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December 17, 2012
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        Tonight was the night of the yearly meteor shower. It happened every year on the same day, around the same time. That being said you couldn't remember the last time you'd actually watched one. You used to watch it faithfully, but somehow, you'd just let the tradition slip. This year's would have passed by without a second thought just like all the others, had Rome not asked you to watch it with him. The two of you sat snuggled up on the cold rooftop of your home waiting for the first meteors to light up the night sky.  

"We should have brought more blankets huh? Maybe some hot coco too.  It's cold out here." Rome brought you closer to him, sharing his body heat with you. "Those meteors are late too, they should be ashamed, making a pretty lady like you wait up here on a freezing roof." He let out a snort. "I should just go up there and bring them down for you. But of course, then you couldn't watch them fall." He grinned, giving you a tight squeeze and kiss on the cheek.

You leaned back against him and pulled the blankets higher. "It's really not that cold, just a bit nippy is all. And you know things are almost  always better if you wait for them."  As you relaxed on Rome the first star lit the sky. You sat straight up, pointing it out with a rather hyper arm motion. "There, there's the first one."

"Yup, they should be falling in groups now." He pulled you back against his chest and brushed your hair back. The stars began falling all around you, lighting up the sky that was pitch black only moments ago just as well as dozens of spotlights. You couldn't believe you'd let so much time pass without watching this, you'd forgotten how beautiful it was. "You were right "_____", this was defiantly worth waiting for."

You leaned back and smiled wide. "See, I told you." You turned around in his arms and hugged him tight. "I'm glad you asked to do this, I'd forgotten how much I loved it. It's really no fun sitting up here all alone you know."

Rome drew you in close. "Well, now you'll have someone to watch it with you every year." He placed his lips on yours, holding you in a kiss for a long while. "I promise."

You snuggled yourself in his chest. "I'll hold you to that you know. I don't let people go back on the promises they make to me. So you better only say things you really mean." While wrapping your arms around him, you felt something firm and square in his back pocket, you immediately jerked back. "What's that?"

"I guess the cat's out of the bag now huh?" Rome cleared his throat and pulled what you felt from his pocket. It was as you'd thought, I small black box, the perfect size for a wedding ring. "I was going to make it a surprise." His face was unusually red as he opened the box. Inside was a ring that looked like it belonged to a queen reigning thousands of years ago. The flashes from the falling stars just made it that much more beautiful. "Would you please be my wife?" His hands were shaking so bad you were afraid he was going to drop the ring.

You nodded. "Yes." It was all you could say. You wrapped your arms around him and kissed him.

He hugged you back, half squeezing the breath out of you from sheer excitement. "Thank you." He kissed you again. "This ring is very old, it may not fit quite right, but we can always fix that." Rome proceeded to place the ring on your finger. It fit like it was made for you. He smiled up at you. "It fits no changes needed, I guess I made the right choice when I picked you."
Part 1
Part 3…

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Great story, it was adorable! Wait, does this mean I'm Romano and Veneziano's grandmother? Kind of funny for a grandmother to be younger than her grandchildren. But still, great story. I love Rome!
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Wait, this means that I'm going to be Romano and Feliciano's grandmother. That's awkward.
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So sweet ^_^ Your sequel stories are always so nice
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