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      “You all will never guess what just happened, so I'll just go ahead and tell you. While that last turn was going on, I walked out to find something to satisfy this horrible growling in my belly.” As if preparing for a long, drawn out story, Grell sat down on the couch behind him and crossed his legs at the knee. “So I got to the kitchen and started looking around for something edible. All of the sudden, I heard this terrifying hissing. I thought I was going to die.” He pressed his fingertips against his chest and sniffled. “Someone was letting his snakes just roam around the mansion without a care in the world. Obviously we can't have that now can we?”

Growing bored, just like the majority of the guests, Sebastian spoke up in a kind, but commanding. “I hate to interrupt Grell, but would you please get on with it?”

“Oh, of course Bassy, since you asked.” Grell jumped onto his feet and pulled you from the group. “I chose you to go next earlier, so you really should be ready. Your partner's already in the closet waiting for you. He's the one that was causing me so much trouble. Go on, you know what to do.” He gave you a little shove in the right direction, then quickly turned his attention back to Sebastian.

“Well, that wasn't at all rude, was it?” A little annoyed at the way Grell had just shoved you aside, you stomped into the closet, slammed the door and dropped down to the ground without even glancing up to see who your partner was. After only a moment, you realized that you were being just as rude to your partner as Grell had been to you. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you like that.” Though the darkness did make it  hard to see, you eventually spotted someone sitting at the other side of the room.

As you approached your still unknown partner, you started to hear the hissing Grell had warned you about. “You don't need to come any closer. Says Goeth. Just stay over there. Says Goeth.”

“Snake?” The fact that it had taken you so long to figure out who he was honestly embarrassed you. “I must be having an off day. I should have known you were my partner the moment Grell started talking about hissing and snakes.” Ignoring Goeth, you crawled over to Snake and happily sat in front of him. “So, how is everything? It's been a while since I saw you.”

Your simple question went unanswered for quite some time. You weren't sure if he was waiting for his snakes to give their answer before he spoke, or if he just didn't want to talk to you at all. “Everything is as everything should be. I have been lonely though, you should come see me more. Says Emily.”

“Oh, well, I'll definitely make an effort to come see you then. I had no idea I was being missed, so I'm really glad you told me.” Smiling happily, you gave a little nod. You really didn't mind communicating through snakes, but sometimes you wished Snake himself, would speak to you.

Snake spoke up again, interrupting your thoughts. “You're being too quiet. If you have something you want to say, just say it already. Says Wordsworth.”

“That's actually a pretty good idea.” While Wordsworth's suggestion was a good one, it was much easier in theory than in practice. Still, you were going to give it a shot. “Snake, why is it that you rarely ever speak to me directly? We could hardly be considered strangers, yet I know almost nothing at all about you. The only things I've learned have been things you've relayed through your snakes. And while I like them, it would be nice to speak to you.” Hoping you hadn't come off sounding rude or pushy, you held your breath in your chest and waited for him to say something.

“They've gone silent.” Seemingly lost without their voices, Snake looked down at the floor and quietly sighed.

Realizing how awkward you'd made everything, you tried to take back your earlier words. “I didn't mean that I didn't want them to speak. I just want to know what you say as well. I feel as if I know your snakes better than I know you.”

“She has a good point. But she can't get to know you in seven minutes. It would be best if she just came to see us more. Says Emily.” Snake gave a weak nod, as if agreeing with her. After a few seconds, he looked up at you and spoke. You weren't sure if it was the lack of light playing tricks on your eyes or not, but he looked a little embarrassed. “All agree, save Wordsworth. You should come see us.”

“Then that's exactly what I'll do.” You were so happy you would have hugged him, had you not been sure Wordsworth would have bitten you. “I'll come as often as I can.”

The door creaked open only slightly, revealing a rather distressed looking Grell through the tiny crack. “I'm not opening this door anymore until I'm sure those dreadful snakes of yours aren't going to attack me. My poor heart just can't take another scare like that.”

Snakes tone changed, emulating the demeanor of scaly companion. “We should bite that idiot, the world would be better off without him. If only he would die when I bit him. Says Wordsworth.”

You tried not to, but a short chuckle escaped your throat. “For once Wordsworth, I think I might actually agree with you.”
Commissioned by the lovely :icontaichi-agami:

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I have loved Snake ever since I first heard about him. After all, I was born in the year of the snake and they are my favourite animal
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It's so nice to see stories for Snake.  :)  He's so sweet.  And I really enjoyed this story.  You captured the snakes' personalities well.  ^__^
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Snaaaaaake <3 Love him, he's too cute~
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And you're very, very welcome. ^^
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