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December 22, 2012
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         "I really like these a lot, they look-a really soft." Italy took a deep breath in through his nose, trying to smell the flowers he was holding and grimaced at the scent. "They don't-a smell very good though. Maybe we should pick something else out." He wrinkled up his nose and hastily put them back on the shelf. "Why don't you choose something, I keep getting the stinky ones." You and Italy were at a local greenhouse looking for some new plants to put in your garden. Italy had managed to blow everything up with a grenade a few weeks ago and you two were just now getting around to fixing it.

“I think I can do that. I still want you to pick some stuff out too though. It'll be boring if I get everything myself.” You looked over the flowers and picked out a few of your favorites, making sure that you would have more than enough to replace the one's you'd lost. "You know, you blew my bench up too. We should get some furniture to replace it while we're here. I don't have any grass either, we're going to need that too."

Italy laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, I-a really blew a lot of stuff up didn't I? I really shouldn't be messing with explosives. Germany keeps telling me that I'm-a going to hurt myself, but I never listen. Maybe I should.” He dropped his shoulders forward and let out a long sigh. “Just-a get whatever you need to make your garden look all nice again. I'll-a make things right."

“If you say so, I'm not going to argue.” You spent the next hour or so picking out replacements for your garden. You could have stayed there a lot longer, but Italy was starting to get antsy. When he got antsy and hyper like this, there was a very good chance something could get broken.

Tugging on your sleeve, Italy looked at you with a slightly bored expression. "I think we got everything we'll-a need. Are you all ready to go yet? I'm-a getting hungry."

"Yup, I think  I've got everything.” You nodded. “ Let's just hope we don't come across any shrapnel while we're working." After making your way home and getting something to eat, the two of you started reconstructing your badly damaged garden. It was taking quite a bit more time and effort than you originally thought it would. Before too long, you realized that this was something that was going to take much longer than one afternoon. It was already close to dinner time the only thing you two had finished was installing the new grass. Though you hated to stop working already, you were getting tired and needed a break. "Italy, I don't think we're going to be done any time soon. Maybe we should just head inside for the day. We can work some more tomorrow, unless we're too sore."

Italy wiped a bit of sweat from his brow and nodded. "I think you're right, I'm-a getting really tired, but at least you have grass now." Italy placed the new bench you picked out earlier in the fresh grass, and sat down next to you. "Maybe tomorrow we can work on the flowers, I don't want them to die you know. I hate seeing flowers die."

“That doesn't sound too hard.” You nodded as you poured the two of you a cold glass of lemonade. "So I think that should work just fine. If we can't do it, maybe we could talk Germany into helping us.” With a bright, yet exhausted smile on your face, you wrapped your arms around him and squeezed. “Thanks for your help Italy."

Italy took a sip of the sweet, refreshing drink and smiled crookedly. “Don't-a mention it. It's-a my fault we have to do this anyway.” After a moment or two of resting there beside you, Italy said his goodbyes, and headed home for the night.

“I really hope the flowers are easier to plant than the grass was.” More than ready to turn in, you quickly showered away the dirt and grass that covered most of your body and hopped into bed. In less than a minute, you were fast asleep.

When you woke up the next morning you heard a loud noise coming from outside. You quickly dressed yourself and opened the door to see what it was. Standing there, was Italy, adding the finishing touches to the garden. You had no idea how he'd managed to get all that work done by himself in so little time. It was only around breakfast time, but everything was finished, and he'd done a wonderful job. Still in slight shock, you slowly walked over to him. "Italy, how long have you been here? D-did you do all this by yourself?"

He whipped his head around in surprise and stared at you. "W-well, I never really left last night, you know. I-a just waited until you went to sleep and got back to work.” He dropped his eyes to the ground and blushed. “I felt-a really bad for blowing everything up, so I wanted to hurry and make it pretty again.” A small, excited smile started to creep over his adorably tired face. “Do you like it?"

It was everything your garden had been and more. He'd put a ton of work into it and it was obvious. He even managed to get a little Koi pond in. There were no fish in it yet, but it was beautiful nonetheless. "I don't like it Italy,  I love it. Thank you so much." You squeezed him in a tight thankful hug and placed a kiss on his cheek.

Italy hugged you back as tightly as his sore arms would allow him to. "Vee, I'm-a really glad you do.” He rested his head on your shoulder and sighed happily. “I'm-a going to go to sleep now okay? That was a lot of hard work you know, and I'm not very good at working. Actually, I'm-a really bad at it." With a quiet giggle, Italy passed out on your shoulder, snuggled you tight and began to drool.
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Italy: *knocks on Japan's door at 2:30 am*
Japan: *answers* Um...Itary-San, you do know it is 2:30 am right now, right?
Italy: Veh, I-a did, but I-a want to-a give (name)-chan some kois!
Japan: Arright Itary...I'll get the stay here.. 
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