happy you couldn't speak, just nod. You hugged Japan tight as he placed the ring on your finger, it was a perfect fit.

Japan kissed you and smiled. "Now you know why I was so quiet."
This takes place after my "seven minutes in heaven" story
here is a link
Link to part 3

If you would like to commission a story, please read the rules on my page and send me a note. Please do not leave any requests/commissions or suggestions for future stories in the comments. Thanks!
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