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     “No, no, no. Those are no good at all. Look, at this little bit here it's brown and bent. I want only the best for my Bassy.” Stomping his feet in frustration, Grell let out a high pitched, closed mouthed scream. He turned away from you, his long red hair whipping around him as he did so. “Honestly, I thought females were supposed to understand this kind of thing.”

It had been like this for well over an hour now, and you were getting more and more frustrated with every passing minute. “Fine then, if I'm not helping, then why don't I just go home?” You were more than annoyed with his childish behavior. Unable to stand him anymore, you threw the roses you held in your hand onto the ground and began angrily walking away from Grell.

“W-wait, no, you can't leave me!” Grell rushed after you, falling at your knees and wrapping his arms around your legs. “If you leave, I might as well just end my miserable, pathetic life now. There's no hope for me without you. I'm so very sorry. ” He squeezed you tighter, almost making you fall over and began to sob uncontrollably.

As hard as you tried, you couldn't stay angry with him. Especially not with so many people staring at you as if though you'd done something wrong. “I forgive you already. Would you please just stand up and calm down? You're making an enormous scene.”

Bringing his tears to an immediate halt, Grell hopped back up to his feet and squeezed you into a tight, almost bone crushing hug. “Oh thank you. You are so very forgiving and understanding. It's truly an amazing blessing to have you as a companion.” At this point Grell was doing nothing more than putting on a show for the onlookers.

“Yes, yes, now, can we please get back to finding you the perfect rose?” With a little work, you managed to escaped his tight grasp and restarted your search, this time looking at the darker shades of red. These roses were smaller than usual, but they smelled wonderful and had very few thorns. Even though these would have been your pick, you didn't say anything, figuring Grell would just shoot you down again.

As he walked over to you, the roses quickly caught his attention. “Those are absolutely lovely. They're almost the color of blood.” Grell seemed surprised that he actually liked what you'd picked out. “Well now, this wasn't all that hard at all.” Now in a much better mood, he picked out a few of the blood red roses, making sure to get the best ones in the bin. “Bassy should absolutely love this. I knew I was right in bringing  you here.” Still euphoric, Grell danced off to find a vase that was to his liking. You really were trying to be happy for him, but you couldn't hide your jealousy. “What's the matter? You look simply devastated.”

Not wanting to ruin the moment, you  lied. “O-oh, no, I just feel kind of bad for throwing those roses earlier. I should have controlled myself.”

Looking down at you, Grell lowered his glasses and pushed out his lips. “You know my dear, I'm not nearly as stupid as you seem to think I am.” For some reason Grell became more worried about you than he was about his roses. “Now, tell me what's wrong or I shall have to take drastic measures. And you really don't want that, oh no you don't.” Fixing the roses in a nearby vase, Grell placed a hand on either of your shoulders and gave you a wide toothy smile. “I'm waiting.”

You really wished you were a better liar, because to tell Grell the truth was only going to make things worse.  After taking a moment to construct your words in your head, you opened your mouth and spoke. “It's just, whenever we spend time together, it's always about or for Sebastian. Unless you're mad at Sebastian, then it's about William. I know I'm probably being selfish, but it would be really wonderful if just every once and a while, it was just about us.” You couldn't bring yourself to look up at Grell, as you were sure he would now be upset with you. “I mean, we see each other almost daily, and I can't remember one time where Sebastian or William didn't come up at least once.”

A few seconds of silence passed by, then, you heard Grell giggling joyfully to himself. “My, my, aren't you a jealous little thing?” He snuggled you in close to him and rubbed his nose in your neck. “I feel so flattered, I had no idea I was so desirable.” Grell half swooned.”

“That's not even what I'm saying.” Though you were trying to be firm, his nuzzles and kisses, along with him holding you so close, was making it all but impossible. “Please, would you stop that. We're in public.” Once again he had the attention of the market. To your surprise, instead of being angry or offended, the majority of the crowd cooed at Grell's affection.

“But, you were jealous, and now you don't want my attention? Oh mercy, you are such a very confusing woman.” Grell placed the back of his hand on his forehead and sighed dramatically. “Whatever am I going to do with you?”

“I could very easily ask the same about you.” You sighed. “I just want you to leave certain people out of our conversations, just for one day. That's it. If you can do that I'll never complain again.”

Tapping his chin with his long painted fingernail, Grell thought. “Hmm, I suppose that wouldn't be so very difficult.” He nodded. “You my dear, have a deal.” After a quick hand shake, he picked his selection off of the counter and proceeded to leave the shop. “Well, now. Now that that's out of the way, I can give these to my Bassy.” As soon as the words left Grell's mouth he turned to you with a large, devastated frown on his face. “Mercy me, that didn't last long at all now did it?”

You couldn't help bad laugh at how terribly, and quickly he'd failed. “No. Even I thought you would last longer than that. That was completely pathetic.”

“Oh but it was, wasn't it? I really do need to find myself a new hobby. I never realized before now just how very consumed I am.” He winced. “Well, in any case, you didn't say when I had to not mention Bassy or my Billy. So I'll just try again tomorrow. And if I fail again, there’s always tomorrow's tomorrow.” Happy with his excuse, Grell grabbed your hand and wiggled his hips, dancing slightly as he walked with you.  

You sighed a very happy sigh and smiled up at him. “I have a feeling I'm going to be hearing that line a quite lot in the the weeks to come.”
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moonshade10 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
Love the story!! I love grell
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Who cares I love him !!!! 
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Why do I have two MALE rivals? Oh well, it's our fabulous Grell Sutcliff we're talking about. Grell Sutcliff (Intro) [V2] Young Crell - super pose1 Grell Sutcliff (Intention) [V2] Grell Sutcliff (Fangirling) [V2] 
limitlesspurpose Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013
Must contain the fangirl inside me. Such a lovely story. I'm in love with Grell now. (^_^)
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as am i and you dunt need to contain ur fangirl ^^
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LMAO! i laffed so much when grell failed at not thinking of bassy x,D
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awwwww :iconglompsomethingplz::iconsexygrellplz:

:squee: I love it!

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Great he was in character!!! Great job!

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:squee: GRELL~~~ I swear, there are barely any reader-inserts for him!! This was too cute~:heart:
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the frightening thing is that i can perfectly imagine grell hugging me tightly. he smells like cinnamon candles. :iconwthplz:
(great fic btw)
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ci-cinnamon c-candles?? O.o now that you say it..... 
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Cute! ^^ :heart:
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This is lovely~ I love how you wrote it so that if you read this before the final part to Grell's SMIH it's like a continuation to the story. Excellent job!
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CharacterxReader story, and I quite enjoyed it. :D
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this is too cute X ;w; so cute :iconadorableplz: adorable
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Oh, that was tooo cute X3
KitsuneWerdio Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
Lol, that DID end quickly. of the best gay guys ever, can't even spend a minute without saying a name of one he loves, lol
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Thank you I Love It!
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