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February 18, 2013
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        “Hey Norway, what are we doing out here exactly? It's cold, and really late.” You shivered as a gust of freezing wind chilled you to your very bones. “Couldn't we have done this during the day, when it's a little warmer?”

“No, it only works at night.” Norway led you through a dense part of the forest, with nothing but a small lantern to light the way. “Be careful, the ground is really uneven here.”

“I noticed, I've been tripping pretty much the whole time.” You grabbed hold of Norway's hand to help steady yourself as you climbed over a fallen tree.

“I'm sorry, I would have brought more light if I could have.” He became silent for a moment as you walked. “Light, scares them away though.” Norway blushed as he spoke. “You'll just have to wait and see. Not much longer now.” You followed behind him for a moment longer, stumbling over obstacles you couldn't see, pushing past the ever thickening branches of trees and struggling to see. Suddenly Norway stopped and turned to face you. “You must be very quiet.” He placed a finger on his lips to emphasize what he'd already said. Norway moved a large branch aside, letting you pass by him. You stepped out into a clearing, there was nothing there but a small lake surrounded by stones . In the center was a large willow tree.

“This is really pretty.” Norway covered your mouth before you finished and signaled you to just wait. As he dropped his hand from your mouth, you looked back out to the lake, trying to take in every detail. The water was calm, despite the fact it was rather windy out. You could see the reflection of the full moon perfectly in the water. The reflection almost seemed to sparkle. You looked harder, it was sparkling. “Norway, what's” You stopped yourself from speaking, figuring you'd only be hushed by him again.

“They're nymphs, pixies, faeries, earth spirits, whatever you'd like to call them.” He was barely speaking above a whisper. “They come out when the  moons full.” Norway's face was covered in an embarrassed blush. “Please, don't tell anyone about this. It's not normal for people to hang around with faeries.”

You brought Norway into a tight hug and kissed his cheek. “I promise, it'll be out little secret. Thank you for bringing me. Sorry I was so whiny earlier.”

“It's nothing. Now, I need you to trust me, one more time.” He took your hand and led you to the edge of the water. He smiled sweetly at you. “Please, don't freak out, or you'll scare them and we'll get wet.” Norway took a step out onto the water, his feet didn't sink.

You tried to keep yourself calm as you followed him out onto the water. “Why aren't we sinking?” You clutched his hand tighter as he slowly walked with you towards the willow tree.

“Because, when the moon's full it fills the water with their magic, letting us walk across.” Norway helped you climb into the branches of the willow, then followed you up. The two of you were surrounded by the small glowing creatures. You watched as they brought life to every part of the forest. Occasionally one would fly in close to you, looking you over with curiosity in their eyes. “Nice isn't it?” Norway snuggled you close as you watched.

“They're beautiful. I'm going to have a hard time keeping this all to myself you know.” You leaned your head on his shoulder, as a sudden wave of sleepiness hit you. “But I'll do my best.”

Norway kissed your cheek as he ran his fingers through your hair. “That's all I can ask. You know, if we stay here much longer, we're going to have to swim back.” He started to move from the tree.

“It's okay, I know how to swim.” You pulled Norway back to you. “Let's stay here until they leave, it's not like I get to see fairies everyday.”
Part one…

Part two…

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ThePrincessPsycho Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2014  Student Filmographer
I can talk with ghosts!~ There used to be this nice lady that lived in my house. I think she watches over at me at night because when ever I wake up I can smell her perfume, and freshly baked cookies!~ My friends say I'm insane >:3 who knows :3
TheDarkGenius Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Really good story! Read all three chapters and I was impressed!
Looking through the comments I'm glad I'm not the only one who can see what other people would call "imaginary"
Anyway good story!Clap 
TailsTheFoxFan717 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014   Writer
I've only been able to see a few mystical creatures...ghosts are a LITTLE easier to come bye...ecxept they dont leave you alone =_=
helenadoodle Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
awwwww~ cute!
FabulousCthulhu Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional General Artist
I see pretty much anything. Some ghosts are rather kind and sweet.
MarioFanfiction Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Why not Zoidberg, I mean four?
Golden-Okami-wind Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
fairies and pixies, elves 'n all that. sometimes, if you go into certain places at certain times, you can see them. of course, the moon does have an effect.

i got told by one half of the family that i was imagining things, and the other half gave me a knowing look, patted me on the back, and said, "we know, hon. they ARE there. and you have a gift to be able to see them."
Omg so awesome! :iconhugmeplz:
SegaRocker21 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
You know, just because people don't see them, doesn't mean they don't exist. Seeing something has nothing to do with believing. Alot of people call you crazy for seeing something that they can't, but that doesn't necessarily mean you are. Awesome story by the way ^^! This deserves a hug
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