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         You walk up to America's old hat and reach your hand inside. You felt around for a moment until something very strange brushed across your fingers. Try as you might you couldn't guess what it was. You pulled it out of the hat and still didn't know what it was. It was an oblong object, covered in some sort of spiky hair that ranged from red to green. It looked like it might be a type of food. After looking at the object for a moment you gave up. "Would someone like to tell me what's in my hand please?"

"Um, I can tell you, that's my item." Thailand walked up to you and took whatever it was from your hand. "You really haven't ever seen one of these, ana? It's a rambutan fruit. It tastes really sweet, we can eat it later if you would like." He smiled politely.

"Dude that thing does not look edible, it looks like a weapon of some sort. But if she won't eat it, I totally will. Because I eat everything." America laughed. "But anyway you two should head into the closet. Don't want to keep the others waiting you know." After leading you to the closet America shut and locked you both inside.

"Um, I hope you don't mind, but I brought Toto with me, I don't like leaving him alone." He lifted his sash revealing an adorable little elephant. He looked like a little doll. "He won't mess with us or anything, so just pretend he isn't here."

"He's really cute and so fat. I wouldn't mind if he messed with us a bit." It took everything in you not to squeal.

"Hm, well he's really shy, so you'd have to get to know him better before he came around you. That's why I let him go, ana. I couldn't have gotten near you if I was still holding him." Thailand scooted closer to you and grinned, wrapping an arm around you. "So, you are okay with playing this game aren't you, ana? I would hate to do anything you disproved of." He looked at you with a serious look on his face.

You were having a hard time answering that question due to embarrassment. Of course you were okay with it or you wouldn't be in here. You took a deep breath and nodded. "I'm fine with it, I wouldn't have drawn an item if I wasn't."

"That's good." He smiled. "I guess it doesn't really matter how we start does it, ana?" Taking your hands in his Thailand gently kissed your fingers, palms and wrists. "Um, I really don't want to do anything inappropriate. So If I'm making you uncomfortable, please let me know." Letting go of your hands he placed his on your face, giving you a gentle, timid kiss on the lips. After a few seconds with out you protesting he wrapped his arms tightly around you and kissed you again. The kiss was still gentle, but not at all bashful. You were surprised at just how gentlemanly Thailand was. The entire time you were in the closet he didn't move his hands below your shoulder's, except for a hug, and kissed nowhere but your face. The sound of the door opening brought you both back to the reality of the closet.

"Times up dudes. Why is there an elephant in my closet?" America scratched the back of his head in confusion. A very scared Toto ran from his spot next to Americas figurines into your lap.

Thailand looked amazed. "Um, he's never done that before. Strangers scare him. I wonder why he likes you so much, ana."

"Must have been because you were locking lips with her. Your elephant thinks he has a new mommy." America smiled. "That's actually really cute dude."

"Hm,that's not good, once Toto get's something into his head, it's impossible to change his mind." Thailand started helping you out of the closet. "I hope you don't mind being the mother of a baby elephant."
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