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         “Well hello there my dear, what are you doing wandering around all alone?” You'd heard his voice a hundred times before, but the sound of it still made you flinch. “What's all this now? You still haven't gotten used to me?”

“It's not that, I just wasn't expecting you to be there is all.”You tried to smile, but the slight fear you felt just made you look nervous and suspicious.

Instead of being angry, the Earl began to chuckle. “That's not at all convincing you know. Now, why don't you come with me, there's a little something I'd like to show you.” He really didn't give you an option. The moment the words left his mouth, he'd taken your hand and begun to lead you somewhere. “Don't be so rigid. It'll be just fine.”

“Right, I'll try to do that.” Gulping hard, you followed him into the large dinning room and sat down. All the other Noah were there as well. They all looked straight at you with a very stern, almost angry expression. “D-did I do something wrong?” No one answered, they just continued to stare at you. “Okay then, I guess I did. Sorry, I think.” As you sat there with your hands in your lap and head down, you noticed a slight movement out of the corner of your eye. An Akuma, fashioned to look like a human female, walked in the room with a large, three layered cake in her hands.

Tyki's expression finally softened into a smile. “On the contrary, you're not in trouble at all.” He leaned back in his chair, obviously much happier than he wanted you to know. “We're having a party for you. You're now an honorary Noah now.”

“I am?” Your face lit up in an instant. It took everything in you not to run up and hug Tyki. “T-thank you all. This is really neat. I never thought I'd actually be accepted here.”

“Well, you have been, so congratulations or something.” Road seemed to be completely uninterested in the reason for the party, she was only interested in eating the cake. “Now, why don't we hurry and eat that cake before Skinn has a fit?”

Slowly standing from his chair, Tyki grabbed a large knife and began cutting the cake into individual sized pieces. “Actually it looks like Skinn is waiting pretty patently. Are you sure you're not the one that wants cake so badly Road?” He placed a plate with a large slice of the cake in front of you as Road began to yell at him and smiled. “Eat up, you deserve it.”

His closeness, like always, made you blush. “Thanks.”

The sound of Road's whiny, annoyed voice ruined the moment. “Hurry up already Tyki, I'm starving over here.” She slammed her fist against the wooden table and began to pout. “You can make eyes with her later, just get me some cake already.”

“Yeah, yeah, calm down. I'm coming.” Tyki turned away from you and sighed, his smile immediately disappearing. “You could have gotten your own cake you know. Last time I checked there was nothing wrong with your arms or your legs.”

The almost constant sibling like fighting no longer bothered you. Most of the time, you didn't even notice it at all. When you did however, it made you smile. Being here was like being a part of a real family. Interrupting the squabble, you stood to your feet and smiled. “This really means a lot to me, and I just wanted to thank you all for letting me into your family. I really never thought I'd be accepted, especially not here, so again, thanks.”

Devit laughed quietly as he waved a full spoon of cake in your face. “Hey, don't get all emotional. You'll bring the mood down.”

“O-oh right, sorry about that. The cake is really good by the way.” You knew now that this was his way of being nice, without seeming overly attached or nice. It was probably better that he acted this way anyway. Lately Tyki had gotten very protective and almost clingy towards you. It could be a bit awkward and embarrassing at times, but that certainly didn't mean that you didn't like for him to fuss over you. Actually, his fussiness was rather endearing. It did seem to annoy the others though, maybe that's why he still tried to keep most of his emotions hidden when he was around anyone but you. Your mind began to wander off deeper and deeper into your thoughts as the little party continued on. The chairs emptied one by one until only you and Tyki remained.

“You're awfully quiet right now. Is everything alright?” Tyki dropped his hands down to your shoulders and gave them a little squeeze. “You barely even talked, at your own party.”

Already bright red, you looked up at him and nodded sheepishly. “I'm fine. Sorry I spaced out, I was just thinking to myself.”

He pulled your chair away from the table and chuckled. “You barely talked, and you were thinking? That's not at all like you. Now I know something must be wrong.” With a gentle tug, Tyki pulled you out of your seat and began walking back to your room with you.

“You're really not all that funny you know. I think all the time.” You looked around, finally realizing you were no longer sitting down at the table. “Why are we going back to my room? I could have eaten a lot more of that cake.”

“The cake was put up ten minutes ago. Now come on.” Tyki seemed both hesitant, and impatient at the same time. It was a strange combination that made you more than a little curious. Despite that, you managed to silence your questions and just do as he asked. Once in your room and behind closed doors, Tyki smiled wickedly and gently held you against the wall.

“W-what are you doing exactly? What's up with that weird smile?” Your heart began to race as your mind filled with dozens of strange, inappropriate scenarios. You wanted terribly to cover your burning cheeks, but his grip prevented you from doing so. “Hey, answer me already. You're kind of creeping me out. Please don't do the face.”

“You're a Noah now, which means you'll be staying here with me, forever, whether you like it or not.” He was so close you could feel his hot breath all over your neck and chest. “I don't have to put on a show anymore for the others anymore, and neither do you.”

Breathing short, shallow breaths, you tried to wriggle your way free from him. Which if you had really wanted to, you could have done with ease.“I-I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about right now Tyki. You're acting kind of crazy actually. Maybe you ate too much cake or something. You should probably lie down.”

“Later, there's something I want to do first.” Gently releasing one of your arms, he grabbed your chin and tilted it up towards him. “I have to say, this is long over due.” With a wide, attractive smile, he pressed his body against you and lowered his lips to meet yours. His kiss left yours in the dust. It wasn't awkward, it didn't feel weird, and it most definitely wasn't short. The moment he tried to pull away, you grabbed his face and forced him to stay. Though you felt like your heart and knees might give out at any moment, you weren't ready for this to end.

“Well now, what do we have here?” The Earls loud amused voice made you jump. “Don't be alarmed.” He chuckled. “You're not in any trouble, yet. However, if my little Tyki pet stops doing his job, I'll have to punish both of you. I just came by to warn you.” He disappeared just as quickly as he'd appeared, leaving you confused and embarrassed.

Burying your face in Tyki's chest, you let out a loud sigh. “You know something, I think he might be a pervert. How did he even know what was going on? I mean, it's not like you told anyone where we were going or anything like that right?”

“I didn't." He shook his head. "I actually tried to avoid letting anyone find out. So I'm not really sure how he knew. That will remind us to lock the door from now on though, I guess.” Still holding you close, Tyki reached for the door, and locked it tight. His wide grin reappeared as he once again lowered his mouth to yours. “Now, we shouldn't have any more interruptions.”
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I think Tyki is the perv here
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