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February 3, 2013
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       You stepped outside your car, making your way to America's door. The loud sound of the music could already be heard, even from where you were. You didn't bother to knock on the door, no one would have ever heard you, the sounds from the party were just too loud. As soon as you walked in America tackled you in a hug. “Oh hey. I didn't think you would get everyone here on such sort notice.” You smiled wide and hugged him back.

“Of course I can dude. Nobody knows how to throw a party like I do. I'm America.” He laughed loud enough to compensate for the ear shattering music. “Anyway dude, we need to get you on the dance floor. You look even more sexy than usual tonight.” He winked at you and took your arm, leading you to the makeshift dance floor.

Complements like that still made you blush. Even though it wasn't at all uncommon for America to complement you, it always left you red faced and with nothing to say. Everyone you knew was already there, either eating or dancing or talking. You couldn't remember America ever throwing a party this big before. Even more odd, was there didn't seem to be a real reason for it. “America, why are all these people here? Is there something special going on today?”

America laughed. “No dude. I don't need a reason to part with my girl.” He brought you close to him and started to dance. But if there was a special reason, I probably wouldn't tell you. Just to keep you wondering you know?” He kissed your cheek and smiled.

“Well that's just great, isn't it? Now I'm even more curious than I was before.” You sighed, but didn't pry any further. You knew it wouldn't work anyway.

After a while of dancing and snacking and talking to just about everyone at the party, America called everyone to attention. “Hey dudes, I want to thank you all for coming to my super awesome party and making it even more awesome and memorable. Now, for the real reason I brought you all here, which everyone but one person knows.” America looked straight at you with a sweet smile. “I really hope this goes the way I planned or I'm going to look like a total moron.” He laughed and pulled you in the middle of the crowd with him. “As smart as you are I was afraid you'd have found me out.”

You stood nervously with him in front of everyone, feeling like your legs were going to collapse under you. “What's going on?”

America answered by dropping to one knee in front of everyone. He was blushing pretty bad, as he fumbled around his pocket, eventually he pulled out a red, white, and blue box. “I know, the box is a little cheesy, but I kind of liked it.” He blushed even worse than before. “You were right all along, there was a special reason for this party. I wanted to ask you to marry me, in front of everyone I know.” He smiled as he opened the box, revealing the ring he picked for you. “I thought maybe the pressure would make it harder for you to say no.”

“I wouldn't have said no anyway.” You dropped down to America and hugged him tight. “You really didn't have to do this in front of everyone. It's a little embarrassing.”

“Dude, I totally had to ask you in front of everyone. Now everyone knows no to try anything with you.” America gave you a quick kiss. “Because if they do, they'll have to answer to me.” He slipped the ring on your finger and kissed you again. “Now I need to throw another party because you said yes.” He laughed. “I have a feeling we're going to be partying a lot in the near future.”

“I have to say I'm quite proud of you America. I never thought you'd grow up enough to even consider marriage.” Britain cleared his throat. “Good luck to both of you.”

“Dude Britain, why you talking like you're never going to see me again? I totally need you to be my best man brah.” America hit Britain on the back. “We're going to be stuck together nonstop for a while.”

Britain stiffened. “I'm not sure if I should be honored by this news, or if I should be completely terrified.”

America laughed as he brought you back into his arms and held you tight. “Both dude, definitely both.”
Part one…

Part two…

Part four…

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“Both dude, definitely both.”
you dear writer are very witty, very witty indeed.
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i loved the fact thaat poor england should be honored and terrified~ 
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