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        It was finally your turn to draw from Grell's purse. You walked up to where he was standing, and placed your hand inside. There were items of all shapes and sizes, but there was one that was very easy to recognize. You lifted your selected item from the purse and held it up. "Who put the bone in the purse? Wait, is this, a cookie, or, a crumpet?"

"No, no, my love." The Undertaker walked up to you and snatched the bone from your hand. "It's my biscuit." He bit into it and let out a strange sort of laugh. "They just taste better when they look like this. I have more if you want to try some." He moved behind you and started playing with your hair. "This is quite nice it is. I think I should like to try this color myself."

"Oh no, don't change your hair." Grell wrapped his arms around  the undertaker. "You're such a very handsome man, just the way you are. Oh, but I forgot." Grell let go and giggled. "You two should already be in the closet by now. Now come along, we can't keep the others waiting you know." Grell took you both by the hand and led you to the closet. "Okay, have fun, just not too much okay?" He gave a toothy smile and shut the door.

"Quite dark in here, isn't it love? You wouldn't happen to be afraid of the dark now would you?" He ran a long black fingernail up and down your arm as he cackled.

"No, not really. Especially if I'm not alone." You smiled at him, even though he probably couldn't see it.

"Oh really? That's to bad, It truly is fun to give people a bit of a start it is. Now, since I doubt I'll be scaring you, what shall we do hmm?" He placed his hands on the floor in front of you and moved to where his face was almost touching yours, a wide grin was plastered to his face. Suddenly he pulled away, reaching into his clothes and began searching for something. He lifted another biscuit up for you. "Here it is, knew I had another one." He cackled. "Now here, give her a taste." He shoved it into your hand.

You took the treat from his hand and began nibbling at it, it was surprisingly good. "I like it, not bad at all."

"Course you like it love. I made it myself I did. Used a special ingredient in it though, you won't want to be knowing what that is." He was in your face again. "All I can say is that my guests might have helped me make them." He laughed again, leaning his head in your neck. "Oh, you have lovely skin, so very soft and smooth. Perfect for cutting into." He ran one long nail from shoulder to shoulder, breathing rather heavily down your shirt as he did. "Very tender indeed. You'll make a splendid guest one day." He giggled. "Though I doubt you'll be so soft when that day comes, what a shame." He leaned his head on your shoulder again, twirling your hair in his fingers. "You should come see my guests, I could use an assistant with young blood in them you know."

Grell opened the door before you could answer. "Oh, you two look absolutely adorable." He danced in the doorway. "But I digress, your turn is over, so hurry out now."

You walked out of the closet, then turned to the undertaker. "Just a question, but who exactly are "your quests"?"

"My now love, that's an obvious one." He smiled, lacing his fingers in front of his face. "My guests are the dead." He began to laugh as he walked away.

Suddenly it hit you. "Wait a second, if your guest's are dead, how did they help you make the biscuits?" You chased after him.
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