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              It had been less than a week since you made the terrible mistake of going to the Noah's side. They weren't really mean or nasty to you, at least not most of the time anyway. The problem was, they used you, and for everything. Whether it was Road needed help with her homework or a meal that needed to be prepared, they expected you to do it. What upset you the most was the fact that after all of his kind words and reassurances that he in some way or another cared for you, Tyki didn't even attempt to stop what was going on. Because of this, you had tried and failed to leave multiple times. With no hope left, you had barricaded yourself inside of your room and refused to come out. As you lay face down on your bed, you hear a quiet knock at your door. “Go away, I'm not coming out.”

“You've been in there over a day now. Unless you've got the plague, you need to come out.” The voice belonged to Tyki, who sounded completely uninterested in whether or not you left your room. He was no doubt only talking to you because the Earl had ordered him to do so. He knocked again, bringing his face closer to your door. “Do you hear me?”

“I hear you just fine. I'm still not coming out.” You buried your face in the uncomfortable pillow and tried to drown him out. “Just go away.”

“Unfortunately I can't do that. While I'd love to let you sulk alone, I've been asked to check up on you. And since you won't come out, I have no choice but to come in.” Before you could respond, Tyki walked straight through your shut, locked door. Now more than ever, you hated that he could do that. “Your eyes are red, have you been crying?”

“Like you even care.” Angry and now embarrassed, you picked up your pillow and threw it straight at him. Much to your dismay, Tyki easily caught the pillow and placed it back on your bed. “Just go away. I don't want to talk to you.”

“I can see that.” He nodded as he relaxed into one of your chairs and pulled a cigarette from his suit pocket. “Would you like to tell me why?”

His words actually left you speechless for a second. Was it even possible that he didn't know why you were upset? Surely someone as smart as he could figure it out. “W-what do you mean? Are you that oblivious? I thought I was the oblivious one here, but you have me beat.”

“Perhaps I am. But unless you tell me what's bothering you, I really can't help.” Though the wispy, twirling smoke from his now lit cigarette and heavy darkness covered much of his face, you could still see that he wasn't saying what he was to tease or torment you. He was honestly confused. “Well, are you going to explain or not?”

You sat up in your bed, crossed your legs and sighed. “I can't believe you wouldn't have noticed.” Trying hard to believe he really didn't know, you fulled your lungs with air and spoke without taking a single breath. “I came here because I thought you liked me, stupid I know, but it's true. You said you were only acting tough to protect me, but you haven't protected me at all.” Tears filled your eyes as you gulped hard and tried not to cry. “Everyone's been running me ragged. I'm stretched farther than I knew I could stretch and people still want me to do more. I'm not an Akuma or a Noah, I'm a human, I have feelings, and emotions.”

Tyki's confused expression slowly turned to a smile. “Noah have feelings too. I can assure you, no one meant to hurt you.” Now understanding exactly what was bothering you, He stood to his feet, walked over to your bed and sat back down. “True, we may have been utilizing you a bit too much, but we did so in an attempt to make you feel welcomed, or needed. It would be much easier on us to have the Akuma prepare meals, or do small things for us. But, we ask you to do them because you aren't a Noah, you aren't able to help us in as many ways as if you were a Noah.”

“O-oh, I think I understand.” Feeling a little sheepish, but much less depressed, you quickly wiped your wet eyes and looked up at Tyki. “Everyone gives me so much to do, so I don't feel completely worthless, or like a burden.”

“Exactly.” Glad you'd understood so easily, Tyki placed his hands behind his head and dropped onto your bed with a cocky smile on his face. “Now maybe you can stop sitting all alone in here, all day, pouting and feeling sorry for yourself.”

Your happy expression quickly changed to one of annoyance. “Come on Tyki, you're not seriously going to ruin my happiness with your sarcasm are you? I've been sad for days. Let me be happy for at least a little while before you go off and try to make me angry.”

Tyki covered his face with his hat and chuckled. “Since you put it that way, I shall hold my tongue. I wouldn't want to invoke your wrath, now would I?”

“No, no you would not.” You snatched away his hat and tossed it aside as you crawled onto him and began poking him in the ribs. “And another thing, mocking me is a very good way to make me angry. So if I were you, I wouldn't pick fun at me. Trust me Tyki, you don't want to know what happens when I get angry.” With the widest smile you could manage, you leaned down close to him and tried your very best to look menacing.

Your actions proved too much for Tyki. He didn't even try not to laugh. “What is that supposed to be? Are you trying to imitate me? You're doing a very poor job.” He cleared his throat, and in less than a second, flipped you onto the bed so that he was now hovering over you. “Perhaps I should give you a demonstration, since you've obviously forgotten.”

His closeness was bad enough, but the fact that you could already see the corners of his mouth twitching into that horrid smile absolutely terrified you. Tightly closing your eyes, you shook your head and hoped he would stop. “No, no, that's quite alright. I actually remember very well. My face just can't stretch, warp or twist like yours can. And quite frankly, I'm glad it can't.”

Tyki pressed his hand to your cheek and chuckled. “You can open your eyes. I'll refrain from tormenting you, if, you promise to come out of your room.”

Even after he'd assured you that he wouldn't do it, you were skeptical. “That laugh makes me unsure, let me feel your face.” You lifted your hands up towards him and wiggled your fingers. “Come on, give me your face.”

“Fine, if you insist.” Sighing quietly, Tyki placed his face in your hands and allowed you to run your fingers over every inch of it, just to be sure. “You see, I'm not even smiling.”

“You are too smiling you liar. You're just not smiling the creepy smile.” You placed one hand on each of his cheeks and started to smile yourself. “Not only that, but your cheeks feel warm, if I didn't know better, I'd say you're blushing.”

Tyki jerked his face away from you, crawled out of your bed and found his hat. “That's enough. You should have enough proof now to open your eyes.” Completely composed, he grasped your bedroom door and turned to look at you. “As always, I trust you won't tell anyone about this. You still need to be at least a little fearful of the Noah.”

“I don't know Tyki. The way you scrambled out of my bed, makes me think that you're the one that's scared.” Trying hard to keep from smiling, you slowly walked over to him. “If you keep asking me to keep these secrets for you, I might end up with enough secrets to black mail you.” Stopping right in front if him, you rose onto your tiptoes and grinned. “I think maybe, you should be fearful of me.”

“Is that so?” Pulling his hat down low, he began to chuckle. “Well then, let me remind you of a little  something.” Without warning, he looked up at you with that grin you hated so much.

Seeing his face caused you to stumble backwards and scream. “Why would you do that to me? Are you trying to scare me to death? Is that it?” Marching up to him, you punched him in the stomach as hard as you could. “I already told you not to do that, ever again. Next time you do, I swear I'll make your mouth look like Jasdero's.”

Unfazed by your attack, Tyki grabbed your clenched fist and kissed it.  After placing your hand on his cheek, he looked into your eyes and smiled in the kind, gentle way you much preferred. “If you didn't want me to make that face, you really shouldn't tempt me so much.”

“I see.” You swallowed hard and began to blush. Acting fast so you wouldn't talk yourself out of it, you dropped your hand down to his shoulder, pulled him as close to you as possible and quickly kissed him on the lips. It was a very, short, awkward kiss, but a kiss nonetheless.

Despite what had just happened, Tyki did a very good job of keeping his composure. “W-what exactly was that for?”

Too embarrassed by your actions to stay, you hustled to leave your room. “If you didn't want me to kiss you, you shouldn't have tempted me so much.”
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