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December 18, 2012
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       You walked alone through the shopping district close to your home trying to get a bit of fresh air. It had been raining for almost a full week and you couldn't stand being cooped up for any length of time. Lost in your own little world you were oblivious to the many unfamiliar faces passing you on the busy street. Growing tired of being bumped into and shoved aside by the crowed of people, you moved into a less inhabited part of town and almost instantly caught sight of someone you did know. Wanting to take him by surprise, you quietly snuck behind him and when the time was right, threw your arms around his shoulders and hugged him tight.

"W-what in the world?" Not knowing it was you, England completely stopped walking and stiffened. Very slowly he began turning his head to look at you.

You greeted his curious eyes with a wide smile. "Hey there. What are you doing out here all by yourself?"

Upon hearing your voice England relaxed. "Oh, it's you. Hello there." He let out a small sigh of relief. "Rather dreary day to be out for a walk isn't it?" He was right. When you left your house the sun seemed like it had a fighting chance. Now dark clouds covered the sky, no doubt, it was going to rain again and soon. "You're not really in a good part of town either. Maybe I should walk you home, I'd hate for something bad to happen to you." A deep concerned frown covered his face. "Are you ready to go home? I could stay out with you a bit longer if you're not."

The way the clouds were looming overhead and the wind was starting to blow, you knew it was for the best. You gave him a nod. "I think I had better be. If I stay out any longer we'll both end up drenched."

"I think you're right there love." England took your hand and began walking you home. You had actually gotten a lot farther from home than you'd realized. With it now growing dark at a rapid rate you were more than happy to have England accompany you home. The first few water droplets began falling from the sky. England swore under his breath. "That's what I was afraid of." His sentence was cut short by the realization a man standing in your path. England immediately moved you behind him. "I don't like the look of this bloke, stay behind me."

The man was tall and wearing a dark jacket, you couldn't see his face. He quickly rushed England, drawing a knife from out of his jacket. England pushed you back, and side stepped the knife, sweeping the assailant with his foot. This didn't keep him on the ground though, he jumped back to his feet and shoved England against a storefront wall, holding his knife to England's throat. He said something to England you couldn't make out, but it apparently upset England quite a lot. England kneed the man as hard as he could and bashed him in the chin with an uppercut. Blood trickled from the mans mouth. He stepped back, now dizzy and confused.

England now became the aggressor. "Get out of here." That was all it took, the man dropped the knife and ran, never looking back. England ran to you, checking for any harm. "You're okay, right, not hurt at all?" He ran his hands over your face and moved your hair back to get a better look at you. "Good, you're unharmed." He breathed a sigh of relief.

"You're okay too right? He attacked you, not me." You felt over his throat where the knife had been, not even a scratch.

He smiled sweetly. "Oh, I'm fine, a few new bruises, maybe, but I've been in much worse a situation than that you know. Now, I think we'd better get you out of this rain, I'd hate for you to catch cold." England took your wet, trembling hand in his and walked you the rest of the way home. Once there, you remembered something.

Before you walked through your door, you turned to face England with a puzzled look on your face. "Hey England, what did that man say that made you so angry?"

A blush appeared on his cheeks and neck. "I'd rather not repeat what he said to a lady. However, his threatening to take you away from me was a large part of it. I didn't like that idea too much at all." He pulled you into a wet hug. "I don't know what I'd do if I were to lose you, and I don't plan on letting some hooligan take you away from me. Or anyone else for that matter"
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ok....i think im done fangirling for one da-- NOPE! ENGLANNNDDDDD~! 

i hate my self for this xD 
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If they were real, they'd be instant least in my world, they would...
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