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February 8, 2013
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       “Hey, wake up. I need you to do something for me.” Greece was jerking you back and forth in your bed, trying his hardest to wake you up. His voice didn't have that relaxed monotone sound to it. Even in your half asleep state you could tell whatever he needed had to be important.

Finally you managed to force open your heavy lids and look up at him groggily. “What is it Greece?” You peered over at your clock, it was only four in the morning. “What could you possibly need at four in the morning? We just went to bed a few hours ago.” You let out a long sigh and dropped your head back to the pillow.

“I know. But this is important, there's a competition today. I need you there to make sure I don't fall asleep.” Greece brushed your messy hair from your face and kissed you. “Please? I really, really need you there for me.” There was no way, even as tired as you were, you could deny him. He looked so pitiful and sweet. What you really wanted to do was pull him down in the bed with you, but oh well, that would have to wait.

“Okay, but this waking me up early in the morning had better not become a habit.” You sat up and stretched out your stiff muscles. “Mornings and I don't really get along you know.”

Greece hugged you tight. “I know, I'm sorry. I'll get you something for breakfast, you just get ready to go.” He rushed from your bedroom, leaving you to get ready.

A few moments later you joined him in the kitchen, it being so early you weren’t really hungry. Greece must have figured this because he had simply made you coffee. “Mmm, coffee for breakfast, good stuff.” You laughed then took a sip of the still steaming brew.

“I packed you some fruit in that basket. I didn't think you'd be hungry yet.” You had never seen Greece so energetic. He was running around like it was the end of the world or something. “I'm going to start the car, I'll be waiting for you.” You shrugged and simply followed him out, coffee cup still in hand. Greece wasted no time getting to the location, his driving actually scared you a bit. “Here we are.” He ran around the car and helped you out, then stood looking over the field with a mixed sort of pride and fear.

The sun still not up, you were having a hard time seeing where exactly “here” was. As your eyes started to adjust, you could make out the shadows of many other people. It was far too dark to tell who any of them where though. “Greece, where are we?”

“The Olympics.” He shot you a beautiful smile. “There's a little twist this time around.” Greece moved closer to you and whispered in your ear. “But I can't tell you what it is.” He kissed your cheek and led you to a set of bleachers where a few other girls were sitting. “Watch for me okay?” Greece gave your hand a quick kiss before running off to join the other men.

“Hey there pretty lady.” Italy ran straight for you and jumped in your lap. “You’re-a going to root for me right?”

“Sure I will Italy, just as long as you aren’t going against Greece. I have to support my boyfriend you know.” You squeezed him in a hug.

“Oh, yeah. I guess so.” A loud trumpet went off, causing you to cover your ears. “Hey, that means it's time for the games! I'll see you soon.” Italy ran off towards the group of competing men. The sun was now rising, casting out all the darkness. The trumpet sounded again, and Grandpa Rome took his place in front of everyone.

“Hello everyone.” Rome smiled wide, blowing kisses in the direction of the girls. “Today we're going to have-a a little mock Olympics. Only one man will win a prize today-a, and that prize, for now, is a secret. So, let the games-a begin!”

The games consisted of javelin throwing, racing, boxing, long jumps, and the discus throw. Greece was doing amazingly well. A few people had actually quit simply because they couldn't keep up or were exhausted. The score was close, it was Between Greece, America and Germany.

Rome took center stage again. “We seem to have a tie. So there's going to be one last event.” He brought out three chariots, one for each contestant. “The winner of this-a. Get's the prize.” You watched as they went around and around, Greece had a major lead over both of them. You shouted and screamed for him as loud as you could. When he won, it took Sweden holding you back to keep you from running to him. “We have a winner.” Rome held Greece's hand up, pronouncing him the victor. “Greece, you can claim your prize.”

“Thank you.” Greece walked straight for you, lifting you off the bleachers and into his arms. “I choose you as my prize, my Goddess.” He kissed you for everyone to see. Your face exploded into a blush, you were speechless. “Will you be my prize? Be careful, if you say yes, I'll never let you go.”

“O-of course I will. After all, you did win me, fair and square.” You hugged him tight.

Greece laughed. “True, but whether or not I won you really doesn’t matter, if you don't want me.” He sat with you, his eyes growing sleepy. “Now that I have you, I think I can, sleep again.” Greece leaned against the bleachers and held you tight to his chest. “Sleep with me, my sweet Goddess.” He ran his fingers through your hair over and over, the sound of his breathing mixed with the rhythmic drumming of his heart beat lulling you to sleep. Your eyes fluttered shut as he kissed you. “Goodnight, my Goddess.”
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