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November 13, 2012
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         You pull hand cuffs out of the hat. "Oh, whose are these?" You twirl the handcuffs around your finger suggestively.

"Those vould be mine." Germany stood up and clicked the handcuffs around one of your wrists. America followed you to the closet.

"Uh, dudes, don't do anything too freaky in there…okay?" With his plea, he shut and locked the door. You had known Germany for a while; you had even been stuck in some awkward situations with him before.

"So, handcuffs huh?" You gave him a playful smile.

"Ja, Handcuffs, is that ein problem?" Germany laced the handcuffs around the bar in the closet and attached the other cuff to your wrist. You couldn't sit down, only stand on your knees.

"No, I guess not, I mean if you're in to that kind of thing" Only when Germany started to unbutton your blouse did you hate yourself for wearing that lacy bra. "Why are you taking my shirt off, you should leave that on." You blushed all over.

"Nein danke, I prefer it off, you have very nice breast und I don't plan on leaving them alone." Your bra was now exposed to Germany's hot stare. He went to work kissing and nipping at you, his hand skillfully undid your bra.

"The bra too? Really, I mean can't that stay on?" You squinted and blushed more.

"Nein, as I said before I plan on ravishing you in here. Now stop complaining your or I vill have to get rough on you." With your bra now of Germany roughly kissed your mouth, teasing your breast with one hand and unbuttoning your pants with the other.

You tried, very unsuccessfully to squirm away."No, seriously, leave my pants on, we are in a closet, we only have seven minutes, we do not have time for that."

Germany looked at you hotly. "You are going to do vat I say, und you are going to like it." Germany took the cuffs off of you and pushed you onto the floor. He hovered over you, ogling you. "Du bist so schön, you torment me every time I see you, you don't understand that." He kissed your mouth, trailing down your stomach till he was back down to your pants.

"Germany, I love you, but please, not in a closet." You pleaded for him not to go any further. America would be there any minute.

"Vas? You love me?" He looked up at you blushing feverishly.

"Yes, I do, and if you wait, we can finish this somewhere else."  You sweetly caressed his hair.

"Ich liebe dich auch, meine süße." Germany kissed each part of you lovingly as he dressed you. "I'm sorry if I was rough…"

"I don't mind, really." You gave Germany a sexy smile and handed him his cuffs. "Here, we can use these later." America opened the door to see Germany sitting there in a state of shock.

"Holy crap man!, What'd you do? He looks like he's gonna die!" America's eyes were huge. You pulled Germany up and walked out of the closet without a single word.


1 Ja = yes

2 nein danke = no thank you

3 Du bist so schön = you are so beautiful

4 vas = what

5 Ich liebe dich auch, meine süße = I love you, my sweet
Yes I know German for What is spelled VAS. I'm just spelling it how the character says it. You all can really stop correcting me now. -_-.

Link to Intro [link]
Link to Part 2 [link]
Link to Part 3 [link]
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