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February 2, 2013
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         You woke up early one morning with the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air. After your morning routine, you walked out to the kitchen to find France cooking you breakfast. “Good morning. How did you get into my house.” You scratched the back of your head awkwardly and went for some coffee.

“Don't worry about that chéri.” France winked at you. “You just sit down and let me bring you your breakfast.”

“I don't know. Last time I let you feed me it was frogs and snails.” You shivered at the memory. “I'm not sure if I should trust you.”

“You wound me.” France clutched his chest. “I wouldn’t dream of tricking you, not twice anyway.” He set down your plate, it just looked like a normal breakfast of eggs, french toast, and bacon. “See, nothing strange here. Now eat, before you break my heart.”

“Okay, but if there turns out to be anything weird with this food.” You pointed at him, shaking your finger in a warning fashion. “But seriously, how did you get in my house? I didn't give you a key, and I don't keep a spare one outside.”

France laughed nervously. “Chéri, you worry about such unimportant things.” He tried to evade your question. You weren't about to let that happen, you stared at him until he broke. “Right, well, I might have broken into one of your windows.” He coughed and stared to play with his food.

“You did what? You didn't actually break it did you? Geez France, why didn't you just knock?” You shook your head and sighed.

“No, I didn't break it. And I didn't knock because I didn't want to wake you up.” He winked. “This was a surprise after all. You haven't even touched your food you know. Is there something wrong with it? Or do you still not trust moi?”

“No, there's nothing wrong with it, I was too busy talking to eat.” You reached for the sugar dish so you could sweeten your coffee. “It really was nice of you to cook for me though, sorry I over reacted. I'm just kind of grumpy in the mornings.” As you lifted the sugar spoon, you noticed it had clumped in a rather peculiar way. “What the heck?” You sifted through the sugar to find a diamond ring. Slowly, you lifted it up and looked at it.

France looked incredibly nervous. “I-I wonder how that got in there.” He looked at the floor, twiddling his thumbs.

“This, is a wedding ring. It did not walk into my sugar dish. Someone, put it there. And unless that someone was you, this ring means nothing to me.” You blushed at how the words coming out of your mouth sounded. You hadn't meant to be so forward.

France ran around the table and brought you into his arms. “Mon amour, I'm so happy to hear you say that. You have no idea how worried I was.” He held you tighter, kissing you softly. “I was afraid you would say no, because you thought I was a pervert who breaks into houses.” He took the ring from your hand and placed it on your finger. “Thank you chéri, you have no idea how happy you've made me.” He kissed you again.

“Don't thank me France, that makes things weird.” You laughed. “I'm just glad the ring was from you, otherwise I would have sounded like an idiot.”

France laughed with you. “No, well maybe a little. But that's not important chéri. So, since we're getting married, do you think I can have a key to your house?”

You nodded. “I think that would probably be a really good idea. I can't have you breaking in my window all the time, you might wind up getting yourself arrested.”

France just smiled. “It wouldn't be the first time.”
This, Is a Three Part story... YOU"RE READING THE END!!!!!

Part one [link]

Part two [link]
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I didn't like France so much but since I read your story I think I am getting a crush on him but still ivan (Russia) and kiku (japan) will always be my favorites, Norway I think is my 3rd favorite, but I think I like a lot more France since your fanfinction, France would make a wonderful husband and father ivan and lukas may be cute and lonely and with a sad past but I think they'll never me as a good husband as france but they're still my favorites
CrazyHetaliaLover13 Mar 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I LOLed so hard at the 'it didn't walk into my sugar dish' part.
broniesalltheway Feb 14, 2014  Student General Artist
“It wouldn't be the first time.” i laughed soooo hard at this XD.
allyvania88 Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
MarioFanfiction Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Snickerss-Chan Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
*blushes deeply* shit!!! *runs out of room to check the sugar bowl near the coffee maker only to find unclumped sugar* DAMMIT!!!
wakalover2 Sep 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Thats soo sweeet! Hehe, 'sweet', get it? Cause of the sugar..... *sighs* yeah m twin thought it was cheesey too.. :3
AmazingEmily9999 Aug 11, 2013
Wait... I'M READING THE END?!?! *facepalms*
AnimalGirl7 Aug 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
XD yep i made the same mistake!!! XD :iconfacepalmplz:
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