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February 5, 2013
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        It was a dark, stormy, evening. You were all alone with nothing to do. Nothing was on TV and you knew no one would want to do anything with you in this weather. You let out a long sigh and started for the kitchen. A sudden knock came from the front door. You quickly ran to the door and opened it, not wanting whoever it was to get soaked. “Spain what are you doing here?”

“I thought you might be bored all alone, so I came over to see if you might want a bit of company.” Spain gave you a cheerful smile and removed his drenched coat. “You don't mind me being here, right? I can leave if you want me to.”

“No, I don't mind at all. Let me just get you a towel, you soaked and I don't want you to get sick.” Leaving him in your home's entrance, you quickly ran off to fetch him a towel. When you returned he was standing in your TV room drenched and shirtless, looking for a movie to watch with you. “H-here's your towel.” A little unprepared to see him like that, you couldn't help but to blush at his current state.

“Oh, thanks!” He happily took the towel and began drying his messy, dripping hair. “You want to watch a movie or something? We could watch something really scary, then we'd have to snuggle up close to keep the monsters away. You know monsters are afraid of snuggling couples.”

His strange statement made you laugh. “Is that so? I'll be honest with you Spain, I've never heard that one before. But if you say it's true, I believe you.” You grabbed the scariest movie you owned and got it ready to play. As you readied the movie, Spain ran to your kitchen for snacks and drinks.

“Let's just hope the power doesn't go out. That would make things really creepy.” After placing the snacks on the table, he swooped you up and sat down on the couch with you, snuggling you close. From the very beginning the movie was horrifying, making you jump and gasp every few minutes. The movie was at the height of creepiness, when suddenly, all power in your house went out. “I quess I shouldn't have said anything about the power, huh?” Spain squeezed you tight. “Only one thing to do. Monsters are strengthened by blackouts, so we'll have to make out. ”

“M-maybe I should just go turn on the generator real quick. Or if you don't feel like waiting, we could just use a candle or flashlight.” Taken back by his uncharacteristic suggestion, you blushed terribly.

“No way man, they'll be expecting us to do that.” He leaned in closer to you so that your lips were almost touching. “I don't know why you're being so shy right now, we've kissed plenty of times before.”

It was true. This wasn't the first time you and Spain had kissed and it  definitely wouldn't be your last. But something was different this time. There was an unknown tension between the two of you, like Spain was trying way too hard to set the mood. “I know, it's just." You paused, searching for the right words. "Actually, I really don't know what it is. It's like your not yourself tonight.”

Spain immediately became nervous. “Not myself?” He laughed awkwardly, then moved back to you with an evil grin. “Maybe they've already gotten me.” Spain started to roughly kiss you as he pulled you on top of him. He ran his hands through your hair and down your back, holding you close. Spain wasn't usually this pushy with you. Suddenly the lights came back on. “Hey, we scared them away.” He smiled wide and squeezed you, kissing you on the nose.

He was just acting too weird. “Spain, what's going on? You're seriously not acting normal. And don't try that monster line on me again. I want the truth.”

Knowing he'd been caught, Spain cleared his throat and looked away from you. “Well, you see.” He cleared his throat yet again and sat up. “I actually wanted to ask you something, I just don't know how.” He looked at the ground nervously.

“It can't be all that bad. Just ask  me. You'll never know my answer if you don't” Gently placing your hand on his deep, red cheek, you turned his face towards you and made him look you in the eye.

“I guess you're right." Spain took a deep breath into his lungs, then spoke. "I want you to come live with me. We've been together for a while now, But I'm really lonely without you with me.” Now that he'd said what needed saying, his face had turned the darkest shade of red you'd ever seen. “I just don't want you to do something you don't want to do just because I'm asking you to do it.” He looked into your eyes with a sort of guilty sadness. "I want you to move in with me because you want to be with me too."

“Is that all you wanted to ask?” You wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tight, elated that his question hadn't been something more serious. “That's not bad at all, you had me really, really worried there for a second." You laughed. "Of course I'll come live with you. It's about time you asked me anyway.”

“Really? Thank you!” He quickly returned your hug and started kissing all over your face. “I was worried for nothing then. We should start packing your stuff.” He jumped from the couch and started to look for anything to pack with. “Do you like kids? Because I like kids, especially cute ones. And I think we'd have cute kids.” He stopped and looked at your shocked face. “I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?”

“Maybe just a little bit.” You walked over to him,then brought him into your arms for a long, sweet hug. “We can talk about more serious things like that a little later. Let's just focus on packing up and moving first.”
Part one…
Part two…
Part four…

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