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February 4, 2013
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         “Hey there sweetheart. Come up here and take your turn.” Jiraiya signaled you to join him in the middle of the room with a wave and a smile.

“Yes, finally.” You quickly went to stand next to Jiraiya and placed your hand in the bucket. Directly on the top of the piles of items was something slightly cold, it felt very fragile. You lifted it from the bucket to find a large white flower with a yellow center. “This is pretty. Who does it belong to?” You twirled the flower around in your fingers.

“Mine. The item wasn't my idea though.” Zetsu stood up from the couch and walked over to you. “It was mine.” The voice was still coming from Zetsu, but it sounded more cheerful, and was higher pitched than before.

“Well this should be interesting. You're basically getting to go into the closet with two guys. To bad that guy's a plant.” Jiraiya let out a loud laugh. “I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. Let's just get you two started, shall we?” He led you both to the closet and motioned you in with a sweeping motion of his arm. “I'll see you both in seven minutes.” He smiled and shut the door.

“So, what do you want to do in here? Bet you're glad you got me.” It was the more cheerful voice speaking to you.

You knew this was going to be slightly awkward. Talking to two people that resided in one body wasn't something you did everyday. “I really don't care. Anko kind of forced me to play, so whatever you want to do is fine.”

“I wouldn't give him that option. He's not very good at controlling himself.” You realized now that the lower pitched voice come from the black side. “And no matter what he says, don't come near our trap. He'll try to eat you.”

“Eat, me? You don't actually mean like. Masticate and digest me do you?” Your eyes became wide as you moved away from him.

“Yes. That's exactly what I mean. Would you prefer I meant that in another way?” The black side was speaking to you, completely serious, but the white side was laughing at you. “Don;t mind him, he has less than average intelligence.”

“Hey, I do not.” The white side of Zetsu immediately stopped laughing. “Why are you acting all smart? You don't like this girl do you?” He gasped. “I can't believe it. We've been together all this time, and now you've met a girl and your going to toss me to the curb. Well fine.” The large Venus flytrap like leaves suddenly fell from Zetsu's body. He slowly began to split into two separate persons before your eyes. It was like something from a scifi movie. “There, now you can have her.” The white side pushed the black side onto you.

“I never said I wanted her you idiot. You just jumped to assumptions because I didn't want you to eat her.” He sat up and brushed himself off. “Now were both naked. Nice thinking. I'm sure she appreciates that.”

Honestly you hadn't noticed. It was too dark to see anything on someone who was completely black anyway. “It's okay. Don't worry about it.” You blushed slightly.

The door opened and the lights were quickly turned on. “This, is awkward. Why are they separated and naked?” Jiraiya furrowed his brows, slightly worried.

“Long story.” You sighed.

The white side of Zetsu pushed past Jiraiya and walked out of the closet, still naked. “Come back here, we need to re-join.” The black side covered himself with his cloak and followed him out.

Jiraiya brought you into a hug and rubbed your back. “Sorry you were subjected to that. New rule, from now on, no plants are allowed to play. Or anything else that can split in two, eat the other player, or has multiple personalities. It's just not good for the other player.”
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