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June 9, 2013
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        “This is the place you were talking about? It looks like a dump.” Kagami looked through the chain link fence at the old rundown apartment complex.

“It's supposed to be run down. Now stop complaining and give me a boost over.” Since the fence completely surrounded the old building, and there was a lock on the gate, the only way to get past it was to jump over it.

“Fine.” Rather apathetically, Kagami bent down, lacing his fingers together. “Go ahead.” You placed your foot on his hands and hopped over the fence. Kagami suddenly smiled. “What would happen if I just left you there?”

“I'd break down the fence and hit you with it.” Crossing your arms over your chest, you let out a loud snort. “Now hurry up, before someone sees us.” Not waiting, you started making a run for the abandoned building.

“Before someone sees us...” As he jumped over the fence, Kagami yelled after you. “Hey, what are you getting us into?” Quickly catching up to you, he placed a heavy hand on your shoulder, stopping you from entering the building. “Stop for a minute. I don't want to do something that's going to get me kicked off the team. If your idea of fun is going to do that, count me out.”

“You wont get kicked off if no one finds out. Besides, I doubt you'd get in trouble even if we were found out.” You broke free of his strong grip. “Now stop being such an old man and come on.” Grabbing Kagami's hand with yours, you pulled him through the front door. The inside of the building made the outside look like new. Water dripped from the ceiling, the walls were covered in graffiti and filled with holes. “Not bad, maybe I should make an offer on this place.” You laughed. “Watch your step, it looks like they're remodeling.”

“Would you please tell me why we're here now. This place isn't even suited to house rats.” Kagami hadn't moved from the doorway. He almost seemed unwilling to move, as if he was scared or uneasy about something.

“Not yet.” You winked. “Just wait a little longer.” You grabbed his hand, in an attempt to get him to move. Even with you pulling with all of your might, he wouldn't budge. “What's your problem? Don't tell me you're afraid of the dark or something ridiculous like that.”

Kagami was almost growling at you. “No.” Determined to show you he wasn't afraid of anything, he squeezed your hand tightly and walked up a collapsing flight of stairs. At the top was a long hallway with doors on either side all the way down. Since there was no roof in this area, it was surprisingly bright for as late as it was.

“Hm, nothing special here huh? Maybe we should check out the rooms.” You grinned up at him teasingly. “Unless of course, you're scared. I've heard this place is completely filled with restless spirits and stuff.”

“That wasn't funny the first time you said it. Now tell me, what are we doing here?” He crossed his arms, once again refusing to move. “You're risking getting the both of us in trouble, and for seemingly no reason. I could be training, or eating right now.”

“Fine, fine, it's just a little further.” You sighed and signaled him to follow you. As you walked down the hall, you couldn't help but notice that Kagami kept looking over his shoulder. He seemed completely paranoid. Not wanting to annoy him, you just pretended not to notice. “Okay, it's just down this stairwell. I promise.”

“It's? No chance of you telling me what “it” is, is there?” He was walking much closer to you than necessary. There was no denying it, Kagami was scared.

“Nope, just stay close to me, like you're doing now.” Smiling confidently, you grabbed hold of an old, rusted over door knob. “Well, here we are, should we go inside? We could wait a little longer if you wanted to. I'd understand.”

Kagami pushed past you, trying to get a hold of the knob.“Would you just open the door already?”

Pressing your hand to his chest, you gently pushed him back,. “Patience Kagami, this is worth waiting. Now, lets proceed.” You turned the knob and pushed open the squeaky door.

“W-what, how is this possible?” Wide eyed, Kagami picked you up and moved you out of his way. He stepped inside the room and gawked at what he saw. Though this room was dark, do to the lack of windows or holes in the roof, what it contained was impressive. It was a basketball court and a small fitness area complete with anything Kagami might need. “Was this always here, did you do this?”

“Slow down there.” You giggled. “Yes it was here, but it needed a lot of work. And I didn't do it alone either. I had help, a lot of help actually. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do.” Kagami rubbed the back of his head, not knowing what to say. “You said you had help, who was it?” Only a second after he asked, he let out a loud yell, jumping into the air as high as he could. There was evident fear on his face. “What touched me?”

“Sorry, that was me.” Kuroko looked up at Kagami, somehow keeping a perfectly straight face. “You asked who helped, so I thought it was a good time to show myself.”

Kagami was still in shock. He pressed his hand down on Kuroko's head, near yelling at him. “Why do you have to do that to people? It isn't normal.” His calmness quickly returned, now more embarrassed than angry.

“You may have over reacted, just a little bit.” You really did try not to laugh, but seeing him that way was too funny. “I think that jump may have been a new record for you. What had you so freaked out anyway? Not scared of spiders or something are you?”

Kuroko answered in Kagami's place. “He's really afraid of ghosts, I'd forgotten. So this is actually all my fault.”

“Shut up will you?” With one swift motion, Kagami slapped his hand of Kuroko's mouth. “I'm not saying what he said is true, but if I'm going to use this place to train, we may need to add a few more holes here and there. For a breeze of course.”

Mumbling through Kagami's hand, Kuroko divulged more secret information. “Kagami, it's not nice to lie to someone who likes you so much. Especially since you claim to like her too. We really worked hard on this, it would be a shame to fill it with holes.”

Your hand joined Kagami's in covering Kuroko's mouth. “We really may need to get a muzzle for him, or at least stop telling him our secrets.”
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Can I fangirl with you too? :iconbegplz:
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