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        “Let's see, which one of you lucky ladies gets to be our next player?” Still excited about having enough new players to continue on with his game for at least a little while longer, Nagisa wasted no time taking your hands in his and pulling you to your feet. “You look pretty excited, so I'm picking you to go next.” After dragging you over to the bucket, he gave you a gentle push and urged you on. “Go on, get your item already.”

Before Nagisa had even finished his sentence, you had your item in hand. “I am way ahead of you.” With a crooked smile plastered to your face, you twirled a pair of bright pink goggles around your finger by their thick rubber strap. “So, whose are these?”

Rin elbowed Nitori, who was too busy talking to realize you had his item, and turned his attention to you. “Oh, those are mine.” He awkwardly stumbled to his feet and greeted you with a friendly smile. “I'm sorry I didn't notice sooner. I guess I really should have been paying better attention to what was going on around me.”

“Don't worry about it. You're here now, so no harm done.” Eager to get things started, you handed Nitori his goggles, took his hand in yours and led him into the showers. Now inside and alone, neither of you were quite sure what to say. The room, however, was far from being quiet. The sound of the rain, beating down on the roof outside was almost deafening. “Man, it's really raining hard out there, isn't it? It's a good thing we're all inside right now or we'd be soaked for sure.”

“It is.” He nodded. “A minute ago it looked like it was going to stop, but I guess it's not going to after all. Not that I really mind the rain. I think it's kind of nice, at least sometimes anyway. When it starts thundering and lightning, that's when I start getting a little uncomfortable.” Less than a second after he'd finished speaking, a loud boom of thunder shook the room.

“You just had to say something, didn't you?” Wanting to be sure he knew you were only joking, you chuckled. “This isn't so bad. I think we can probably make due.”

“Sorry, I didn't mean to jinx us. People keep telling me that I talk too much. I guess they're right.” Another boom of thunder sounded as his sentence trailed off and the power shut off, leaving you both sitting in complete darkness. “Wow, it's gotten really bad out there.” Nitori subconsciously snuggled himself closer to you. “I wonder if it's even safe for us to be in here right now. With all this water around, it seems dangerous.”

Wanting to bring the talking to an end as soon as possible so you could have more time for other things, you tried to reassure him as you nuzzled your body against his. “I'm sure everything will be okay. There aren't any windows in here, so I would have to say we're safe. We can leave if you want to though. I don't want you unhappy or anything like that.”

“N-no, that's alright. We can stay.” Not wanting to ruin your time, Nitori shook his head and blushed. “Honestly, I think things are better with the lights off.”

“I think so too.” You didn't know how to go about telling him that you wanted to play the game without sounding pushy, but luckily, you didn't have to.

Nitori cleared his throat and looked straight at you, despite the darkness. “I'm going to kiss you now, if that's okay. I-if it's not, you can slap me or push me away. I'll understand.” Too embarrassed to wait for your response, Nitori clumsily placed his hand on your shoulder and brought you close for a sugary sweet, adorably gentle kiss. Had your mouth not been busy, you had no doubt you'd be squealing with joy right now. Growing worried that you might be upset, Nitori sheepishly pulled away. “You're not mad at me, are you?”

“Of course I'm not mad at you. Why in the world would I be upset with you? You've done nothing wrong. Actually, just the opposite is true, if you ask me.” Beaming with excitement, you brought him back to you, holding him in a tight embrace and kissed him once more before your time ran out.

The door to the showers squeaked open, letting in just enough light from the outside for Nagisa to see by. What he saw caused him to giggle. “Well lookie here. It looks like a little power outage isn't going to keep you two apart. Too bad I can't let the two of you stay any longer, it looks like things were just starting to heat up.” He sighed deeply. “Maybe next time.”

Nitori quickly stood up and helped you to your feet, his face red due to the fact that he'd been caught kissing you. “O-oh, that's okay Nagisa. I wouldn't want things to get to warm in here.” As he left the room, he laughed weakly, dropping his shoulders down and sighing to himself. “That would just be awkward.”
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Aww Ai-chan, you're adorable x3
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Aw, Nitori you cutie~ 
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