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January 1, 2013
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       "God it's so dark I can't see my hand in front of my face." Romania held tightly to your hand. "I know they're trying to give the illusion of an old catacomb, but really they could have given us a little more light in here. Maybe some old torches or something you know?" As the two of you turned a sharp corner, an animatronic skeleton leapt from its grave at you causing you to shriek in horror. Romania laughed. "Really, again? That's the third time you've gotten scared, and we've only just started. He was right, you'd been walking through this dinky haunted catacomb attraction less than five minutes and you'd done nothing but scream.

"Well I'm sorry, I can't help it if I'm easily scared." You squeezed his hand tighter. "Maybe you're not doing a very good job of making me feel safe."

"Oh is that so? Well then maybe I should carry you through the rest of the house with you blindfolded then. Or perhaps I should punch the little robots as they pop up at you hmm?" He kissed your cheek to let you know he was only joking.

"I didn't mean it like that you know. Maybe I'm just a scaredy cat." You snuggled up closer to him and continued down the dark, winding hallway. As Romania opened a heavy wooden door a goblin of some sort popped out. This was no animatronic, but a person in costume. Romania quickly grabbed a small stick laying on the side of the hall on began waving it about like a sword.

"Get behind me m'lady, I'll defend you from this foul creature!" He charged at the goblin full force, smacking him with the makeshift weapon. You were too busy laughing to think about the person inside the suit. "Die, go back to the dark, slimy pit of hell from wince you came!" Romania poked the creature in the stomach causing him to let out a small groan.

"Not so hard man, I don't mind playing along but seriously." The monster removed the mask of the costume to reveal himself as America. "You hit pretty hard dude. So take it easy on me alright? Now move along before I steal your lady from you."

"Ha, I'd like to see you try." Romania Hit America over the head with his stick then grabbed your hand and ran off. "See, I told you I'd keep you safe."

You nodded. "Yes, you did. From America, in a costume." You laughed.

"Is nothing good enough for you?" He stopped walking and somewhat roughly pushed you into one of the old stone walls. "I mean really, what do I have to do?" He leaned in close to you so your noses were touching. You could feel his hot breath on your chest. He'd thrown you a completely off guard and now no words coming out of your mouth at all, just little squeaky sounds. "What, you can't think of anything?" He let out a feigned scoff. "Figures." Romania lowered his mouth to meet yours and began kissing you feverishly. You wrapped your arms around his neck and passionate kissed him back, completely ignoring all those who passed you by.

"Okay you two, that's quite enough, this is a family attraction you know. Now move along." Britain was poking at the two of you with a night stick.

"Alright, alright. Stop poking me. Sheesh man." Romania took your hand and continued walking. "Hey, you think they'd find us if we hid in a coffin?" He wiggled his eyebrows at you and have you a toothy smile.

Britain shouted from behind you. "I heard that you, don't even think about it."

"Crap, maybe the sarcophagus  then."
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