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January 11, 2013
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         "Come on up here with me and play beautiful, it's your turn now." Jiraiya signaled you to the center of the room.

You walked up to the bucket and started feeling around. There was way too much stuff in there to really give this any thought. You decided to just grab something. After raising it up out of the bucket you looked at it. In your hand was a small clay heart that had been intricately painted. "Deidara, is this yours?"

"Hm? Yeah, it is, my man Sasori painted it though. I don't have time for that." He stood up from the couch and started walking towards the closet. "I'd be careful with that heart though, it's made of c4, so it will explode, yeah."

Jiraiya looked a little nervous. "I'll take that deadly heart off of your hands. Being locked in the closet with an Akatsuki member is going to be dangerous enough." He carefully took the heart from you and led you to the closet. "Have fun in there, no blood shed okay, we're at a truce, just for today." With that he locked you to up in the dark closet.

Deidara scoffed. "Truce, I never agreed to that, hm" He shot you an evil look. "I could kill you were you sat if I wanted to." He shrugged. "Hm, but it's not worth it, yeah. I guess I'll just go along with this, even though it's stupid."

"Well I really do appreciate you not killing me, like, a whole lot actually." You gave Deidara a weak, but honest smile. "So thank you."

Deidara blushed. "Yeah, well you're just lucky I'm not in the mood to kill I guess, hm. So are we going to play this game or what? You know we only have one girl at the Akatsuki and no one's allowed to touch her. So this might actually not be so bad." He was wearing a slight smirk, you couldn't tell what he was thinking but it couldn't be good.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean that is why we're in here right?" You didn't know if this was a good idea, but you really see yourself as having much of a choice.

"Good." He was full blown excited now. "So how do we start this, hm. Never mind, I'll figure it out." Deidara practically launched himself at you, knocking you flat on your back with a loud thud. "My bad, hm. I could have done that better." He placed both of his arms around you and cuddled you tight. Slowly he lowered himself to you, your noses were touching, you could feel his breath on your chest. Finally, he kissed you. As he kissed, he massaged your back and sides. His mouth moved from your lips to your neck, gently he nibbled at you, easily finding your sensitive spots. You let out a quiet sigh, tangling your hands in his hair. He was actually really good at this, you forgot he was a member of the Akatsuki, or that he was dangerous. You were really beginning to like this game. Without warning the door swung open.

"Well, well, well. I surely hope this training isn't going to cause us to loose a leaf ninja over to the Akatsuki." Jiraiya scratched the back of his head nervously. Deidara didn't seem to notice the door was open, he was still busy kissing you. "Wow, he's really into the game isn't he?"

Sasori walked over to the closet to take a look at the situation. "That idiot. I'll take care of this, Tobi, help me out." Sasori signaled Tobi over. Together they picked up Deidara and dragged him away from you.

Deidara flailed around as he protested. "No, wait, I wasn't finished yet, give me five more minutes. Please. This is not cool my man, hm."
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