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Canada Fanfiction by Phasewalker96


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December 6, 2012
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        You sat at home rather bored on a warm, lazy Saturday morning wishing for something to do. You had read all your books, beaten all your video games, and the next episode of your favorite anime didn't come out until Thursday. You slumped deeper into the couch and let out a long sigh. Maybe something was on TV. As you reached for the remote you heard your phone go off, it was Canada, you quickly answered. "Hey Canada, what's up?"

His voice was so quiet on the other end you had to turn your phone up just to hear him. "Nothing really." He paused. "I, I wanted to know if you were busy today. There's a new butterfly sanctuary opening by Niagara falls, and I'd really like to take you, if you'd like to go that is.

Glad to have something to do, you agreed in an instant. "Sure, that would be great."

You could hear him smiling through the phone. "Okay, I'll head right over then. See you soon." Canada arrived not long after you two hung up. The ride there was a bit awkward and quiet, luckily it was also very short. The two of you arrived at a large building that looked a bit like a greenhouse. "I really hope insects don't make you squeamish, I should have thought of that earlier, I'm sorry.

You shook your head. "Not butterflies, but I'll stay close to you, just in case." You held his hand and entered the sanctuary. Being that it was opening day, you had expected it to be crowded, but you and Canada seemed to be the only ones there. "Are we here early or something?" You continued to look around, but you saw no one, not even the butterflies.

Canada's face reddened. "I may have lied to you, just a little bit." He looked down at his feet, too embarrassed to look at you. "The exhibit won't actually open until tomorrow, but today they're bringing all the butterflies inside. I wanted you to see them all in flight. I hope you're not upset."

You brought him into a tight hug. "I'm not upset at all, this will be really cool. Thanks for bringing me."

Canada hugged you back. "No problem. I hope you like it." Canada signaled the workers to bring the butterflies in. A large door on the opposite end of the building opened, you could hear the flapping of thousands of little wings.

"They're so loud." You held tighter to Canada, eyes focused on the door, waiting for the butterflies to emerge. Thousands of them flew out at once, fluttering in all different directions. The once empty building was now filled with colorful butterflies of all different shapes and sizes. After only a short while the noise died down. "That was beautiful, thank you."

"You're welcome." Canada smiled at you and took your hand, walking around the sanctuary with you. "Oh, look." He was pointing at a small cocoon in the process of opening. For some reason his face was unusually red, his voice shaky. As the cocoon opened you saw something sparkly inside, it was definitely not a butterfly. Canada was holding incredibly still, staring right at it. "I wonder what that could be."

You reached inside to find a thin silver bracelet with a small butterfly charm attached. "This is so pretty! Canada, did you do this?" You hugged him again, you already knew the answer.

He returned your hug. "Maybe, I'm glad you like it though." He helped you put on the bracelet and then  again, blushed. "T-there is one more thing I wanted to ask you though." Fidgeting slightly, Canada looked down at the ground and flushed. "I was wondering, would you be my girlfriend?" He looked like he might pass out.  "Unless you don't want to, then forget I asked. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked at all." He started talking so fast you couldn't understand him, so you silenced him with a kiss.

"Yes, yes I will. I would absolutely love to be your girlfriend." You grinned from ear to ear, happier than you knew how to express. "It's about time you asked me that." You hugged him tight and kissed him once again.

"T-thank you." Canada held your hand tightly in his and euphorically continued through the exhibit. Suddenly stopping, he turned to you and chuckled. "And America said I couldn't do it." Smiling proudly, kissed you again.
This takes place after My seven minutes in Heaven Story.
Here's the link if you wanna read ^^

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