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March 6, 2013
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        “Come on China, can't you tell me what's going on already? I'm starving here, wasting away to absolutely nothing.” You were blindfolded, and had no idea where you might be going. China had even taken a cab, just to make sure you didn't try to peek.

“No, aru. We well be there very soon. Just be patient.” China hugged you from the side and rubbed his face in your neck. “You will like it, I promise.”

“Fine, but there had better be food wherever we're going. I'm dying over here, and it's your fault, telling me not to eat.” You rubbed your stomach to emphasize your hunger.

“There will be, I promise. I wouldn't let you die of hunger.” You could hear laughter in China's voice. “We're almost there anyway.” The car slowly came to a stop. You heard the the door across from you open and shut, then yours open. “Be careful, aru, I don't want you to hit your head.” He carefully helped you out of the cab and walked you into a building. The smell of food immediately hit you, intensifying your hunger. China quickly removed your blindfold. “Tada.”

“So, much food.” You looked around the large, elegantly decorated room. There were tables and tables full of different foods from different countries. All of them made your mouth water. “No wonder you told me not to eat.”

“I told you you wouldn't go hungry.” China hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek, “Now let's find our seats.” He quickly took your hand and found the seats with your names in front of them. “We can eat soon, we just have to wait for France to get here, he's always late.”

“I am sorry I'm late again everyone, I was being questioned by the police, again.” France strutted through the room and took his seat. “Oh ho, it looks like we have a new member, no?” France wiggled his eyebrows at you. “It's about time we got a female in the club.” China grabbed your hand protectively and glared at France.

“Calm down guys, now that everyone's here, why don't we eat already. I don't want my food getting all cold, you know what I'm saying?” Turkey stood from his chair and made his way towards the food.

You half dragged China towards the food. “Finally, food.” You were loading more food on your plate than you could ever eat, but as hungry as you felt right now it seemed like nothing.

“A-are you going to be able to eat all that aru?” China's eyes widened as he looked down at your  plate. “Make sure you save some room for dessert okay? It's the best part.” He blushed slightly and carried his almost empty plate back to the table.

“He seems a little nervous man. You must have him under your thumb or something, you know?” Turkey laughed and gently patted your back. “Nice going, if you can control China, you can control just about anyone.”

Now worried that you might have unknowingly done something to China, you rushed back to the table and sat down next to him. “Is everything okay? I didn't upset you with my whining earlier did I?” You gave him a concerned look.

China looked like he had just choked on his food. He shook his head as he swallowed. “No, no, of course not. I-I was just upset with France.” He nodded, happy with the obvious lie he had just told you. “He shouldn't treat you like that. He knows you're my girlfriend.” His face became a deeper red and he started shoveling the food into his mouth.

“Oh, I see.” You decided not to press the issue and to just enjoy your meal. You were already more than full when the desserts were brought to your table. The plate was an arrangement of different sweets, all bite sized so you could try them all without over stuffing yourself. “I should have listened to you, I don't think I could eat another bite.”

China one again looked shocked and worried. “Aiyaa! You have to try it aru, it's the best part. Just try a little bit.” He looked at you almost pleading.

“Fine, I guess this is really important to you.” Though confused by his display, you began sampling the treats. They were delicious, some butterscotch, others made of sugared fruit or rich chocolates. Some were flavors you couldn't even identify. You saved the most beautifully decorated dessert for last. It was so pretty you almost didn't want to eat it. You slowly pressed your fork into the sugared icing and heard a strange crinkly sound. “What, the... There's plastic in here.” You laughed. “Some one screwed up.” You pulled the clear plastic from the dessert. It was actually a pastry bag, and something was inside of it. China had started hyperventilating beside you. You opened the bag and dropped the item into your hand. It was a ring. “H-how did I not see this coming?” Your face burst into a blush. You slowly looked at China. “This was meant for me right?”

“O-of course.” China took your hands in his and smiled sweetly at you. “I just didn't know how to ask you.” You hugged him around the neck. “Is that a yes then?” He stiffened as he waited for your answer.

“Well that depends on what you're asking me. If you're asking me to marry you, then yes, it's definitely a yes.” You squeezed him tighter and kissed his cheek.

Turkey rudely interrupted your happy moment. “It's about time China. Japan got engaged months ago. You're little brother's beating you in the race of life. Better speed it up, you know what I'm saying?”

China quickly pulled a giant wok out of seemingly nowhere and started using it to threaten Turkey. “Shut up and go someplace. Can't you see I'm happy right now?”
Part one…
Part two…

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China and Turkey: Ben 
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What would've happened in France got that ring instead... scared 
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“I am sorry I'm late again everyone, I was being questioned by the police, again.” France strutted through the room and took his seat.

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"China had started hyperventilating beside you"

I started laughin so hard at this my mom came in asking if I was ok XD
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*reads the part about the engagement* Yay, to the imagination land!!! *imagines what I would do*
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China: Sorry. I guess it wasn't meant to be.
Me: *slowly turns to look at China*
China: Are you ok, aru?
Me: *tackles china in a hug and kisses him*
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