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March 15, 2013
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        The heavy rain angrily beat down on your roof. The sound of the rain, along with the occasional loud, roaring booms of thunder made it impossible for you to sleep. Lighting flashed, filling the room with blinding light over and over. After hours of trying and failing to sleep, you gave up. You rolled out of bed, stepping onto the cold floor. After a quick stretch, you made your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack. As you searched through your cabinets for something to snack on, a sudden loud banging came from your front door. “W-what the world?” It was far past midnight, and you were most definitely not expecting company. You grabbed hold of a nearby rolling pin and slowly approached the front door. A shadowy figure was visible from the peephole, but you couldn't tell who it was. Against your better judgment, you swung open the door. Lightning flashed behind the tall figure, obscuring his face. You let out a scream and stumbled backward.

“Are you, okay?” The figure walked inside your home and flicked on the light. “I didn't mean to scare you.” With the lights now on, you could see that your visitor was Sweden. “I was just worried about you, this storm is pretty bad.” Sweden offered you a wet hand to help you up. “I'm sorry I came so late, without calling.”

“I-it's okay, I've just been watching too many horrors lately. I thought you were some creep coming to kill me.” You laughed and accepted his help. “You're all wet.”

Sweden nodded. “I know, it’s pouring down rain.”

“I know that.” You blushed. “Let me find you something to wear. I can dry your clothes or something.” You ran off to your room to look, but you didn't have anything that would come close to fitting Sweden. Finally, you decided he would just have to use your baby pink bathrobe. You walked back out to him carrying the robe and a towel. “You're just going to have to use this. I don't exactly keep guys clothes laying around.” You handed him the items.

Sweden gave the pink robe a strange look. “Thank you.” He nodded and headed to the laundry room to change. The thought of Sweden in a pink robe was funny enough, but actually seeing it was almost too much. You snorted and held your sides, trying your hardest not to laugh. “You can laugh, I know I look pretty ridiculous.”

“No, no. I shouldn't laugh. You got all wet because you were worried about me. It would be rude to laugh.” You cleared your throat and tried to keep a straight face. “So, I was about to get myself a snack when you showed up. Would you like one?”

“Sure.” Sweden gave you a slight smile. “Thank you.” He followed you into the kitchen while trying to adjust the robe, which was also too small.

“Let's see, I'm all out of cookies, I have no ice cream and I don't really want to bake. How about, strawberries, with chocolate and whipped cream? Yes, that sounds good.” At that point you were going to eat that whether Sweden wanted it or not. You got out the food and started munching on a strawberry. Sweden was just staring at you with a very strange, crooked grin. “What, what's that look all about?”

“You're a bit messy with your snacks.” Sweden wiped a bit of chocolate from your chin and sucked it off of his finger. “Maybe I should feed you.” He picked up a strawberry, dipped it in chocolate, and held it up for you. “May I?” He moved it closer to your mouth and raised an eyebrow. For some reason this gesture made you blush fiercely.

“S-sure, I wouldn't want to  make a mess.” You blushingly accepted the berry he was holding. As you finished chewing lightning flashed again causing you to jump. “God, that get's me every time.” You shivered.

“Do you not like storms? I find them to be, relaxing.” Sweden turned off every light in your house and opened up a set of blinds. He then turned your couch so it was facing directly out to the window. “Watch it with me.” He took your hand and snuggled with you on the couch. He held you tightly, making all your fears disappear. Neither of you talked, you just listened and watched the storm. You huddled closer to him as the thunder boomed. The sound of the rain hitting the leaves, pavement, roof, and windows became almost deafening. Every time the lighting would flash your entire yard would be illuminated with the brightest, whitest light you'd ever seen. It didn't take you long before you understood why Sweden liked storms. Sweden gave you a little squeeze. “Still jumpy?”

“No, now I'm just really, really sleepy.” You leaned your head back on Sweden's chest and gave him a smile.

Sweden smiled back sweetly. “Then sleep, I'm not going anywhere.” He moved your hair away from your face, giving your cheek a quick peck then snuggled you close to him. “I'm too tired to drive anyway, so you're stuck with me.”

You giggled as you began drifting off to the sleep that had eluded you for so long. “You couldn't go anywhere even if you wanted to. You're still wearing my robe.”

“True, I forgot I was wearing it. It's pretty comfortable. Even the color is starting to grow on me.” Sweden chuckled and wrapped his arms back around you. “I'll have to buy myself one.” He shut his eyes and yawned. “I'll shut up now, you're already asleep.”
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