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January 4, 2013
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       "What is it?" You looked down at the large cardboard box setting on your kitchen table. It had no markings to give you any indication on what it could be at all. Hong Kong had just placed it there without a word.

"Open it. I think we should try it out, I stole it from England." The corner of his mouth tilted into a slight grin.

"Well okay then." You opened up the box and saw some kind of machine. Hong Kong helped you lift it out of the box. It was an ice cream machine. "Oh, I haven't made my own ice cream since I was a little girl. This will be so neat. I hope I have everything." You hugged him tight, kissing him excitedly on the nose.

Hong Kong hugged you back, glad you liked his surprise, then looked at the directions. "Looks like we need a ton of ice, go figure." He read the list of ingredients out loud. "Vanilla, sugar milk, cream and whatever else we want to throw in there. Seems simple enough to me."

You had already put everything out on the table. "And it looks like I have everything."

"I don't think we should just make plain vanilla ice cream though, that would be boring. We should add something else, like fruit or chocolate." Hong Kong began searching through your kitchen for something he thought might taste good in ice cream. "What about jelly beans, skittles, or these sour gummy worms?" He rubbed his chin. "What about all of them."

You laughed. "You're going to make a giant mess of things. What if we made plain vanilla and you just piled all that stuff on top, like a sundae?" You began the process of measuring out all the needed ingredients.

"I suppose, I just thought it would be a lot prettier with all the colors blended in. White's such a boring color." Even with his face expressionless you could tell he was sad. You just knew this was going to be a disaster, and would probably jam up the machine, but you gave in.

"Okay, I guess you're right, but why don't we just choose one of those things to but in. We can always make other batches." You kissed his cheek, hopefully one weird ingredient would be enough to make him happy.

"That's true." Hong Kong nodded and looked down at his options. "I think, I'll try the gummy worms first, they will keep the color the best I think. And the sugar's sparkly." He slowly dumped them inside the mixture. "Now we wait."

After you'd waited for the allotted time you returned to check the ice cream. It looked a little odd, but you were still going to try it. You grabbed a giant bowl and filled it with enough for both of you. "I'm not sure if we did it right."

Hong Kong took the first bite. "I like it, it tastes like candy, and it's pretty." He held up a spoonful for you. "Here, you try some."

You took only a small taste of what he'd offered you, but to your surprise, it was actually really good. "We should sell this." You started scarfing down the ice cream.

A quiet laugh escaped Hong Kong's mouth. "You're going to give yourself a brain freeze. And you mean the recipe right? Because I don't think there's going to be any left."
This comes after this…

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