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July 18, 2013
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      “I liked throwing things at people last time, so I'm going to just do that. It should make things a little faster. And as many people as we have showing up out of nowhere, we need to speed up whatever we can.” Reaching his arm as far down into the barrel as he could, he quickly pulled out a small blue item. “Whoa, the royal insignia. I bet I know who this belongs to.” Edward looked around the room and tossed the item into your lap. “You go ahead, I'm going to start digging for the next item.”

You looked down at the emblem you held in your hands, easily recognizing it as Marth's. “Um, Marth, I'm pretty sure this belongs to you.”

“It does.” He walks already standing next to you with his hand out, waiting to help you up. “I had hoped using an obvious item would help lower the amount of confusion, thus speeding each turn up.” As he helped you to your feet, he gave you a slight smile. “It seems to have worked.”

“Indeed it did.” As Edward continued to dig through the barrel, Marth Led you towards the old, cramped supply tent. “You know, O think we might need a better place to play this game. A tattered old tent isn't really the most romantic place in the world.”

Marth held the cloth door of the tent open for you and allowed you to enter first. “That is true, but if the place was too nice, Edward may  not be able to get people to leave.” He sat down a bit farther away from you than you would have liked and crossed his legs. “Still I do agree that something at least a little bit nicer than this would be optimal.”

You nodded and scooted a bit closer to him. “Agreed.” Though you had only moved a few inches closer to him, he'd noticed and in turn moved even farther away from you than before. “Do I have bad breath or something?” You furrowed your brows, really hoping that wasn't the case. “We could almost fit a good sized table between us.”

“No, that's not it at all.” Marth cleared his throat. “I just don't want to appear...” He stopped mid sentence and thought before he continued. “Unmannerly. There are always a lot of people watching me, which can at times be very inconvenient.”

“So what you're saying is, you want us to just sit here and stare at each other?” Figuring he couldn't really get that much farther from you, you walked over to him on your hands and knees. “That, is a very boring idea. I don't really like it either.” You were now only about an inch from Marth's very embarrassed face. “If you want to act all Kingly that's fine. But I'm not royalty, so I think I'll pass on that.”

Marth tried to lean away from you, but was already pressed against the wall of the tent. “Now wait just a minute, I do have some say in this.”  

“Well, I guess you do. But people might laugh if you ran from a girl.” Try as you might, you couldn't keep yourself from smirking. After a few second of silence, you figured Marth had given up arguing with you. Still on your hands and knees, you closed the small gap between the two of you and kissed him directly on the lips. You could tell your actions were flustering him terribly, but that wasn't reason enough in itself to stop you. A few more seconds passed and the awkwardness passed. Marth actually seemed to be enjoying himself now. He'd brought you into his lap and placed his hand gently on your cheek. It seemed like only a minute had passed when Edward whipped open the curtain.

“Well, this is surprising.” He grinned happily. “It's still nice to see Marth loosen up a bit. I'd give you more time if I could, but I already have the next couple waiting.” Marth quickly scrambled to his feet and began making his way out of the tent. Before he could get far, Edward grabbed him by the shoulder and whispered rather loudly in his ear. “Hey, I set up another tent over there if you wanted to continue your turn without time restraints.” A mischievous smirk appeared on Edward's face. “I won't tell anyone if you decide to use it, but it's going to cost you.”

“You aren't trying to bribe me are you?” Marth glared at Edward. “Because I'm rather sure that is against the law.”

Edwards eyes widened as he forced a laugh. “No, of course not, forget I said anything.” He quickly turned tail and headed for the next couple.

Unsure of what had just happened exactly, you walk up next to Marth and took his hand, tugging him slightly in the direction of the other tent. “So, we're going to use that tent, right?”
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Commissioned by :iconmoons-crystaltear:

Part two is here…
Part three…
Link to Part four…

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