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         "Okay everyone, please calm down. You, why don't you come up here. You seem pretty bored." Shigure waved you to the middle of the room.

You walked up to the table and placed your hand inside the large pot filled with everyone's items. Something began to make a light jingling noise. You found the source and pulled it from the pot. "A cat toy?"

"Oh dear Kyo, I do believe she's picked your item. What luck you have." Shigure laughed.

"That's not mine, don't be stupid." He crossed his arms and slumped deeper into the couch, mumbling something to himself.

"It is now." Shigure covered his mouth and giggled. "I switched out your item earlier. Now get in the closet."

"No, that's not my stinking item." Kyo got up to leave. He was obviously upset that Shigure would pull a prank on him in front of everyone else.

"Now Kyo, I know what I did might have upset you, but that's no reason to leave this girl standing here all alone. Now please, come back and play."

Kyo sighed, dropping his hand from the door and walked back over to you. "Come on, let's just go already." He took your hand and led you into the closet, quickly found you both a place to sit and slumped against the wall. Shigure closet the door without saying anything else to either of you, probably figuring he'd done enough damage. The two of you sat in silence for a moment. "S-sorry I almost left you there a minute ago. I wasn't mad at you, so you better not take it personally. It's that stupid Shigure, always pulling pranks."

"It's okay, he really shouldn't have done that." You sweetly patted his hand and smiled.

"Yeah, well he does it a lot okay, and don't get too friendly, I don't feel like turning into a cat right now." He  blushed and moved his hand away from you. "With my luck I'd change back before the seven minutes were up and wind up sitting here naked. I'm sure Shigure would just love that."

"I thought the rule was I couldn't hug you. Kissing you should still be okay right?" You sneakily moved closer to him, a grin covering your face.

"I don't know about all that. I don't even think it's really a good idea to try." He was blushing like crazy, but he couldn't get away, he was already against the wall. "Oh crap, you're going to try it anyway aren't you?"  You nodded and without touching him anywhere else, managed to kiss him, he didn't change at all. You were actually a bit shocked.

Shigure opened the closet door. "Oh, what do we have here? It looks like the cat got pinned." He laughed. And why aren't you changing?" He scratched his head. "We'll have to look into that now won't we?"

Kyo quickly stood up and marched out of the closet, a deep blush still covering his face. "Yeah, sure, whatever. You do that, I'm out of here."

"There you go again Kyo, leaving your girl all alone." He shook his head. "Tsk Tsk Tsk. I really do feel sorry for her. The only girl who's ever kissed you and you just leave her sitting in a dark closet." Shigure sighed.

"Hey, it's not like that!" Kyo quickly ran back to you and grabbed your hand. "Come on, you can walk with me."…

Part 2…
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