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December 19, 2012
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         Romano sat impatiently at your small kitchen table, trying desperately to figure out what you were cooking using nothing more than his sense of smell. "Is it almost done? Im-a really hungry, you know, and it smells really good. I don't know how much longer I can wait to eat it. We could eat out of the pot if it would make it any-a faster." He slowly stood from the table and tried to peek over your shoulder without you noticing that he was even there.

You noticed that he was standing there at once and immediately used a large lid to keep the meal hidden from him. "No peeking Romano, it's supposed to be a surprise and it's finished anyway. Now go sit down or I'll make you wait even longer to eat." You placed the finished dish on the table and lifted the lid. Steam filled with the aroma of fresh, garden vegetables filled the room. With a smile on your face, you scooped a bit of it on to Romano's plate. He just stared at it. "Is something the matter?"

"It-a has potatoes all in it, and cheeses too. It's not even a little bit close to being Italian. I can't eat this. You know I only eat Italian food." He dropped his head to the table and whimpered.

"You don't like my cooking?" You pretended to be hurt and offended. "I worked so hard on it too. I guess I can make you some spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli or some kind of of pasta, again." You let out a sigh.

"No, no, your cooking's-a great! I'm sorry." Romano picked up his fork as if he was going to actually eat it. "I can't do it. It smells so good too. This is going to be easy."

"You know, you're going to have to eat something besides pasta and tomatoes one of these days. I get  tired of cooking the same stuff all the time." You sighed. "I hope Germany isn't right."

His eyes widened. "Right, right about what? What did that potato bastard say about me? I should go beat it out of him right now, but we are in the middle of dinner, so you can tell me. So-a, what did he say?"

You shrugged. "Something about how your unbalanced diet is going to make your hair grow really fast, especially, your facial hair. But hey, you might look good with a mustache." You were only teasing, Germany didn't say anything like that, but you know it would freak Romano out, maybe enough to get him to eat your food.

"I don't want a mustache, they're stupid. I eat other foods, I eat bread, that counts for something, right?" He had actually started sweating, your plan was working.

"I don't know, I'm sure Germany was just teasing you anyway." You smiled kindly and continued to eat your meal.

Romano once again lifted his fork to his mouth. "If I don't make it, I  lo-... Yeah, you know." He mustered up his courage and took a bite of the casserole. The forkful of food sat in his mouth for several seconds before he finally started to chew. With a slightly sheepish look on his blushing face, he swallowed. "Well, that actually isn't all that-a bad. I guess I can maybe eat this sometimes, like when we're all out of pasta." He was obviously embarrassed about making such a big deal out of this.

You smiled wide, more than just a little bit happy that your meal was a hit with him."Good, I'm glad you like something not Italian. I'm sure Spain will be surprised to know."

He continued happily eating. "He doesn't have to know, he might go off tell mucho potato that I ate a potato." He scoffed. "Im-a sure that I'd never hear the end of that." Despite all the whining and fussing he'd done about eating your meal, he actually finished his plate in very little time, then went back for seconds.

With dinner now finished and the table cleared, you snuggled up to Romano and gave his hair curl a slight tug. "You know, I really am proud of you for eating that. I know it's really not easy trying new things, especially for someone like you. It means a lot to me that you even tried, and it means more that you liked it." Smiling sweetly, you looked up at him and twirled his hair between your fingers once more. "I think you deserve a little reward."

Romano's face immediately turned a deep, awkward shade of red. "Chigigigigi. I think you're right."
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Link to Part three…

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Edited April 2, 2014
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