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February 27, 2013
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        “God, why does my head hurt so bad.” You tried to rub your sore head, only to realize your arms, and legs were strapped down. “The heck? Why am I in restraints?” Panic and anger set in. Your heart was racing and your breath became rapid. You had no idea where you were or why you were there. You pulled in vain with all your might against the restraints. Finally, feeling you had no other option, you started to scream as loud as you could.

After a moment of screaming, you heard a mans voice. “Hello there love. I didn't expect you to wake so early.” The man let out a cackle, one you would be able to recognize until the end of time. “Let me just untie you then now love.”

“I'm going to kill you. Do you have any idea how scared I was?” You wanted to slap him so badly it wasn't funny. Unfortunately your hands were still tied down by your sides.

“Yes love, I think the whole street knows, what with all the screaming you were doing a moment ago. I'll be lucky if the Queen doesn't send someone to see me this afternoon.” The Undertaker finished removing your restraints and helped you sit up. Your head immediately began to throb with pain. “Head still hurt does it?”

“Yes it does actually. Mind telling me what happened? I don't remember hitting it.” You rubbed the sore spot, finding a large swollen area to go along with the pain.

“Well love, you see. I accidentally smacked your head on the door post while I was carrying you in here.” He began looking around his cupboards for something for your head. “That's also why I had you tied down. I didn't want you to fall out of bed.” The Undertaker walked back to you with some sort of salve in his hand. “Hold still, this won't hurt.” He applied the medicine to the affected area, immediately dulling the pain. “There now, that should help.”

“Why did you bring me here anyway? Couldn't you have just waited until I was awake?” You stood from the bed and followed him to another room. It seemed to be where he did his autopsies.

“Well now love, there's a question worth answering.” He gave a high pitched chuckle. “I've asked you over plenty of times, I have, but you never come to see me. My guests were getting very curious about you they were.”

“Your, dead guests, were curious about me?" A little confused by his reasoning, you shook your head and sighed. "That really is a terrible reason to kidnap a girl in the middle of the night.”

“No it's not love. Any reason is a good reason to kidnap you in the middle of the night.” He laughed, loudly and for a long time. “You know something love?” He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close. “I may not let you leave here.” He ran the long black fingernail on his pointer finger up and down the front of your neck. “If I let you leave, you may not come back to me ever again. I wouldn't like that very much you know.”

“You can't keep me here, I'll just scream and you'll be found out.” You smiled, quite satisfied with your argument.

“You can be gagged love, and you'll tire of screaming.” The Undertaker moved in front of you, clenching both of your shoulders in his hands. He was glaring at you from under his many layers of grey hair, an evil smirk covering his face.

You realized he was right. He could keep you here for as long as he wanted, and you were completely powerless to stop him. “B-but, you wouldn't. You wouldn't honestly do something like that to me, right?” Your voice was barely above a whisper.

The Undertaker laughed louder than anytime before, hugging you very tight as he did. “Of course not lovey. That wouldn't be too bright now would it? You'd hate me for sure, and I don't want that.” He released the hug and gave you a smile. “I only want you to visit me. You are very good company. I like laughing you know. And you make me laugh with out trying.”

You breathed a heavy sigh of relief. “You scared me half to death you know. I seriously thought you were going to tie me up and not let me leave.”

“I might like tie you up sometime, but you can leave.” He got right in your face before he continued to speak. “But if you don't come visit me more often, you're going to be waking up with a sore noggin quite a lot.”
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eLouai-sama Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
“Well love, you see. I accidentally smacked your head on the door post while I was carrying you in here.”


So hard.
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Freaking. Genius.
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A pervy Undertaker.
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do you feel it now mr. undertaker?
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I like it! I just think Undertaker is cute and funny! Good job
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