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       Yuffie stepped in front of  the group with a deep frown on her face. “So, there seems  to be a little problem right now. When Weiss left, he left Nero behind, after shoving him in the closet. Nero's not exactly very talkative, or social. Not to mention he's mentally unstable.” She sighed. “Is there anyone in here that could maybe handle that kind of personality? I don't expect you guys to kiss or anything like that, we just need to get him out so a real turn can happen.”

You thought you might be able to help, but you didn't want to come off as sounding egotistical or prideful. After a minute or two of waiting however, you realized that no one else was even willing to try. “I'll give it a shot. I'm not promising anything, but I will do my best.”

“Finally, I thought we were going to have to move to another room.” Glad you'd accepted the challenge, Yuffie grabbed you by the elbow and quickly pulled you towards the closet. “Good luck in there, trust me, you're definitely going to need it.” As soon as you were inside, she slammed the door behind you.

“Okay then, that was a little rude of her.” Though you were a little annoyed by her pushiness, you forced yourself to focus on the current task. Your eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness, allowing you to see Nero, who was cooped up in the corner of the closet. He really didn't look all that dangerous, just lost and almost scared. “There you are. You're so quiet, I was beginning to think Yuffie stuffed me in here all alone just to torment me.” Doing your best to seem confident and worry free, you walked right up to him and sat down.

Nero immediately moved a few inches away from you. Though he said nothing, you could tell that he was understandably very suspicious of your upbeat nature and lack of fear.

“Was I too close? Sorry about that, I kind of have a problem with the whole personal space thing.” You crossed your legs in front of you and offered him a warm smile. “If I'm in your space or something, feel free to shove me back.”

Now looking just a little bit more dangerous than he had before, Nero glared at you from beneath his messy, black hair. “Get back.”

“As you wish.” Though you really weren't close to him anymore, you did what he said, not wanting to take any chances. “So, if you don't want to stay in here, you're free to leave. No one's going to make you do anything you don't want to do.”

Nero looked at you with complete hatred in his dark, red eyes. Despite your quickly growing fear, you did your best to remain calm. “There's no reason for you to fake kindness. You and I both know why you're here. You were sent to get rid of me. I'm unwanted here, nothing more than a disease to you, and those you call your friends.”

“I'm not going to lie to you, that's exactly why Yuffie sent me in here. However, I have no problem at all spending my turn with you. I'll sit in here as long as you want me to, or, I can just leave. I'm not going to try to force you out of here.” A weak, awkward chuckle escaped your throat as you leaned against the wall. “Actually, I'm not going to try to force you to do anything at all.”

There was a long silence before either of you spoke again. Surprisingly, Nero was the one to break that silence. “You can stay. Just don't get any closer.”

“You've got it.” You were actually extremely shocked, and happy that he was allowing you to stay with him at all. You'd expected him to be much more unsociable than he actually was. “So, what should we talk about while we're in here?”

Nero shook his head, obviously still a bit suspicious of you. He was, however much more relaxed than before. “Nothing. Just sit there and be quiet.”

“Okay, then I'll just sit here and be quiet with you.” Sitting in silence was definitely awkward, but if it was what you needed to do, then that's what you were going to do. You weren't sure how long it was going to take to get him comfortable enough to leave, but you didn't mind. You wanted to get back at Yuffie for being so rude anyway.

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love nero thanks for writing this :D
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1) You're hella fast writter; Good job! ^^
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this is actually really cute C:
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I'm glad you like it. *double thumbs up*
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