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        You walked through the brightly lit hallways of a rather prestigious art gallery hand in hand with Korea. Some of the things people claimed to be art looked like what got stuck in your garbage disposal from time to time. Other pieces, however, you could hardly believe were created by human hands. After a while of walking, you stopped and stared at a particularly strange piece of art. Your silence had Korea feeling a little worried. "Are you enjoying yourself at all? You really haven't said very much since we got here."

"Of course I am." You gave his hand a gentle squeeze. "I was just wondering to myself how a bunch of coat hangers glued together in no particular order, is a piece of art." You laughed. "I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Still, I'm pretty sure I made a house out of Popsicle sticks just like this when I was in first grade."

Korea nodded. "I agree with you, some of this is new age, or abstract art. I don't really like it very much though." He scratched the back of his head. "I guess some of it can be interesting, but most of it is just weird. Can I show you my favorite piece in the gallery? I really think you'll like it. I can promise you that it has absolutely nothing at all to do with coat hangers, Popsicle sticks, or any other household item." He blushed nervously.

With a bright smile on your face, you nodded happily. "Sure you can. I'm sure whatever it is, it has to be much better than this piece. That's not saying very much though.”

"Oh, it is, trust, me. It's the most beautiful picture I've ever seen, hands down." He squeezed your hand and led you down a different hallway. This hall was different from the rest, instead of the names of famous artists on the plaques, it was local artists and students. You weren't sure what he'd want to show you here, there wasn't really anything that extraordinary. Suddenly he put his hands over your eyes. "No peeking, I want this to be a surprise." He continued walking like that for a moment, then stopped and turned you to face the wall. He slowly removed his hands from over your eyes. "Okay, now you can open your eyes."

You opened your eyes and looked up at the picture hanging on the wall, it was you. "Oh my god, that's me." The realization made your heart skip a beat. "That's that picture you were trying to draw before. I though you said you couldn't get the details right." Korea had tried to draw your portrait a few weeks ago. When you asked to see it, he refused, saying he disliked the work and he'd have to try again.

He nodded sheepishly, but you could see the pride in his eyes, even if they were focused on the floor. "It is that picture. I lied to you when I told you it didn't com out right. I'm sorry I lied, I just really wanted to surprise you.” He lifted his eyes from the ground and grinned. “Do you like it though?" Korea hugged you tight.

How could you not like it? It looked just like you. There wasn't one bit of you he'd gotten wrong. Even so, the way he drew it made you love the things you hated about yourself. He'd even managed to capture your personality in the drawing somehow. You wanted to touch it just to make sure you weren't looking into a mirror. "It's wonderful. I don't know what else to say. It's, absolutely perfect." You turned to Korea wrapped your arms tightly around him and kissed him, producing a deep blush to form on both of your faces. After a moment you pulled away. "I'm Sorry I did that, I was overly excited."

"No, it's fine. You don't need to apologize. Actually, I think I should draw you more pictures from now on. I didn't know before that they'd get me kisses." His blush deepened. “But now that I know, I think I can use this to my advantage.”

A little flustered by your own actions, you nodded awkwardly. "It certainly will, especially if you put it in an art gallery. I think having a picture of me hung up for all to see is more than deserving of a little kiss. Especially considering this is a pretty well known gallery. It's actually a little embarrassing to know so many people will be looking at my face." You laughed.

Korea rubbed his chin and thought for a couple of second.  So a picture equals a kiss, huh? If that's true, then what would, oh, I don't know, a full body statue get me? I'm sure I could get that in the Gallery too you know." He grinned pervertedly. "I have a few strings I could pull. I just want to make sure it'll be worth it before I start."

His question left you so embarrassed, you could do little more than blush. After taking a second to compose yourself, you shook your head. “I really don't know how to answer that question Korea, I guess it all depends on how good the statue is.”

“So in other words, I have to wait to find out what I'll get until it's done?” He took your hand in his again and stared up at his finished piece. “That's a lot of work you know. And it's going to take a really, really long time to finish it.” He sighed. “Maybe if I had a few more kisses I'd have the motivation to do it. But I'm really not sure.”

Blushing again, you tightly wrapped your arm around his waist and kissed his cheek. “I'll just have to see what I can do about that then, won't I?”
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Updated - April 6, 2014
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I imagine he sounds like America. But most of the time, I make his voice sound like a slightly deeper version of "Why Korea isn't in the anime" YouTube video.
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I kinda picture his voice as somewhat like Italy's tone but a little more mature 
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