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August 23, 2013
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      The past week had been a very trying one for you. Even with your naturally optimistic, happy demeanor, you were having a hard time keeping a smile on your face. Spending as much time with Ciel as you did, you often felt as if though you were slowing him down. Though he never said, or suggested that this was true, you couldn't shake your suspicions. You'd been feeling this so strongly, you'd even thought of breaking your ties with him all together.

“Oh, there you are.” Realizing his voice was much too excited, Ciel cleared his throat before continuing. “I've been looking for you.” He interrupted your thoughts as he stepped outside onto the covered porch to greet you. “I have a small gift for you, if you're up for it that is.”

Honestly you were not in the mood for gifts, but you weren't about to spoil Ciel's happiness just because you were feeling a little down. You swirled your finger around in your now cold tea and tried to smile. “Sure, I guess so.”

Ciel nodded and quickly walked back inside where he'd left Sebastian waiting. “You don't think this will offend her do you?” Taking the large box from Sebastian's hand, Ciel began having second thoughts.

“Coming from you, I doubt it. Besides, you know your intentions are good. Now go, you don't want to keep her waiting.” With a little shove, Ciel was sent on his way.

“I'm slightly reluctant to give this to you, as I don't want you to take it the wrong way. You've been a very large help to me, even though you and I haven't known each other for very long at all.” With slight reluctance, Ciel placed the large cardboard box on the table in front of you. He gulped hard and stepped away. “Well, whenever you're ready.”

The sheer size of the box caused your jaw to drop. “C-Ciel, whatever it is you really shouldn't have.” Your curiosity taking over, you quickly unsealed the top flaps of the box and peered inside. At first you couldn't identify what it was. After lifting the gift from the darkness of the box and finally realizing what you were holding, you stared at Ciel in amazement. “I really don't deserve this.”

Ciel cleared his throat again. “You do. I know you could never afford it on your own. And if you don't want to think of it as a gift, think of it as payment for all of your help. Now, don't argue with me and let's get Sebastian to help you put that on. I'm rather excited to see how it works.”

“You are comfortable with me helping you?” Sebastian took the heavy, metal brace from your hand and smiled. “If not, I could get Mey-rin to help you if you'd like.”

With your excitement about to boil over, you couldn't have cared less who helped you. “Oh no, it's fine. I don't mind at all.”

“As you wish my Lady.” Working quickly, Sebastian helped fit you into two, top of the line, surprisingly comfortable leg braces. After he was sure they were on correctly, he helped you to your feet and proceeded to dress you into a spinal brace. “There we are. You'll be needing these as well.” With a bright smile on his face, Sebastian handed you the last part of your gift, two perfectly sized crutches.

“I feel a bit silly wearing this on the outside of my clothing.” You laughed. “Still, it actually feels quite nice, not uncomfortable at all.” Your emotions were finally getting the better of you as your eyes began to pool with tears. “I-I never thought, I'd be given such an amazing gift. It's surreal, I'm actually standing on my own.” The tears ran down your cheeks, dripping down from your chin and staining your blouse. “Thank you Ciel. Even if given the rest of my life, I couldn't repay you.”

“Oh stop that.” Ciel blushed at your kind, thankful words. “I've done nothing that astonishing or worthy of your thanks. I simply did what I felt needed to be done.”

“You're just acting humble. I may not have known you that long, but I can still see the pride all over your face.” After giving him a teasing grin, you turned your attention back to your gift.  “Now, I think I had aught to try this out, don't you?” Taking a moment to build up your courage and calm your nerves, you attempted to take your first step, which unfortunately failed miserably. Had Sebastian not been there to catch you, you would have landed face first on the ground. “Well now, that went about as I expected it would.” You laughed, not in the least deterred by your failure.

“Well, I suppose it will take some time. However, with your level of determination, paired with your general outlook on things, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it quite quickly.” No longer able to hide his excitement, Ciel smiled. “I'll be here to help you whenever you need me.”

“If I have you helping me, there's no way I can fail. Not completely I mean. I've just shown you quite thoroughly that I can fail. What I mean is that I won't give up. Not even if I fall a thousand times before I take my first step.” Too excited by your own speech to give up, you tried stepping again, this time, with success.  “You see, I'm getting this already.”

“Indeed you are, quite quickly I might add.” Ciel watched with his mouth agape as you continued to step towards him, growing more confident and less shaky with every step you took. “Please, do be careful, and slow down. You're going to harm yourself.”

“I'll be fine. Even if I fall, Sebastian's hovering over me like an overprotective mother bear.” You grinned up at Sebastian and continued to push yourself. Even this short distance was causing your entire body to ache, but in a strange way, it felt good. You felt like you were truly accomplishing something. Though it did take you quite a while, you ended your journey face to face with Ciel. “I did it, and I didn't hurt myself. What do you have to say now?”

“I-I'm rather proud of you.” Ciel looked down sheepishly in an attempt to hide the smile he wore on his face. “If I may say something, slightly off topic. I'm more thankful than I can express that I met you. You've taught me so very much. Many of the lessons you taught me I would have never guessed I needed to know.” He looked up at you, blushing, and more happy than you'd ever seen him. “Though I know I've said it before, I can't find words to express how much of a blessing you've been. Not only to me, but to everyone fortunate enough to meet you.”

Tears once again streamed down your red cheeks. You dropped your crutches to the ground and allowed yourself to fall into Ciel, hugging him with all your might. “I don't care if every word you just spoke was a lie. I'll carry them with me always.  Thank you Ciel, for everything.”

Ciel returned your hug, wrapping his arms tightly around you and burying his face in your neck. “I've made things rather awkward, as I don't know what to say or do now.” You said nothing in return. You were filled with far too many joyous emotions all at once to form a proper sentence.

Sebastian leaned down to whisper in Ciel's ear. “Young master, at times like these, silence, can truly be the best response.
Commissioned by :iconcielfangirl325:

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