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         You step up to the hat and pull out a small pearl earring. You hold it up, not sure who it belongs to. "Hey, who's is this?" Suddenly you had a pair of arms around you in a hug.

"That would be mine." Romania reached up and took the earring from between your fingers and put it back in his ear.

"Oh, crap man be careful '_____' he'sa vampire you know. He might turn you into his undead minion or something. Better take this." America shoves a large stake into your hand. "You can take yourselves to the closet, I'm not taking any chances being turned into a zombie."

Romania smiled at you, revealing a small pointy fang on the left side of his mouth. "You ready '____'?" He took your hand and led you into the closet. After a few seconds you heard America lock the door from the outside. "You don't actually plan on using that on me do you?" He gestured to the large hunk of wood you still held in your hands.

"Oh, no, of course not." You threw it over to the opposite side of the closet. "Sorry, I didn't realize I still had it.

He grinned again, this time a bit wickedly. "It's okay, now you're defenseless." He let out a maniacal laugh and pinned you to the ground, flashing his glowing red eyes at you. "You should have listened to America '_____'." Before you could scream he stifled you with a kiss. Romania pulled back after a moment and laughed. "I scared you, didn't I?"

You were embarrassed by how easily he'd been able to tricked you. "Well, yes, you did, but only a little bit." You flushed.

"I thought so, I scare a lot of people you know. It's not like I mean to." He lowered his face into your neck and kissed you there. He was actually really nice, just a bit to mischievous for his own good. You wrapped your arms around him and brought him into a tight, heartfelt hug.

"I'm sorry Romania, people really shouldn't judge you like that." You gently ran your fingers through his messy hair, trying to comfort him a bit.

"It's okay, if you aren't scared of me anymore I think I'll be pretty happy." He suddenly and without warning, bit into your neck, causing you to gasp. You felt a slight trickle of blood begin to roll down the back of your neck and back. Romania kissed down to your collar bone and eventually the top of your breasts. He began relentlessly teasing you with his mouth as his hands massaged everywhere they could reach. Your face burned from excitement and embarrassment, you buried your hands in his hair, urging him to continue. He laughed again. "Not so scared anymore are you '_____'?" He continued kissing you, causing you to whimper. He lifted your shirt up and began kissing you, starting at your hipbones. He slowly made his way up to your breasts.  He began undoing your bra, but before he had a chance you both heard America unlock the door with a click. He quickly lowered your shirt and kissed you on the nose. "Sorry, '_____' It'll have to wait for another time."He winked at you teasingly. You were still laying there blushing, in a bit of shock.

"Right.." You gave a blushing nod.

America opened the door and turned ghostly white. "Oh my god man, this is just not cool. He totally got you, you have blood all on your neck and everything. Which can only mean." His eyes widened further. "You're totally his evil minion now!" Romania Grinned at you and you immediately knew what to do. Romania helped you up and you both started after America.

"America, America,  join us America. I vant to suck your blood." America ran out of the room screaming like a girl.
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