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     “I'm actually pretty surprised at how many people we've gone through, and how many people we still have left. I mean, I knew there were a lot of us, I just didn't know there were this many people that would be interested.” Slumping over in defeat, Yuffie sighed. “Better stop my yapping I guess.” Still a feeling a little defeated, she walked over to you and held out the hat.

“You know Yuffie, you could always take a break, or we could just pause the game and come back in a week or so.” Still wanting to get your turn in if she did decide a break was in order, you reached into the offered hat and pulled a small blue crystal from the pile. “This is really pretty, but I have no idea who the owner of this is.”

Chaos emerged from a darkened corner and slowly walked in your direction. “It's mine.” He gently retrieved the item from your hand and stuffed it into his pocket. Without saying another word, he disappeared into the closet.

“That guy, sneaking himself a double turn.” A little bit agitated, Yuffie led you to the closet. “I would tell you to enjoy yourself, but I really don't think that's going to happen. So, grin and bare it, and I will be back in seven minutes.” As soon as you were clear of the door, she slammed it behind you with a loud thud.

“I really think she might be exhausting herself.” Unable to see, you decided it was best to sit where you were and crawl on the floor until you found a wall.

Chaos answered you in a low, apathetic voice. “That's possible, Yuffie is normally much more upbeat and excitable. What are you doing?” You felt a rather cold hand grasp yours, pulling it away from it's original direction. “You are aware that you're almost on top of me, aren't you?”

“N-no, I can't see in the dark, not even a little bit. I'm sorry.” You blushed to think of where your hand might have fallen had Chaos not stopped you.

“It's fine.” The gruff tone in his speech made you unsure if he was upset with you or not. “Here, you'll be fine if you just sit where you are.” Chaos released your hand, now placing his on your shoulders. Making sure you wouldn't hit your head, or sit on something, he helped you to a seated position. He was so close to you, you could feel his breath on your skin.

“Thank you.” Knowing how close he was to you made you blush so terribly, you thought your cheeks might catch on fire. It didn't help that you knew Chaos could see in the dark either. There was nowhere for you to hide. Even with him now probably a few feet away, your embarrassment grew.

“You're quite easily flustered I see. My apologies, I didn't know.” Judging by his voice, he was still rather close. “I should have asked before I touched you.”

Not wanting him to think you're being awkward was his fault, you quickly disputed his reasoning. “No, it's fine, like you said, I'm just easily flustered. You didn't do anything wrong, really. Besides, if you hadn't helped me, I might have run into a wall, or worse.” Once again you found yourself turning red. Even your neck and chest was hot now. Feeling stupid, you dropped your head down to your lap.

“Are you always so hard on yourself?” Again, the tone in his voice was making it very difficult for you to assess his mood. He ran his large, but gentle hand through your hair in a comforting way. You realized at that point that he was much different than you expected him to be.

“No, it's just, I didn't think you would be so nice. So I came in here expecting to have a horrible time. And when you turned out to be cool, I didn't know what to do.” You felt bad saying it, but it really was true. “I'm sorry, I messed up the entire turn by judging you before I knew you.”

Before Chaos could respond, Yuffie opened the door, flooding the room with light. “You've done your time. You're free to go.”

To everyone's surprise, instead of leaving you turned to Chaos. “Since I kind of messed things up, would you mind if we hung out sometime?”

Slowly nodding, Chaos accepted your invitation. “I see no reason why that would be a problem. But, I can't promise you a specific date. I never know exactly when I'll be where.”

You smiled happily, further confusing everyone around you. “That's fine, I'll just have to make sure I'm always ready for you then.”
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