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September 10, 2013
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        “Huh, that's odd. They should be here by now.” You turned and looked at your clock for at least the tenth time this hour. Sasuke and his team usually came to your home for food, medical supplies, and a good nights rest every month or so, more often if he was working close by. The visits were so frequent, you could usually gauge when he would come back to the day. But for some reason or another, he hadn't shown up this month, and it was honestly starting to worry you. Trying to push the thoughts away, you shrugged and sunk down deep into your couch. “Maybe he found someone else to mooch off of for a while.”

Just as you were beginning to stop obsessing over Sasuke's absence, your door violently swung open, hitting the wall behind it hard enough to leave a mark. “Hey, we got a problem here.” Suigetsu rushed into your home, leaving a trail of blood behind him. In his arms was an unconscious, badly injured Sasuke. “I hope you know some medical Jutsu, because  I don't think he's going to make it otherwise.”

“What on earth happened?” Still shocked by the horrific sight, you rushed to grab everything and anything that might be needed to help Sasuke.

“That's not important right now. Can you help him?” He lowered Sasuke to your floor and looked up at you with complete devastation in his eyes. Suigetsu's face, arms, and chest were soaked with Sasuke's blood.

“I'm going to try, j-just calm down and back away from him.” You knew that was something much easier said than done. But you knew you wouldn't be able to focus on what you were doing with Suigetsu freaking out. Trying to work fast, you pulled Sasuke's blood stained clothes away from the wound. It looked like he'd fallen from a cliff onto the jagged rocks below. The wounds were deep. Many of his organs had been damaged, and honestly, you weren't sure what you could do. “If we took him to the clinic, I'm sur-.”

Your sentence was quickly cut off  by Suigetsu, who was quickly becoming impatient and angry with you. “No, if we take him where people can see him he'll die for sure. Now stop talking and do something.”

Suigetsu's frustration was more than understandable. Sasuke's chances of survival were much lower with you helping him than if a trained medical ninja was in charge. This fact only made you more nervous. But with his life slipping away before your eyes, you knew you had no other choice. “Fine, I'll do my best.” Hours that seemed like days passed by as you did everything you could to stop the bleeding and repair the damaged tissue. It looked hopeless, but you pressed on until you knew there was nothing else you could do. “We're just going to have to wait now. I can't do anything else.” You pressed a few plasma pills into his mouth and hoped for the best.

“Thank you. I'll get him cleaned up, you should sleep or something, you've been at it for hours.” With the situation still looking bleak, Suigetsu picked Sasuke up again and carried him off to be cleaned and put in bed. Too tired to move, you passed out right there on your dirty, bloody floor.

The days drug on and on, each day, despite your best efforts, Sasuke showed no sign of improvement. “You need to eat something you know.” You've been sitting here for twenty-four hours. If he's going to wake up he's going to do it with or without you staring at him.”

You looked at Suigetsu, slowly shaking your head. “I'm not hungry, you can eat whatever you want though. There should still be plenty of food in the kitchen.”

“I'm not eating until you do, now come on.” Grabbing your weak hand, Suigetsu pulled you from Sasuke's side. “It would be really lame if he got better and you died because of something stupid like not eating. Now sit down.” Not knowing a thing about cooking, Suigetsu quickly made two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sat down and gave you one. “Don't complain if it doesn't taste good. I never said I could cook.”

For the first time in days, you smiled. “You don't cook peanut better and jelly Suigetsu, not normally anyway.” You looked down at the sandwich with bloodshot eyes, still unable to eat due to your growing worry.

“You had better eat that. I will force feed you if I have to.” Suigetsu glared at you until you finally took a bite. “There, that's much better.” He smiled wide, hoping he could somehow lighten the mood.

An annoyed snort came from behind you. “I almost die, and the two of you are just sitting here eating finger foods? Typical.” It couldn't be, he was just in bed. Afraid you might be losing it, you slowly turned around in your seat. Clutching to the door frame with one hand, and his stomach with the other, Sasuke stood only a few feet away from you. “What's your problem? You look like you've seen a ghost or something.”

Your eyes widened as you stood to your feet and walked over to him. “You're awake.” It was still hard for you to believe. “I thought, I thought we lost you.” Quickly offering him help, you managed to get him seated at the table.

“You can't get rid of me that easily.” He smirked. “So, what's for lunch?” Sasuke let out a sigh and smiled again. He was acting like nothing had happened.

“Are you sure you're alright? You weren't even responsive a few minutes ago. Maybe you should lay back down, I can bring you something if you want.” Before he could answer, Suigetsu placed a third sandwich in front of Sasuke. “That won't be necessary. I feel just fine, besides the fact that I'm starving.” Ignoring your worried pleas, Sasuke began to eat. “I can't eat with you staring at me like that.” His expression dropped. “So stop.”

“I'm sorry, it's just, I still feel like I'm dreaming.” Oversized tears welled up in your eyes and rushed down your face. “I thought I might lose you. You don't know how much that scared me. And to have your life basically thrown in my hands...”

Sasuke shook his head and placed his sandwich back down on the plate. “You really aren't going to let me eat, are you?” He took your hand in his and gently brushed away your tears. “I'm not dead, so you need to stop worrying. Nothing happened and everyone is fine. You obviously took wonderful care of me.” A slight pink tint lit up Sasuke's cheeks. “Thank you for worrying about me, but you can really stop now.”

The moment he released your hand, you hugged him, being very careful not to hurt him. “I can't stop worrying, it's what I do. So you had better get used to it.” You kissed his cheek and pulled away. “You can't honestly expect me to go through that much trauma and not get overly attached to you.”

Half smiling and half sulking Sasuke nodded. “I figured you'd say something stupid like that.” You started to protest, but were halted by Sasuke's finger against your lips. “Be quiet for a minute, I can't even think if you keep on rambling.” You weren't sure if he was serious or joking, either way, you decided it best to be quiet. “I don't want you worrying, and I don't want you losing sleep over the stupid things I do. I'm not worth it.” He pressed the palm of his hand to your cheek and smiled weakly. It took him a moment to continue speaking. “Believe it or not, I care about you. I know, it sounds really cheesy and stupid, but it's true.” His speech suddenly stopped as his face turned red. “I feel like a complete idiot for telling you this.”

“Don't.” Knowing he'd be much too weak to stop you, you kissed him like you'd never get the chance to kiss him again. To your surprise, Sasuke didn't try to stop you, instead he tangled his hands in your hair, preventing you from leaving him. Though nothing was said, the feelings you shared couldn't have been made more clear if you tried.

“Well, I can see you two have a lot to talk about.” Awkwardly excusing himself from the table, Suigetsu cleared his throat in the hopes that you and Sasuke would break apart from each other, if only for a moment. His plan, didn't work. “Well okay then, I'm not one to ruin the mood, so have fun.” He exited the kitchen mumbling to himself. “I'll just go pick tomatoes or something, jerks.”

Hearing Suigetsu's last comment caused you to giggle. “I think we might have upset him.”

Sasuke just smiled, gently brushing your hair out of your face so he could kiss you again.. “He'll get over it.”
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