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        “You guys, this is getting ridiculous. We've looked high and low, your mother isn't here. Can we please go home now?” Usually you wouldn't have said anything about the fruitless search, but after being on your feet for three days straight, without proper sleep, food or even a shower, you couldn't keep yourself from speaking your mind.

Kadaj sent you a hate filled glare. “I'd stop your complaining if I were you, I just might make you check the entire building for a second time.” Even in the dimly lit building, you could see that Kadaj and his brothers were just as tired as you were. Still, they wouldn't give up the search. “Come on, we're almost done with this wing.” Pushing past you, Kadaj forced open a heavy metal door. Behind it was the remains of what looked like a laboratory. “You search with me. I need to make sure you don't decide to take a nap.”

“Right because I've been slacking this whole time right?” With an annoyed snort, you walked over to Kadaj and allowed him to lead you through the room. “What gave you the idea that Jenova would be here anyway?”

“This building used to belong to Shinra. Since mother was in Shinra's possession, it only makes sense that we would find her in one of their buildings.” Now away from his brothers, he wasn't nearly as short tempered with you. It was a recurring fact that confused you greatly. “You've stopped walking again. Is there a problem?”

“Yeah, kind of.”  Thinking fast, you tried to find a way to ask him what you needed to ask without it sounding rude or accusatory. Figuring he'd find a way to be angry no matter how you worded it, you gave up and just spoke your mind. “Why are you a total jerk to me when your brothers are around? You can actually be pretty nice when it's just you and me.”

Kadaj gave you a strange look. It was so odd, you couldn't tell what he was thinking, not even a little bit. “I suppose it's true. My attitude is highly dependent on the people I surround myself with.” His expression softened, becoming much more readable. “When I am around my brothers, I must assume the role of a leader.” He chuckled. “I suppose I see no need to assume a role when I'm around you. It should be obvious, even to the uneducated onlooker, that you are my subordinate.”

You let a lot of the nasty, rude things he said to you go in one ear and out the other, but that was too much. “I'm your subordinate?” You tightened your fists in anger, speaking through clenched teeth.

“Obviously. If I recall correctly, you would be dead if not for my kindness. That makes you indebted to me, wouldn't you say?” He gave you a prideful smirk as he stepped closer to you. “I really should have done away with you that day. You've been nothing but trouble since the day I found you lying there with your face in the sand.”

That was the last straw. You pulled back your fist and punched him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground.  You'd used every bit of strength you possessed, and it was worth it. “Nothing but trouble? Who's been mending your clothes, cooking your meals and standing watch at night so you can sleep? Who searched for days on end to find you a new hideout when Vincent found your old one? Who does all the civilian things you can't do because you're a wanted criminal?”

Kadaj propped himself up on his elbow and smiled at you. Your punch hadn't even phased him. “My, my, you have quite the temper, don't you? I don't think I've ever seen you so very angry before.” He slowly stood to his feet and brushed himself off. “I must say, anger becomes you.” Without another word, he turned his back to you and continued his search.

“Anger becomes me?” Puzzled, you chased after him. “What on earth does that even mean?”

“Perhaps you should invest in a dictionary if such simple words confuse you.” Though his words were flat, you knew he was trying to get under your skin, and you weren't about to let him do that again. “This room is empty as well. Hopefully Loz and Yazoo had better luck that we did.”

Before he could leave the room, you placed your hand on his shoulder and turned him to face you. “Kadaj, why do you do things like that? It's like you enjoy annoying me until I do something stupid.” You were beginning to feel bad about overreacting, and you just wanted an answer.

“I told you. Anger becomes you.” Strangely, he seemed completely serious, still, you couldn't help but doubt what he was saying. “You don't believe me?” He sighed. “Here, allow me to explain. How intimidating, on average do you find Loz?”

Loz was about as scary as a teddy bear, especially when it came to you. “I don't find him intimidating, at all. He's really sweet most of the time.”

“Right, I completely agree with you.” Kadaj nodded. “Now, what about Yazoo? Does he intimate or scare you at all?”

Yazoo could be incredibly scary when he wanted to be, which unfortunately, was most of the time. You couldn't even count the times he'd threatened to kill you in your sleep. “Both of those words are an understatement actually. Yazoo terrifies me most of the time.”

“Once again, I agree. Now, tell me, do you know what makes Yazoo scary even though he's less than half the size of Loz?” Smiling, Kadaj leaned against the cold, steel frame of the building and allowed you to ponder his question.

It was a simple question, so your answer came naturally. “Well, Loz is nice, and Yazoo is pure evil.”

“Exactly. Now if even an ally of Yazoo is afraid of him, then imagine the enemie's thoughts.” He pushed himself from the wall and walked up to you smirking. “This is why I say anger becomes you. If you ever encounter the enemy, you're not going to be taken seriously if you act like Loz. Where as he can take over by force, you don't have the strength to do so, much like Yazoo. Therefore your best option is to scare away the enemy before they attack.” He pressed his cold gloved hand to your face and grinned. “Understand?”

Everything he'd been doing now made perfect sense, even if his method was odd to say the least. “So, you keep ticking me off, so I can learn to be scary angry? And the reason I need to learn to be scary, is so I can be safe if no one's around?”

Happy you finally understood, Kadaj let out a quiet sigh and smiled. “Precisely.”

You smirked. Kadaj's little explanation had explained much more than he'd meant for it to. “And you can't do this around your brothers, because if they knew you were worrying about my safety, they'd tease you to no end.”

“Prec- wait, no.” His eyes widened, his hand fell from your cheek and his face just barely turned pink. “That has nothing to do with anything. I've explained why I treat you differently when my brothers aren't around. You're reading too much into this.”

“I don't think I am. One minute you're telling me you should have left me to die, and the next you're saying everything you do is to keep me safe.” His flustered state gave you an idea. You pressed your brows together, making yourself look concerned. “But then again, you might just be overly tired. We haven't slept in days.”

“Of course, that's exactly what it is. Now lets find the others and get home before I say something else regrettable.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you from the room. “We'll clear this up after we've slept.”

Yazoo had overheard the end of your conversation, and was now curious. “Clear what up Kadaj? Is everything alright, your face is awfully red.” Kadaj didn't answer Yazoo, he just kept walking, still holding your hand tightly in his. Once Kadaj was far enough away, Yazoo turned to Loz with a very serious look. “We may have a slight problem Loz, I think Kadaj is losing sight of the goal. We'll have to dispose of that girl, and soon.”
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