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December 25, 2012
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        A light snow was falling outside coating the already snow covered ground with a fresh, pristine layer of untouched snow. It wasn't uncommon for it to snow this time of year, and you loved the look of it. You never really went out in it though. You weren't that fond of the cold, and it really wasn't that fun to play in the snow alone. You thought you might make a fire in your fireplace and curl up with one of your pets, before you'd moved too far from the window, you heard a knock at your door. You opened it to see It was Sweden, he was holding a large wooden box in one hand.

He greeted you with a warm smile. "Hello, you aren't busy are you?" His cheeks were rather red, you weren't sure if it was from the cold or if he was blushing.

"No, not at all." You smiled and let him inside.

"I'm sorry I didn't call first, but I was walking through town and saw this and thought maybe we could try it out." He placed the box on your table and opened it up. It had everything you'd need to make a snowman, snow cones, snow art and anything else you could possibly want to do in the snow. "You want to try it out?"

You were actually pretty excited, you'd never done any of these things before. You hadn't even answered him, but you were already putting on your warmest winter clothes. "This is going to be so cool."

Sweden smiled. "I'll take that as a yes then."

"Sorry, I guess I'm just a bit over excited. Yes, I'd like to try it out, now come on already." You pulled Sweden outside. "Okay, what  do we do first? I've never made a snowman before."

"Me either, I'm not really sure." He looked inside the box. "Maybe there are directions or something in here." After a moment of unsuccessful searching he shook his head. "Nope, nothing in here,  I guess we're on our own. It can't be that hard though, children do this." Sweden made a small ball of snow, then began rolling it around on the ground. You followed his lead making your own ball for the middle section of the snowman. After a while, you weren't sure how long, the basic structure was complete. "It doesn't look quite right does it?"

You couldn't help but laugh. "No, I think maybe we made the head too big, and it's kind of square too." You tried to stifle your laughter but failed. "Maybe if we're lucky, the decorations will make it look a little better."

"Maybe you're right." The two of you began taking the decorations out of the box and fixing up your snowman. Even after adding every prop in the box he wasn't looking much better. "I think it's safe to say, we have no idea what we're doing here." Sweden stepped back to look at the finished work.  "This might scare small children. Are his arms coming out of his head?"

"Maybe, but you're right, I've never seen a snowman look like that before. We created a snow monster we should add some blood to him so it looks like we meant for it to be like this." You laughed. "This was really fun you know, and with practice I'm sure we'll get better. We should do it again." You snuggled Sweden tight.

He kissed your nose and nodded. "Well It's not like we could possibly do any worse. Now let's try out the snow cones, there's no way we can mess those up."
This comes after this!

Part three…
Link to Part 4…427666087
Link to Part 5…

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^w^ I love the ending ~ Too bad there's no snow here in the Philippines OAO
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Loved the ending XD
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I want to make a snowman now, but it's summer... -_-'
GaarasCookieLove Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
luckyyyy! you can wait. but there is no snow in my country and it costs alot of money to go to the mountains... its fake snow anyway.............
BlackBloodWolf554 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
XD I heard if you eat fake snow it makes you REALLY sick.
GaarasCookieLove Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
it does?... wait.. who would be stupid enough to test that theory?! :iconskepticalplz:   LOL!!! :iconlolplz:
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